Friday, July 15, 2016

Friday Favorites

It’s not been the best week around here, just to be totally honest. I’ve not felt well. Work has me pulling my hair out. I feel so unprepared in SO many areas of life right now. BUT, I’m thankful for it all. I’m thankful for two girls that are growing inside me and causing all this discomfort. I’m thankful for a good job that is providing part of our family’s income, the amount of time it will allow me to be off in a few months, and the pretty great insurance it’s providing to all of the medical bills we’ve had the past year and half. I’m thankful that even though I don’t feel prepared, there are friends and family members who are encouraging and supportive of us every day.


Tuesday night, my grandmother made dinner for us. A few weeks ago I bought her a box of peaches from the Peach Truck and she said she’d pay me back. Well, I’m not about to let my 85 year old grandma pay me back for a $39 box of peaches. I made a deal with her and told her if she cooked dinner (chicken and dumplings, mashed potatoes, cornbread and a peach cobbler) we’d call it even. She kept her end of the bargain and we had the best night gathered around their kitchen table. (My parents joined us too.)

After dinner we watched some of the All-Star game. My grandpa is a HUGE…HUUUUUUGE Braves fan. He can tell you anything about any player and any game. I just love listening to him talk baseball.

Stephen lost a button on a pair of pants, and asked my grandmother to show him how to sew a button back on. Because: 1. I don’t sew. I can do a lot of things, sewing isn’t one of them. 2. He needs to learn a skill that I have nothing to do with. Just so basically one day I can say, “your dad will have to fix it, I don’t know how to.”


When we chose to buy our house, part of our reasoning was the neighborhood. It’s an older neighborhood in house ages and neighbor ages. Everybody owns, no one rents. Everybody takes care of their properties. Even though it’s just right off a major highway, it’s quiet and peaceful. Earlier this week, we made plans for tomorrow to cut all the trees that had fallen during last week’s storms and haul them off. Well, when I came home Monday night from Bunco, two different neighbors had cut the trees up for us and one had even hauled the massive one away  that was mostly in the creek. (Who knows, maybe we didn’t get to it quick enough for them, and they wanted to get rid of the eyesores themselves.) Either way, there’s going to be some “thank you” baking done this weekend for these two families. 

Work Hallway Conversations.

My office door opens right up to a MAJOR staff hallway in the hospital and the most used time clock in the hospital. Needless to say, I hear some great stories from people passing. I’ve laughed, I’ve cried, I’ve rolled my eyes, I’ve dropped my jaw in awe of stupidity; and some I wish I’d rather never heard. I keep telling everyone I’m going to write a book one day on these hallway conversations. By far the sweetest hallway conversation I heard this week, was a certain department director on his cell phone, obviously talking to his little girl. He was asking her, “Did momma take you to get your nails done?” “What color are they?” “Are they pretty?” “Do you love them?” “I’m so glad you love them!” Ugh. It was the sweetest thing to hear his genuine love and concern for his little girl right in the middle of his busy day…he was making time to talk to her. PUDDLE. OF. MUSH. 

Summer TV.

Stephen and I are hooked on Big Brother! It’s the one show we can agree on right now, and we’re taking full advantage of our couch dates now before the babies get here.

My observations about the show…

Frank is a mastermind player. Somehow, I missed the original season he was on, but my word. He PLAYS this game. 

I still want to stretch out Nicole's nostrils. 

We L.O.V.E. James. The end. 



Today is a bittersweet day. 6 and half years ago, I started my job and was trained by a girl who had previously held my job. She had quit a few years before my arrival to stay at home with her kids. Then, they begged her to come back as a temp until they found someone when the lady in between us quit suddenly. It was understood that she was just there for a few months while they hired and trained a new person. Fast forward 6 and half years and she's still here. Until today. 

Today is Lorna's last day. She became one of my best friends very quickly. She has been there for me through various boyfriend dramas, meeting Stephen, even being there the moment he proposed, our wedding, our struggles with infertility and pregnancy loss, and now she's planning a baby shower for our girls. We laugh EVERY single day. We vent to each other EVERY single day about work problems and stupid things our husbands have done. I know her kids' schedules better than she does sometimes. I've dreaded this day since she told me a little over a month ago. I will miss her and our everyday friendship, but I know this new job opportunity will be a great change for her and her family. And, I know we'll still see each's just the way that I've known my Mondays - Fridays for the last six plus years is about to be incredibly different. (Thanks LL for leaving when pregnancy hormones are at an all time high. I'm sure it'll be an ugly cry kind of day...all day.)

Happy Weekending Friends! If you need me, I'll be curled up in a corner, rocking myself back and forth through the tears trying to pep talk myself into going to work on Monday. 

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  1. I am so sorry you have had a rough week. Pregnancy can be a beating sometimes, but it is so worth it, and I love that you're choosing to be thankful even in your discomfort.
    Your grandparents are precious! That homemade meal sounds amazing. There's really nothing better than a grandmother's cooking!
    I totally agree with everything you said about Big Brother. I didn't watch Frank's season either, and I'm not a fan, but he really is playing the game...big time. I love James, too, and hope he can pull it out this year! I like Nicole, but she drives me crazy messing with her hair.
    I'm sorry you're losing your work buddy today. That stinks, but what a treasure of a friend you have found in her! I hope you have a relaxing weekend! :)

  2. I laughed out loud of your "ask your daddy" comment - you will for sure need those!! Haha. Yum for grandma's dinner and I love that your neighbors helped with your trees. That is community for sure! Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Grandparents are the best!
    And I LOVE Big Brother too. Frank is the best! But I am worried about him this week! James is adorable!

  4. The Peach Truck peaches are so so good! Worth every penny.

  5. Oh man!! So sorry your co-worker/friend is switching jobs. Working with someone you love can be such a game changer in how you feel about your job!! I'll be thinking of you as you transition these next few weeks to working without her!! Hope you have great weekend friend!! :)


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