Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Life Lately - Celebrations, Specs & Sneezes

Life lately has been filled with celebrations, family meals, around the house projects, and baseball, baseball, baseball! 'Tis the season!

A couple weeks ago on Colin's birthday, he lucked up and didn't have a ballgame that night. We had pizza at my sister's house and were going to celebrate with a requested Power Rangers Ice Cream Cake from DQ. Only....DQ messed the order up and my BIL came home with a generic "Happy 7 Birthday Colin" Yes, "7"...not "7th" because apparently the logical doesn't make sense anymore to some people. 

Needless to say, he was a little disappointed, but he after a quick call back to DQ, and the correct cake on the way, he perked back up! 

For his party, he wanted to have it a local gymnastics gym this year. My sister had used the place before for our other nephew's birthday, so Colin thought it was his turn to have a party there! The kids were able to run, jump, swing, and play on all the equipment before it was time for cake and presents upstairs.

Can you spot the birthday boy??

Upon closer look, yep...there he is stealing the show!

The lady who made our wedding cakes and has made the boys' party cakes for years did not disappoint with this one. Half was her delicious french vanilla cake and the other half was her world-famous (or maybe just Cookeville famous) strawberry cake! SOOO good. We'll just overlook the little accident that the front of the cake had! Ha, it's all about taste to us anyway!!

Fast forward to Mother's Day over the weekend, and my sister pulled out a surprise dessert from the freezer...FINALLY. 

The RIGHT ice cream cake! 

And yes, we HAD to do candles and sing AHHHHHGAIN per request. He has us whipped!

We also celebrated Mother's Day with our mom and dad, my sister's in-laws, and our grandparents. For several years now, this has been our tradition on Mother's Day and Father's Day. We all bring food and have the most wonderful meal together! I just love celebrating with some of my favorite ladies who carry the title of "Mom"!!

After many, many, many years...I finally bit the bullet and ordered new glasses. I am blind as a bat. Literally. Cannot see a thing. If I don't have my contacts in, and you're standing right in front of me. I can tell you someone is there, but no clue who the person is. I was blessed with many gifts and talents, eyesight isn't one of them. I started wearing glasses in 1st grade and started wearing contacts in 7th grade. My prescription has changed every year since I was 7 years old. I mainly wear contacts, and leave my glasses for just at home at night before bed and if we have no plans and it's a stay at home lazy day. Because I don't wear my glasses frequently, I don't bother updating their prescription as often as my contacts are updated. So, it had been 5 or so years since my lenses were updated and while my insurance was paying almost all of the bill, I decided to take advantage of it and order new frames as well. 

I'm just two days in with them, and let me just say, it's a HARD transition. These are thicker, heavier, and my lenses have me feeling like I'm wearing one of those virtual reality video game helmets. 

 I should probably also mention that my annual bout with allergies has hit full force since Sunday, so my eyesight is even more horrible right now and I'm constantly wiping tears from my eyes or catching them as they run down my face. 

Maybe it wasn't the best time to start wearing my super power glasses. 

Exhibit A of life since Sunday...everyone at work feels sorry for me. Mainly because I look like misery and they have to say "bless you" from the offices next door no less than 35 times a day....before lunch. 

I know I mentioned baseball, but with these allergies, sitting outside at a ballpark has not made the to-do list for this week so far. Colin's season is winding down, Riley just started his Little League season last week and Stephen started his weekly men's church league softball on Monday night. There's a lot of baseball going on, and one day soon, I'll have photos to prove it. For now, I have a half empty box of Kleenex to prove it. 

That's our life lately!!  For all my regular readers, I'm not quite sure what kind of schedule this week holds for blogging, but if all goes as planned between now and Monday, I have a fun post in the works for then! Fingers crossed all works out!


  1. Um. Dairy Queen cakes are the BEST! Lucky Colin that he got to have two of them!!!
    So sorry your allergies are bothering you- I have them really bad and it's just no fun to be itchy and stuffy!! Hope you have a great rest of your week and looking forward to your upcoming fun post!! :)

  2. Yum for all the cakes!! I LOVE strawberry cake too!!! I am loving your shorter hair cut too - it is shorter, right?? Your life sounds a lot like mine right now - full of baseball!!

  3. Oh my gosh, I feel you on the eyesight stuff (me to a T!) and the allergies. I actually thought I was pregnant for a few days cause I was having dizzy spells and turns out - no - just allergies making my ears fill with fluid. Not cool ears.


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