Friday, May 20, 2016

Questions and Answers - Part 2

If you missed yesterday's post about how we found out about the pregnancy and then how we found out about the twins and whether or not I had a craniotomy, you can get caught up here.

Today I'm finishing off our most asked questions list, with the logistics of it all!

Am I excited?
This sounds like a dumb question to type out, but it’s seriously probably our most asked question. Yes, we’re excited, but we are still overwhelmed. It’s A LOT to think about planning for and not just the immediate needs, but 10 years from now, 16 years from now. More than excited, we are THANKFUL. We will never know anything different than having two together.

Have I been sick?
Nope, not once. I joke that it’s been the most boring pregnancy ever and that I couldn’t been more thrilled to have it that way! Especially with it being twins, I think I’ve dumbfounded the doctors that I’ve not been sick at all. One doctor threw his hands up and said, “Hey…Hallelujah ya know!” The other one just keeps saying, “this is great…I can’t believe it.”

Any other symptoms, cravings?
I had a few weeks (weeks 9-11/12 to be exact) of extreme exhaustion. Every day about 1pm I felt like I could just lean my head back and go to sleep in my office. I would leave work at 3:30, go home, go to bed, get up  fix dinner, clean the kitchen up, and go lay back down until bed time. Cravings…nothing substantial or consistent. In fact, I’ve not had much of an appetite at all and have lost weight, which I’m told can be common. There’s been a few moments, where I’ve thought of something to eat and just had to have it because it sounded so good. For example, Long John Silver’s. I bet I’ve not eaten there since I was a kid, but it sounded SO good to me one night that I picked it up after a ballgame on my way home and y’all…I NEVER SAT DOWN while I was eating. I scarfed that food down standing up like it was my job! I’ve not had it since and not wanted it since, but for that one glorious moment, it was the meal of my dreams!

When will we find out genders? Will we find out?
I laugh at the 2nd part, have you people met me?! YES, we’ll find out! There’s TWO lives to plan for! We go back in less than three weeks and we miiiiight find out then, but no promises. They say it’s harder to find out with two. We may find out one and not the other until the next time just depending on how they’re lying and how much room they have to move around.

Will we have a gender reveal party?
Probably not, just because there’s no certain time frame of when we’ll know what they both are. There’s no way to plan for a party when we have no idea on a when.

What do we want them to be?
I know the response people are wanting is for us to say, “boy/girl, 2 girls or 2 boys” but my response is always, “healthy…I want them to be healthy. I don’t care what they are. Obviously boy/girl would be the ideal twin scenario, but as long as they’re both ok, I really don’t have a preference.”

Do we have names picked out yet?
We have 1 boy name that we’re 95% sure on. If it’s two boys we’ll split that name up. For example, if it was Colin David, one boy would have the name Colin and the other would have David. Girls’ names we’re up in the air on. We have a middle name for one, which I’ve had for probably 15+’ll go with anything, we’ve just got to decide which one it’ll go with. Naming a child is serious business. It’s not so much what is “cute” to us, but what will grow with the child, and what we can see a 40 year old woman one day with this name that we pick out.

What are our nursery plans?
Well, part of me wants to say my nursery plans went from being cute to functional. Which is true, but it’ll still look great. That being said, I don’t know what we’re doing yet. It all depends on their genders. We’re making ZERO plans other than cleaning out the room and closet until we find out.

Will I have a c-section?
It all depends on their positions, but just because it’s twins, doesn’t necessarily mean an automatic c-section. We’ll just have to see closer to time. Whichever option is going to be safest for both babies and myself, I’m all for it whatever it may be!

Will I go back to work? How long will I be off?
We’re having twins, I HAVE to work! Haha. Even if it had just been one, yes I would’ve gone back to work. Just a personal decision and everyone is different, but for this phase of our life, I have to work. As long as nothing unforeseen happens (i.e. bedrest prior to delivery) I’ll be off probably 12-14 weeks. Which means, I will get to snuggle all through the holiday season at home in our cozy living room with a beautiful Christmas tree on one side and two perfect babies on the other! Ahhh...I can't wait!

What are our childcare plans after I go back to work?
We are fortunate to have so many family members who have said they would help in keeping our babies for us during the day. My mother in law, being the primary source. So various family members are our plan for the first year or so. Eventually, we will place them in an MDO program part of the week, but for now they’ll be with family. We hear that immune systems with twins are lower and ours will be ready to go somewhere when I go back to work right in the midst of flu season. Call me paranoid, but I’m just not comfortable sending them to daycare during that time. If one catches something, the other one will get it.

Will you do the “bumpdate” posts?
I don’t know. If I do, they won’t be weekly. Maybe once or twice a month?? I think they’re fun posts and LOVE to read them, but they’re just not 100% for me to do.

What kind of help do we need?
We need prayers! Lots of and lots of prayers! So far, everything has gone smoothly and both babies are doing great, but that doesn’t ease our anxiousness. We try not to worry about something happening even though we’re out of the “danger zone”, but we know all too well from others’ experiences that anything can happen later on in a pregnancy. It’s so scary. We feel like we’re in constant prayer for our babies’ health and safety. There’s nothing that we want more! Please join us in that prayer!! 

Thanks so much for joining me this week for all of these fun posts! I've waited SO long to share news like this on my blog, I just never imagined it would be news of two precious babies! 

I look forward to sharing our lives with you as we begin this new journey. So many of you have been so supportive, encouraging and have been praying for us for so long. These children are most certainly our answered prayers. God's timing is perfect. God's plan is perfect. He is faithful!


  1. You are going to be an amazing Mom! Just think about the birthday parties you get to plan!!! I have loved reading all about the babies and can't wait to read more!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  2. I'm so excited for you guys! And will be praying for you!!

  3. Praying for sure!! Also, I have a friend who has twins and I just learned that she had them both ones - yep, one natural and one c-section. Get ready sister!!

  4. I am so excited for you! You know I've been praying since I found out. ;-) I love that picture of God's sense of humor. I've a few moments realizing how funny He can be. :-)

  5. I will be praying!!! It's just an incredible experience and I am so happy for you!!! It's going to be SO fun to find out their genders soon!!! :)

  6. I will definitely say prayers for you! This is so exciting and amazing and awesome!


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