Thursday, July 21, 2016

Thursday Confessions


I LOVE our hometown. It's small, but not THAT small anymore. We have a great mayor and city government officials right now. They are doing SO MUCH to promote community, small business and family and I just love it! This year our town celebrated the 4th of July holiday weekend with "Red White and Boom!" which included everything from a car show, to different concerts in the park, a mega water slide downtown, the 2nd largest fireworks display in TN, local vendors and crafters selling at the Fire Cracker Flea Market, Little Patriots' Parade, and on and on! Here's a little recap video that was just released. Proud to call this place our home! Watch it and fall in love with our little dot on the map!!


I've been covered up at work this week, so lunch has taken place at my desk in between phone calls, emails, meetings, etc. Tuesday's lunch consisted of Easter M&M's and grapes. #theheartwantswhattheheartwants


Stephen has decided to to begin online classes to work towards finishing his degree. It's one step at a time, and this week was digging out last year's tax docs to work on student loan apps. I am SUPER proud of him for wanting to do this and his determination. Back in in his young and dumb days when the future was no more than weekend plans, finishing college was not at the top of his priority list. Now as a husband, homeowner and with two daughters on the way, his tune has changed quite a bit and he's ready to finish what he started all those years ago. 


I'm pretty sure Zulily is secretly stalking me or has our house bugged. I've not ordered from that site in years, and I randomly clicked on one of their emails last week and ALL of the previews in the email were maternity clothes, and nursing essentials. How do they know this stuff?! I don't know, but it sucked me in and the next thing I knew I was ordering a dress for one of my showers. Now, I can't stop looking every day. #youwinzulily


I made my Strawberry Cake (recipe here) to take to our neighbors as a thank you for cutting up some of our fallen trees last week. It smelled so good while I was mixing it up, that I went ahead and made another one for us to keep at home. That night Stephen and I had a piece of cake after dinner. The girls kicked and squirmed all night. I like to think they did this in appreciation for the yummy dessert we all enjoyed! (Or maybe they were on a sugar high....whatever.)

Happy Thursday Friends!! Check in with Leigh to see more confessions!


  1. Haha - I LOVE your lunch...and isn't that Easter M & Ms??? I have a friend that lives in your area and she recently posted her love for the town and all of the 4th activities. Love it!!

  2. So fun that you live in such a great little town!! And way to go Stephen- Aaron has a bachelors degree in political science- so when he decided to go medical school it was like starting all over. All this to say- the hard work and time and effort is so worth it!! :)


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