Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Snapshots of the Past 10 Weeks

I'll answer all the questions tomorrow, but today I'm sharing a few pics that have been life the past 2+ months. Hopefully by now, you all understand my slow down in blogging during that time. While I haven't been sick ONCE (praise Jesus), I did go through a few weeks of complete exhaustion. I barely made it through the work days, came home, went to bed, got up ate dinner, got ready for bed and went back to bed. I've never been that tired in my entire life...naturally, blogging was no where on my priority list for those weeks. 

On March 10 on a whim, I took a pregnancy test and got a positive test - and what kind of expectant mother would I be if I didn't snap a pic of the best sight ever!

Later that same day, I had blood work done to confirm. Everything moved SUPER fast that day since I had experienced a loss in my last pregnancy. I have the worst veins ever for needle sticks. After four tries in my arms, they finally were able to draw blood....from my hand...not fun and a guaranteed bruise. 

Oh yeah, did I mention I went that WHOLE day and didn't tell Stephen what was going on?! Yeah, I did. Worse wife ever. I picked up this book during my lunch break and gave it to him when I got home. Cue the teary eyes and thankful hearts!

Because of some things that happened on the day I found  out (more on that tomorrow) we had to expedite telling our parents. We managed to wait until the weekend to tell Stephen's parents. We gave Stephen's mom a onesie that said, "You Better Sit Down". I wish we had gotten her reaction on video, because it took her a while to get it. Her first reaction was, "Oh that's cute..." about 30 seconds later, the jumping, cheering and tears ensued.

A few weeks later, we had our first appointment and an ultrasound. The day they lowered the boom on us....

When we told my mom's side of the family, I ordered a cookie cake for a our announcement. 

I had given my aunt a heads up since she was trying desperately to get everyone there that night for us to tell. She picked up a cute ice cream cake for our news!

While I was never sick with "pregnancy symptoms", I did catch a horrible virus three weeks ago which landed us a trip to the ER. The main concern was getting too dehydrated for the babies. Had I not been pregnant, I would've toughed it out, but my doctor just didn't want me to go that far. I needed IV fluids and soon before I got any worse. Two bags of fluid, three "cocktail" shots in my central line and I felt like a new woman. 

Our wonderful ER doc did an ultrasound in my room just for peace of mind, and both babies were great. I may or may not have cried for the first time in the pregnancy in that ER room. I may or may not also have said, "I guess I'm attached to them now." #allthehormones Baby B did a backflip, impressed his Daddy and the doctor. Baby A snoozed the whole time. Which leads me to this baby is like Stephen and is all "look at me, look at me" while the other one is like me and basically wants to be left alone and relax. We'll see how that turns out. 

Two weeks ago, we had another ultrasound and can I just say how amazing it is that these tiny people are growing so much in such little time?!

Baby A is harder to see; he or she was head down whereas Baby B was head up.

B's head is a A's feet. It was incredible to see them both moving and squirming around and yet not to feel any of it. I can't imagine how unreal it's going to be once I start feeling them in a few weeks. 

That's been a little look into our life lately. We're waiting until we know their genders to make all the big decisions like nursery ideas and names. There's just too many options to consider at this point. I mean if we wanted to be REALLY prepared, we'd have 2 full girls names and 2 full boys names ready. That's 8 names!! (two of each, first and middle) I'd rather not drive myself that crazy this early. 

For now, we're buying up laundry detergents and boxes of diapers....we think we're going to need several of both of those. (Or so I've been told.)


  1. This is so precious! Again, I'm just so, so happy for y'all! I cannot wait to read tomorrow's post to find out all the details (because I'm nosey haha!)! Have a great Wednesday!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  2. Sooo sooo exciting!! And I love the cakes that you did! Such a fun way to tell people =) Have a great day!!

  3. Love it!! Will not get tired of watching you through this journey!! Can't wait to hear their gender too!!

  4. Love you friend! So excited about this fun time. I can only imagine what a child who is just like Stephen will be like to raise... good times!! His momma can help there...

  5. It feels like forever since I have been pregnant (ella is 8) so I'm with Leigh I can't wait to watch you through this journey!!
    Have a great day!!

  6. Oh Erica!! I just love how you are sharing all these special moments with us!! It is all just SO amazing!!


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