Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Two Men

This past week and weekend has truly been a sad one for our family. 

Our beloved Uncle Bill passed away on Thursday after many years of battling various illnesses and ailments. He's suffered for so long, and when the time came that nothing else could be done, he accepted what the outcome would be in just few short weeks. He knew his time was limited. 

He made plans for his funeral so his family wouldn't have to. He made plans about his care so his family wouldn't have to. He loved his family fiercely those last few weeks..seeing one granddaughter graduate high school, another granddaughter marry her love in a beautiful wedding, seeing one grandson finish his middle school years to prepare for high school, and the other grandson prepare for the birth of his daughter (their first great-grand) in just a few more weeks. 

He taught 6th grade for years and years. Along with myself, he was many of my cousins' home-room teacher and Math teacher during our 6th grade year. 

He let me decorate his classroom bulletin boards with whatever I wanted. He was my go-to if I wasn't feeling well or needed anything at all while I was in elementary school. He was strict, but he oh how cared for his students. Several past students visited the funeral home because they thought so much of "Mr. Walker" back all those years ago. MANY, teachers he worked alongside with also visited. He meant so much to our county's school system. He will never know how many lives he impacted through his years of service. 

He busted through my grandparents' door one Christmas Eve night dressed as Santa Claus to the delight of all of us kids. He handed gifts out to each of and made cheesy pics with us all. 

He said "Hey, Gal" and grabbed by in a chokehold around the neck for a hug everytime he saw me. 

He was a wonderful example of a Christian man, hard-working employee, faithful husband, loving father and proud "Poppy". 

He had the most beautiful funeral service on Sunday filled with a few tears and alot of laughter...just the way he wanted it. We will love and miss him forever, but are so thankful for all of our years and memories with him. He was the best uncle a girl could ask for!

Father's Day celebrations were put on a hold for a while due to our family's loss and weekend of visitations and funeral service. But, I couldn't let this time go by without a little nod to my daddio. 

There's not enough space on the internets to describe all that this man means to us. 

The older I get, the more I see lessons he was teaching us along the way without us knowing. 

What it means to WORK for what you want. Nothing is handed to you. Earn it. What it means to be meek and unassuming. The importance of listening. How to take care of the needs long before the wants. How to calculate a pitcher's ERA. It's ok to drive from Tennessee to Florida and never say a word. See the good in people, but don't set yourself up to be naive. Shop around. Learn the differences between Roy Rogers and Gene Autry. Others always come before yourself. Everything is temporary. Memorize John 14: 1-6.

I could go on...

Our family has been through a difficult week and weekend. Yesterday, my Dad had surgery on his spine to correct some problems he's been having for years. The recovery is long and PAINFUL. My dad has been through alot health-wise himself, but we're not sure we've ever seen him in this much pain. They say it's normal for a few days, but when it's your own, it's not "normal" in your book. 

Two men with two incredible impacts on a girls' life. Love those close to you with all of your might. 


  1. Beautiful post, Erica! I'm so sorry for the loss of your Uncle. He sounds like a wonderful man that left a lasting impression on many. What a legacy!
    Prayers for your Dad, too! I know how helpless it feels when someone you love is in pain. I pray he has a speedy recovery time and his pain is minimal.

  2. I am so sorry for your loss. Your uncle sounds like he had a great impact on not only you and your family, but on a lot of other people as well. Also, praying for your dad as he recovers and for y'all as you support him during this time.
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts


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