Thursday, July 7, 2016

Thursday Confessions: Pickles & Fire Crackers

I posted this on IG yesterday. Yesterday morning, one of the guys in our department came in my office…sat down a jar of pickles, a card and a DQ gift card. I laughed and told him, I had no cravings but I appreciated him covering the bases and his thoughtfulness. I know I complain about my job more than I should, but I do work with some great people. I will confess that for some strange reason, the longer I saw that jar sit on my desk, the more I wanted to crack it open and munch on some pickles. What in the world?!

We completed my “gallery wall” vision above the changing table over the weekend. I stare at it daily. Here’s a little sneaky peak for now!

I aim to be in my car by 645a, so I can listen to the Today Show on XM (which airs live from the east coast broadcast) on my way to work. It makes me feel like I know some news before it happens here in the central time zone.

I’ve been asked to train a new hire FROM A DIFFERENT DEPARTMENT. I’m still not quiiiiiiite figured out how that’s going to work, but she’ll be in my office today. When your hospital COO asks you face to face to do it, you can’t really say no or question him, right? Maybe I should just smile and take it as a compliment??

The neighborhood fireworks saga continues. We are literally just feet outside the city limits. The glorious city limits where there are curfews on fireworks and end dates. But drive 100 feet into redneck county, and you’re free to fire away. I literally have been praying for heavy rain the past few nights just so I can go to sleep at oh, I’ll even settle for 11-11:30 at this point.

Check in with Leigh for others’ Thursday confessions!


  1. Haha, your videos get me every time!! Hope you saved some pickles for today - and that the fireworks are silent tonight!!!

  2. I'm finally getting some time to check back in with my favorite blogs. I know this is late but HUGE CONGRATS on the babies!!! I'm so happy for you and your family! I also always love your meme's and the little clip at the end of this post is hilarious!!!



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