Tuesday, July 5, 2016

My Tribe

I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend celebrating with family and friends....or with the next door neighbors who decide to wait until 1am to shoot off their fireworks outside your bedroom window. That's a story for another day...needless to say, we didn't get much rest around here the past couple of days. Oh well, it's once a year, right?

We did manage to get in a fun date night which included a road trip to Target  to do our babies gift registry (because YES, the nearest one is almost an hour away! Yikes!) Saturday we enjoyed a lazy day around the house and a fun night with my family filled with food, water guns and laughter! Sunday was a typical Sunday, church, lunch, naps, church. Monday we had an impromptu breakfast date, finished our next nursery project, and then headed to Stephen's parents house for their annual neighborhood block party. (AND THEN, we listened to the neighbor's celebrations from midnight until almost 2am...it was great fun. #sarcasm)

Today, we're linking up with Andrea to share all about "Our Tribe". I'm sure everyone will say their's is the best, but literally, mine is THE best. (according to me)

I went back and forth on how to do this post, who to include, how to tell stories, etc. In lieu of having a post that would take you half a day to read, I'm going to try and keep this short and sweet. 

These girls. 

I can't imagine doing life without them. I have been BLESSED with many "best friends". I've never used the term for just one person, because many people fit that bill in my life. I was "that girl" who had 10 bridesmaids in her wedding, because really, how could I have the best day of my life without these ten by my side?!

They have been there for me when I've needed them, and when I didn't realize how much I needed them. God just works that way...placing the right people in your life at the right times. 

We've laughed until we're crying in pain, and have cried together through some of the most painful moments of our lives. We've stood by each other on our happiest days..wedding days and during the births of children, and we've held each other up during the worst days...death, illnesses, divorce. 

We do life together. 

Another group I have to mention, is this group of 13. Back in the day, I thought I would be a nurse. I finished the lower division nursing program in college, and began upper division my Junior year. Half way through Junior year, I decided that nursing wasn't my calling. But during those years, I found the best group of friends. The other 12 went on to finish nursing, with many of them going further to receive their Nurse Practioner's degrees. To this day, we stay in touch, some better with others. We've attended wedding, after wedding, after wedding, gathered for more baby showers than I can even remember, and we get caught up in hilarious group messages. 

Ok, so I started looking for a group pic with the next girls I needed to mention, and couldn't find out with all of us, so this will have to do. I met Brittany, Taylor, Kristen, Katie and Ashley through Stephen. When we first started dating, he was heavily involved in his church age group and class. Back then, none of us were married but everyone was in relationships. So these girls were the girlfriends to Stephen's best friends. Since then, we've all married our boyfriends and welcomed three babies to the group in the past 14 months, with our two coming in October. 

I'm not going to lie. It wasn't the easiest to "fit in" or find my place in this group in the beginning. These people had been friends for years, and BAM there I was, and I will admit, I'm hard to warm up to people. I can be reserved and cautious. Fortunately though, these girls never gave up on me, and now I consider them some of my dearest friends. It's been a blessing to go through the same stages of life with them, sharing the same faith and growing in that faith together. While it was a bumpy start years ago, I'm so glad these girls are in my corner! 

I also count family as friends. That counts right? My sister and I have 3 girl cousins on our mom's side. When I think about some of my most favorite memories throughout my life, these girls are included in them. We spent countless Summers together at our grandparents' house growing up, have visited Disney World together probably more than any other family has, and can communicate with no words. In just a few days, our youngest cousin, Ann Marie (on the far right) will make her big move to D.C. She's been working for a TN State Senator for a while and has recently received a promotion that's taking her all the way to our nation's capitol and to an apartment right behind the Supreme Court building! (Is this her real life?!?) She's our little Olivia Pope and will change the world! We can't wait to see her dominate this next journey she's about to embark on. 

That's about all I can manage to type about her before I lose it. She's the youngest, so naturally we're all protective of her. Not to mention, she's the first to move away. Ugh. #pregnancyhormones...all the tears. 

Life is just BETTER with these girls. I'm thankful for each one of them...the memories we share together, the support and encouragement we give one another. 

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  1. Ohhh I love reading about your tribe!! Girlfriends are just the best - and knowing you have others to have your back, priceless!!!

  2. Such a beautiful tribute to the women in your life!

  3. What a fun post! I can tell you're a sweetheart & I'm sure those girls are just as blessed to have you in their tribe, too!


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