Monday, August 15, 2016


Friends, today is my 33rd birthday. I swear it was just last week I was 16 and riding around with my best friends thinking we were the business and HAD IT MADE. In a blink, it's gone. 

Last year, I managed to get together a fun "32 for 32" list. This year, I was not as productive in planning ahead for a birthday post. But I did manage to make note of some lessons I've learned during the past year. 

The past 365 days have without a doubt been our hardest and our most joyous. I have never loved and leaned on our family and friends more than I have this past year. I have never wanted to be alone and never wanted to be surrounded by others more than I have in these past months. 

I have always said that I believe that God puts certain people in your life at the exact right moment that you NEED them. I have never felt so encouraged than I have by some of my wonderful blogging friends. It's a community and friendship that I never saw coming, but am SO THANKFUL for each day. Whether it's emails back and forth with Leigh and Justine or late night texts with Sarah, these girls have really helped me through the hardest times, more than they will ever know. 

In this past year, I have reconnected with an old friend over our shared tragedies. It may seem grim to bond over the loss of your babies, but there's just no one who understands your heartache, frustrations and sometimes even humor more than another grieving mama. Skye, I think of you and your family, literally every day. I hate that this is what has connected us, but I'm beyond grateful for the advice and listening ear you have been for me. 

I learned very quick to love the excitement and JOY that others have had for us since our BIG news back in the Spring. At first, I thought it might be awkward, and at times it was, but overall it's been the nicest blessing to enjoy others' happiness for us. We truly feel like these babies are not only our answered prayers, but the answered prayers of SO many others around us, and even many we were unaware of. 

Which leads me to this....if I wasn't a hard-core believe in this before this past year, I am now without a doubt....

God's plan for YOU reveals itself in HIS perfect timing. 

I cannot tell you of how many instances in this past year, where we have caught ourselves saying, "It just must not be part of God's plan for us right now." Let me just tell you. We have had some BIG FAT let-downs this past year beyond that of which I've shared on here. We've had HUGE opportunities come our way and passed us by...every stinkin' time. We've had the biggest heartbreak to go through and try to understand and we've had little moments where life just sucks and we've had to figure out what our next step is. Every time, we've said, "This just must not be God's plan for us right now." We say it, and I'm sure some of those times we've not fully believed in it. But friends, the more time that has passed and with recent (HOPEFUL) developments, we believe it when we say it now! Sometimes, God's answers are no. Sometimes, they're just a not right now. Once His plan starts to reveal, we're able to look back and see that the hardships we faced, were all to get us to this moment. 

*I'll go into more detail later, but I can't be THAT vague and not disclose a little more. There's a big opportunity on the table with my job. It's literally in the final stage of approval before being a done deal. It would be a great opportunity along with perfect timing for our little family! So, if you don't mind praying that it all works out and we have the definitive answer soon, that would most appreciated!*

For all the seriousness that this post has been, I had to throw in a few fun lessons learned this year...

- Your husband has hidden household talents. Expose them and use them to your advantage. HELLLOOOO to never folding towels again!
- Naming children is HARD. 
- Agreeing on a stroller is harder. 
-My most favorite part of the day is 10pm, climbing into our comfy bed, turning on The Golden Girls, and catching up on my Instagram feed for the day. I literally look forward to this part of the day EVERY DAY. 
- It's ok to cry at work. Close the door and get it out of your system.
- Splurge for concert tickets 9 months in advance, line up overnight babysitters later on. (I mean, really, who's going to say no to keeping twin baby girls?!)
- Even as an adult, snow days are the best long as you don't have to work!
- I think I could waste my life away looking at: Amazon, Etsy & other blogs. Seriously, give me wi-fi and a device...I can amuse myself for hours. 
- Sometimes, you just have to do a little Facebook stalking investigating research.
- I still heavily favor meal-planning, but if the hubs sends a text in the afternoon that says, "I'll pick up something for dinner so you don't have to cook", that's an offer I can't refuse these days!

For all that these past 12 months have taught us, I can't imagine where we'd be if things had turned out different. 

With the joy that awaits us in just a few weeks, I cannot imagine what my "34" post will be like next year, but I can't wait to find out! 


  1. You are such a great friend and I am so thankful for you!!!!! Praying for your opportunities!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  2. Happy Birthday! May the next year bring you more joy and happiness than you ever expected.

  3. Love love this post. Praying for your new opportunity. Happy Birthday sweet friend. 😘

  4. I love this post. I love your honesty and I love that Gods perfect plan is being revealed. I am praying this year will continue to be the best year yet. I cannot wait to walk alongside you too!!!

  5. I love this post!! I am so glad I found your blog recently. You are a treasure! I hope you have a fantastic 34th year! Happy birthday!

  6. Happiest Birthday friend and praying for your job opportunity!! You are such an example of believing in God's faithfulness!!!

  7. I Hope you had a fantastic birthday!

    I am so thankful for our reconnection through our sweet angels. I hate that's how it happened but I've never been more thankful for someone like you that can listen to my heart ache, laugh when I want to throat punch someone, and even share joyous moments with!!! I can't wait to see what this year holds for you!!! God's timing is always perfect (even if we don't understand it!) Love you!!!


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