Thursday, May 12, 2016

Thursday Confessions

There's a guy in our department who calls me Monica. For reals. I've been here over 6 years, he's been here like 50 or something, and he thinks my name is Monica. He's not joking. 

I LOVE juices. Last week I picked up an Apple, Orange, Pineapple blend from Welch's and oh my stars, it is GOOD!! It's fruity without being too sweet! This will be a summer staple in our fridge!

I think I finally figured out YouTube and how to upload videos from my phone! It's the little things, really. Which means, there's videos coming to this blog soon! eep!!

I finally finished the book, "Me Before You" last night. And  yes, this is the same book that I started reading months ago....months, as in plural. Book reading to a backseat for a while, and I picked it back up on Monday, and couldn't put it down. I can't wait to see the movie now, and yes, I'm packing all the Kleenex!

We've had leftovers twice this week, and I don't even care. #itiswhatitis

I began seeing a new Primary Care doctor last year. Basically, all I need a PC doc for is my annual allergies which turn into sinus infections; it's like clockwork EVERY. YEAR. My old PC (who retired against much begging and pleading) would give me an allergy shot and within 24-48 hours I would be 100% better and would be fine for the rest of "allergy season". Last year, I sweet talked a friend who's an NP at a local walk-in clinic to give me  the shot. Earlier this week, I reached out to my new PC's office. They don't normally keep the shot on hand or perform it in house, but it's on order and they're going to give it to me. I will admit, I pulled a few of my networking strings within the hospital to make it happen and get a rush on it.

Come back tomorrow, I'm sharing a super sweet story about my nephew and the card he made for a complete stranger. Bring your Kleenex.


  1. Monica!!! I am laughing out loud at your videos combined with your confessions - HILARIOUS!! Can't. Stop. Laughing. Thanks for confessing with me!!

  2. Erica!! Or maybe I should say Monica! Ha!! LOVE your confessions!! :)


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