Thursday, May 26, 2016

Thursday Confessions

I'm joining my friend, Leigh, today for my Thursday Confessions. (Which an alternate post title could've been, "#allthepregnancyhormones.)


Earlier this week, during our lunch "break", (I use the word "break" VERY loosely.) in less than 30 minutes we were interrupted by 6 different guys coming in just standing there over us while we ate killing time, needing something, etc. HELLO?!! You see us sitting here around this big table and eating a meal, right? Oh, it doesn't bother you? Well, that's good for you but for can go!

The girl I work with...well, she and I had our fill that day. We quietly got up from the table and left the room with two of the guys still in there. Then we left the building. We ended up taking a nice little walk outside around the hospital. It was by far the best part of that day. 


Remember that guy a couple weeks ago that  I told you calls me Monica? This week, he's called me Jessica...THREE TIMES. I was VERY clear with him for the 219th time in 6 years that my name is ERICA...not Monica...not Jessica. I won't get my hopes up. 


If one or both of these babies are girls, my dad and uncle are ADAMENT that they not wear headbands or "garter belts around their heads" as they call them. To that I say...yeaaaah....oooooohhhkay.


It feels pretty darn good to stand up for yourself when you catch someone lying about you right outside your office door. I don't know WHERE this power has come from but I marched myself right up to him and cleared that mess up real fast. No, sir.


I may or may not have cried on Tuesday when I saw my best friend post her last picture of their home with the "Sold" sign in the yard. IT'S NOT EVEN MY HOUSE?!!! They built that house and moved in right after they were married. We've had some fun memories in that house, just like I know we will in their new one...which is even closer to us. But still, WHY did I cry? Oh yeah...#allthepregnancyhormones

Check in with Leigh today for everyone else's fun (and probably more normal) confessions. 


  1. Great Confessions!
    girl pregnancy hormones are no joke...and they make you do and say things you normally wouldn't do! But good for you for defending yourself!!

    have a great day! hope you are feeling great!

  2. Oh good! Glad someone else was crying! I had tears streaming down my face as I took the picture, and told myself to get a grip! I have no pregnancy hormones to blame though... #praisejesus!!

  3. Erica - THANK you so much for linking up with me. First, your GIFS are hilarious, I do not know how you find them! Second - double the hormones and double the fun - you have every right to be annoyed, irritated or have increased confidence to stick up for yourself!! All the hormones!

  4. So my best friend and I got in a fight awhile back (long story with many factors) and we haven't really talked about she's selling her house too and yea makes me sad.

  5. Pregnancy hormones are the worst! I love how you can cry and laugh within about 30 seconds...over things that normally would not have that kind of effect!


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