Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Long Weekends Make for the BEST Weekends!

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday weekend with your family and friends and most importantly took time to remember our beloved servicemen who have served our country and those who are still serving. There are many freedoms we enjoy everyday that we also overlook everyday. Our gratitude and respect should go to these brave men and women for these freedoms we enjoy. 

Friday afternoon, I left work early to make a mad dash through Kroger and run a couple of other errands, because we had BIG plans for that night! 

For the last couple of years, we have offered our nephews two options for their birthdays. Either a present to unwrap or a sleepover at our house with dinner of their choice and a trip to the movies. They ALWAYS choose the second option. Because of ball schedules, this weekend was the first time we could fit in Colin's birthday weekend. (His birthday was April 28. Yikes.)

When my sister dropped them off, we had fierce but short "summer shower" come through. They had their hearts on playing baseball outside, but the rain put those plans on hold for an hour or so until I finally caved and let them go out in the drenching wet grass to play. 

In between my turns at bat, I managed to put up some of my favorite patriotic decorations. I love to put these up before Memorial Day and leave them out until July 4th! I seriously think that this might be my favorite season to decorate for other than Christmas. 

We went back and forth on dinner plans and finally decided to just order pizza and have it delivered. Paper plates and pizza...my kind of Friday night fun!

After dinner, all they wanted to do was watch movies on Netflix and eat brownies. They don't have Netflix at home, so I think they feel like it's quite the luxury when they come to our house. 

We let them take turns in picking out a dvd to take to the tv in "their" room before they go to bed. I'll start the movie and let them watch for about an hour before turning it off. Usually, one or both will be asleep when I go back in to check on them....not Friday night though. They picked the movie, "Elf" to watch, and I can't blame them. I'd probably stay awake to watch that one too. 

Saturday morning was packed with pancakes, bacon, more Netflix, bag packing, and yard running before it was time to leave to make our 12pm movie, The Angry Birds Movie. Ugh. Friends. It was awful. I try to make the most of kids movies, but this one just did nothing for me. In fact, I fell asleep twice during the movie! The boys didn't laugh once. If you ask them if they like it, they'll tell you yes. If you ask them if they thought it was funny, they'll tell you no. Sooo...there's your 9 and 7 year olds' reviews. 

After the movies we stopped at Lowes to get shelves cut for the nursery closet project we're working on. (more on that later) One boy was super helpful and one was a tad dramatic with a pouting fit thrown at the checkout line when I said no to buying him candy. 

It's hard being 7. 

We played MORE baseball outside when we got back home and just enjoyed the beautiful day we had outside! 

We were supposed to go to a cookout Saturday night with friends, but Stephen hadn't been feeling well all day and was afraid he'd not be able to stay long once we got there. So we stayed at home instead. 

We had a church lunch the next day, so I whipped up my much requested Honey Bun Cake (recipe to come in a few weeks)

It is SO GOOD. 

I had Kohls cash about to expire, so I ordered a few of these puppies for the nursery closet project. I'm not sure whether to feel accomplished that I got the entire order for free or feel defeated because I spent so much at Kohls previously that I had that much in rewards cash. It's a love/hate relationship. 

Monday, I slept late and then came in to work until 4pm. It's AMAZING how much you can get done when all the other "business departments" in a hospital are closed. 

 We wrapped up the long weekend with dinner at my parents house. A little Thursday Night Family Night on a Monday if you will. 

So, today is May 31st and that means it's 2 of my best, dearest friends in the entire world's birthdays!! I could do a week long post series on my friends because they are just the best people ever, but I'm settling for a little combined shoutout today!

My friend Emilee and I can almost tell you the exact date we became friends. There was a specific, life-defining moment one teenage summer, and we've been by each other's side ever since. I seriously do not even know what I would do without her. We've been there for each other's happiest moments, and been by each other's side through our hardest moments. We've planned WAAAAY too many events, parties, and showers together through the years. We just get each other. If I need to vent and have someone just "get it", she's going to "get it." Find out you're having twins and start to freak out with all the "what are we going to do'" scenarios. All your friends and family are excited and reply with encouraging, "don't worry it'll work out" comments. Not, Emilee...she's riding shotgun in the boat of practicality with me and whose first response was, "WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO?!" I KNOW!!!! Happy Birthday Emi, I love you so much and hope you have the best day! (Birthdays are kind of a big deal for us!)

My dear life-long friend, Angela is also celebrating her birthday today. I've often said many times through the years that Angela is the un-filtered half of my brain. We share the same thoughts, she's just often braver than I to actually put those thoughts into spoken words. We may not see each as much as we would like to anymore, but anytime we do get together, it feels like we just saw each other the day before. We always pick right up where we left off. I love that about our friendship. We have spent many hours laughing until tears are rolling down our face, making reference to inside jokes, and planning friends' baby showers together. I am so glad I have this gal in my corner, she's the kind of friend that every girl needs! Happy Birthday Ang! I hope you have a great day...love you much!

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  1. You did have a great long weekend!! Your honeybun cake looks seriously amazing!!! And I'm glad to hear your review on Angry Birds. Emma has been asking to go and you are the 3rd person to give it a bad review, so that makes my mind up...she can wait until it comes out on DVD! Ha! =)
    Have a great day Erica!! =)

  2. What a fun weekend!! I used to love when my nephews would spend the night with us! They are 20 and 18 now, so they are up for sleepovers anymore:(
    Don't you just love friends that "get you" and love you anyway!! Happy Birthday to your friends!!

  3. I love this tradition you have with your nephews! And I'm dying that Netflix is a luxury to them haha! When you think about it, I guess it really is! I cannot wait to see how you decorate the nursery! I know it will look so good!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  4. How lucky are your nephews??? How special and fun for them to have these birthday sleepover memories with you!! So glad you had a wonderful weekend!!


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