Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Life Lately

We are busy, busy over here lately, but at the same time, I feel like not much has been going on "blogworthy". Which means...time for a little Life Lately post. 

I came across this on Facebook over the weekend and doubled over laughing because it is SO ME right now. Sleep is hard to come by these days between heartburn, discomfort, crazy dreams and my mind racing of things to do. Who else feels me on this one?

A couple of weeks ago before school started back, my nephews' school (the same school their mom, my sister teaches at) hosted a Back to School Bash for students and their families. About an hour into the bash, I got a phone call from Colin asking me to come pick him up. It was "too hot to be outside."  A boy after my own heart. He's all boy, but he doesn't care too much about outdoors in sweltering heat. His brother on the other hand, could care less. Rain, Snow, 100+ degree temps...he's outside. 

So I went to pick him up and he got in the backseat holding a sno-cone. About 5 minutes later, I noticed he kept jabbing his spoon into the cup. I asked him if he was breaking up a big chunk of ice and he said yes. THEN, informed me, "It was teachers working the sno-cones...NOT sno-cone experts." Naturally, I had to post this on Facebook that night and the comments that my sister's co-workers and principle had going back and forth kept me laughing all night. 

Over the weekend, I worked like a mad woman trying to finish the girls' closet and dresser organization. I'm happy to report that for now, it's done. I'm sure I'll do some more tweaking as we get closer to their arrival, but for now, it's a huge check mark on my never-ending list of things to do. 

I went to Wal-Mart (which I NEVER do) to pick up a couple of plastic drawer organizers and totes for bigger size clothing we won't be needing any time soon...and BAM....

Wal-Mart's current dorm room back to school collection perfectly matches the main colors of our nursery. I was totally planning on just buying clear or white, but I couldn't resist adding a pop of color to their closets with these!!

Saturday was my grandmother's 85th birthday. She is my most favorite person in the whole wide world...ever. I love spending time with her whether it's just going over to drop something off, taking her to run errands, having them over for a meal...whatever. The memories I have with this lady and my grandpa over the past 33 years are too many to count, but certainly some of my favorite memories of all time. She and my grandpa have truly been the best Christian examples for my cousins and I to have growing up.

They still drive, get out and go on their own. But every now and then she'll call to see if I "might be going to town today". Which is code for, if you are...come get me. Which is exactly what happened on Saturday and HOW could I say no especially on her birthday?! We have the best time together. One of my favorite perks about our house, is that it's exactly 2 minutes from our driveway to theirs. 

I know the older I get, the older they're getting. My grandpa has aged significantly in the last 5 years. I cannot imagine a life without them, but unfortunately I know that time is closer than ever has been. They're both healthy and active, but it's just the way it is...we won't live forever. Until then, I'm soaking up every little moment with them! 

Have I ever mentioned "my" cat, Lucy on here? Well, here she is basking in the Summer evening sun. (with my dad and nephew playing ball in the back yard..shocker)

This cat, heaven help us sometimes. She wondered up to my parents house years and years and YEARS ago. She was small and sweet and I sat some food out for her. That was at least 11 or 12 years ago. She still's there. My mom takes excellent care of her, but if you asked her, you'd probably get the impression she hated that cat. The feeling is mutual for Lucy. 

My mom talks to her as if she was a human being...even having one-ended conversations with her. We all get tickled at her and joke about "one day...that cat is going to answer her back!"

"Lucy...it's time to go downstairs! I'm not telling you again." HAHA. Lucy just stares at her until my mom picks up her and carries her to the top of the basement stairs each night. She's a stubborn 'ol mule. 

Speaking of Lucy...my parents are out of town for a few days so...as not to disturb her majesty's routine, I go over a couple times a day to check on her, feed her, let her come inside to sleep. Last night, I saw this note on their kitchen table...

My dad had looked up children's consignment stores in Knoxville for he and my mom to stop by on their way through. My parents have done the grandparent gig already, so while they're excited about our girls, Stephen's parents are MORE excited since this will be their first time. This just made my heart swell a little bit to know they're already thinking of their granddaughters and planning for their arrival too. It's the little things. 

That's a little Life Lately from our neck of the woods! Join us tomorrow for Pinspiration Wednesday! Link up sharing your favorite crock pot recipes!! 


  1. Oh your sweet grandmother - love that picture and love your relationship with her! That is a treasure. I love the colors of your nursey, I am sure you have some amazing decorating happening!! Can't wait to share our recipes tomorrow, love crock pot recipes!!

  2. What a wonderful celebration -- 85 years! And I am always so impressed with cats that can go outside and come back. Ours got out once and hid in the brushes for 3 hours before "begging" to come back in.

  3. How wonderful that you are so close to your grandma!! And you know I am so proud of you for going to Walmart... So glad you found some things you needed in the girls nursery colors!!

  4. I love that you are so close to your grandma =) Those plastic drawers are awesome! I was at WalMart today and I was sooo close to getting one of each color for the girls room. I love those two colors together =)


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