Thursday, July 28, 2016

Bumpdate - Week 24

How Far Along?
24 weeks and 5 days

Amelia Gentry & Mae Parker

Due Date?
November 12 will always be the technical 40 week due date, but we’re still planning on a mid-October delivery.

Weight Gain?
Still none for me. The girls are gaining which is the important thing to remember; but my doctor did say this week it’s time that I start gaining some weight too. She wants me to increase my protein intake and try to  drink at least one protein drink a day. So…I’m guzzling these down in the mornings now. They’re not THE best, but they’re not awful either.

Stretch Marks?
Still nope.

Maternity Clothes?
Since my last bumpdate post at 19w, I will sadly admit, that my normal pants are getting tight. I CAN still wear them, but boy does it feel good to take them off as soon as I get home! ha Maternity tops are just more comfortable and airy right now with the heat and humidity we have around here. Leggings are the best thing ever for pregnancy..the end.

Belly Button In or Out?
Still in but it’s stretching out sideways. It’s weird. What’s even more weird…one of my gall bladder surgery scars is inside my belly button, and it’s all popping out and disfigured looking. It’s attractive.

Best Part of the Week?
We had a LONG appointment on Monday afternoon – so long that literally only one lady in the office was left behind to check us out and had to unlock the door to let us out of the building. BUT, it was a good appointment and both girls have grown so much in the past 4 weeks. I have a feeling from here on out we’re just going to be amazed at the rate of growth.

Per usual, Mae Parker was a rockstar and let the ultrasound tech get a cute little profile pic for us.

Amelia was due for a 2nd anatomy scan because she didn’t fully cooperate the first time. Well, I’m happy to report our girl is consistent and still wants nothing to do with her ultrasounds. The lady spent a good 30 minutes trying and trying to get a good view of her, to make her turn, to trick her…nothing worked. She just kept flipping, turning and balling up with her legs at her head any time it looked like we might get a good shot of her face. They did get to see all 4 chambers of her heart which was something they didn’t get a good look at last time. They’ll try again in 3 weeks for another good shot of her face – they don’t think anything is wrong, but they do have to see her and she’s just not having it.

Worst Part of the Week?
Over the weekend, I had horrible pains down low where Amelia is at. Late Saturday, I started worrying that something might be wrong, but I could still feel them both move and didn’t have any other issues. I pretty much laid in bed all day Saturday and some on Sunday afternoon. Eventually it passed, but it was bad – it hurt to move at all. Our doctor said Monday more than likely she was just either doing some major repositioning or was laying just right on the pelvic area bones. She examined me and said all was well – that was a huge relief.

Miss Anything?
Honestly, not really. The more time that passes, the more and more thankful I’m becoming.

YES! I started feeling them move at 21 weeks. Everyone asks me if I can tell which one is which and the answer to that is yes. They are both separated just enough that Amelia’s kicks and jabs are down low and MP’s are higher toward my ribcage. I’m sure the bigger they get, it may get a little more difficult to distinguish but for now, I can tell which one is trying to get my attention. They are most active in the morning hours after I get to work and sometimes late at night when I’m in bed winding down.

I’m stressed at work, but trying my very hardest to stay calm for the girls’ health. My workload has been doubled since my co-worker left a couple weeks ago for another job. I’m keeping to myself more than usual to try and avoid any additional stress from certain people. (know what I mean?)

But once I get home, I’m good and feel like I can take a deep breath and just be. Needless to say, I count down the hours to 3:30 every day.

Currently Reading?
Nothing baby-related. I have a basket on our fireplace filled with magazines that I get in the mail and never read. My goal in the next couple of weeks is to go through them all, tear out any recipes or project ideas I want to keep and get that pile to the recycling center. (Can we say first “nesting” project?)

Still nothing much. Out of the blue one night recently Stephen said he’d love a good seafood dinner. The kind you get on a beach vacation. I agreed. It sounded fabulous…so that’s been on my mind.

Am I Showing Yet?
Yes, definitely yes. Sometimes it seems more obvious than others, but the bump is growing.

My hot hands and feet are still a nuisance, but have become manageable. I’ve noticed my legs cramping more throughout the day and night, but no swelling. My nose is still constantly stuffy, which I will never understand, but apparently is pretty common with pregnancy.

What am I Looking Forward To?
Our first shower is next weekend. I’m excited to celebrate these girls with Stephen’s family and family friends! (and eat cake…I love cake.) Hopefully this weekend, we can finish a few small closet organization projects so we can have a ready room to put away some of the gifts we’ll be soon receiving.

Other Recent Happenings Worth Remembering…

Definitely not naming names, but at this week’s appointment, we saw some friends of ours coming out as we were in the waiting room. They had their packs of paperwork and new patient goodie bag. It’s hard to know whether to acknowledge someone in that situation or not, because obviously their news is not public info yet, but it’s also very clear that they’ve just had their first appointment and are indeed pregnant. We said hi and before we could say anything else, she was whipping out their ultrasound pic and I was jumping out of my seat to hug her! Their story is similar to ours in that they lost their first baby shortly after we did last summer and have been trying since. My heart is forever turned to families who have lost babies and who struggle to conceive. As wonderful as it was to see our babies growing and hear that they were doing just fine, I think I will always remember this appointment for the joy we shared with our friends in those short few minutes in the waiting room. God works in His own time..I’m convinced of that more and more each day. 

We go back to the doctor in 3 weeks for the ever-popular sugary drink appointment. Then, we'll go 3 weeks after that. AND THEN, every week until they get here. How did we get here so quick?!!


  1. Love the bump update!! So exciting!!
    So glad that over all your feeling good!!
    It's so amazing how their little personalities are already showing!!

    Can't wait to see shower pictures

    Happy Thursday Friend

  2. This is so exciting! The last half of pregnancy is so fun...because there's a light at the end of the tunnel, BUT totally drags, too because you're so ready to see those sweet faces!!
    We had two miscarriages and then struggled for a little while to conceive. It is so frustrating, but I think it really made me appreciate everything so much more.
    I can't wait to see what goodies you get at your shower!! Fun, fun!!
    P.S. What did you think of Frank trying to flip the house last night???

    1. I think he wasted alot of time and energy. At this point, he and Bridgette are alone in this game with the rest of the house somewhat still playing together. He and his cabbage patch doll never stood a chance once James put them up. Gosh, I love this show!

  3. YEA for baby updates!! Love this and hearing about the girls!! Your hair looks super cute - is it longer? Also, random question but you say Amelia is here and Mae is there - could they roll and move in that Baby A and B change at birth? I am not sure if I am explaining what I am thinking, just trying to understand if Amelia and Mae could switch spots in your sleep and you never know it??? Hope we hear about your shower soon too!!

    1. The way we have been explained this multiple times (because I didn't want to associate names with babies if they would flip) "Baby A" has always been "Baby A" and will always be. They designate "A" in multiples as the baby closest to the cervix. Since ours are our di/di twins (dichorionic / diamniotic) they're in their own separate sacs, came from separate eggs, separate placentas, etc. A has been A from the beginning and B always B. When they implanted, that's where they were to stay. In the very early stages, A was low on my right side with B diagonally across. As they've grown, A (Amelia) has taken over my lower area and lays sideways. B (Mae Parker) has grown to be almost directly above her laying sideways as well. Does that make sense? Once we picked names and had an actual "A" name we just decided to give Baby A the name Amelia and B, Mae Parker.

    2. And yes, my hair is growing. For now, I love it...we'll see. haha

  4. You look gorgeous and I love hearing all about how the babies are doing! So thankful you are having such a wonderful pregnancy!!

  5. I have noticed my nose is way more stuffy than it should be for the summer time...very weird! I love reading your updates :) keep em coming!!! Hope things get better soon at the ole workplace!! I try to leave you alone most times!!! :( I will try harder ;)

  6. New to your blog. LOVE the baby names!

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by! I love meeting new readers!! Naming two babies is no joke, but we're pretty thrilled with what we came up with!


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