Friday, August 26, 2016

Life Lately

August is always such a busy month for us, and seems to fly by so fast each year! Take our normal busy August and throw in 3 out of 4 baby showers, and I'm pretty sure some days we've barely been keeping our heads above water. Chaos aside, it's one of my favorite months of the year! 

Here's a little bit of our August so far!

Ok, technically, let's start on July 30. My beautiful grandmother turned 85 on this day and we celebrated by doing a little shopping together. My cousins and I are all very close with our grandparents, but somehow I feel like there's just a different bond between them and I. She will often call me on a Saturday morning and eventually get to the question of "what do you have planned today?" Which interprets....I'd like to go to town and I'd like for you to drive me. I can never say no to her. ESPECIALLY, if she calls and asks me that on her actual birthday! She's just the sweetest thing and I love her so, so much! 

Ok, so you're about to see some teeny little peaks into our girls' nursery in the next few pics. Once the room is complete, I'll do a full post! After our first baby shower back on the 6th, we just unloaded all the gifts and left them in their room for a couple of days until I felt like I had enough energy to sort through it all, put it away, etc. 

But wait, can we just talk a minute about how stinkin' cute these UT onesies, black leggings and little shoes are?!! P.S....they're small enough for this year's season! Insert all the high-pitch squeals!

I ended up taking off the following Monday after our shower and spent a few hours unpacking all the gifts, sorting, folding, piling, putting away. It has been by far one of my favorite chores ever. 

Stephen's aunt is making the girls' carseat covers. I've had my eye on all fun things flamingo related lately, but haven't been sure if it would fit into the overall look I'm going for in my nursery plans. When I went to buy fabric for the carseat colors and saw THIS print and matched it with two others, all bets were off and we've got a little flamingo fun headed our way after all! 

I posted this on IG a while ago, but still wanted to share it here for memory's sake. I was cleaning out my purse one night (talked about best chore ever earlier, cleaning out a purse ranks high on worst chore ever list. #amiright?) I picked out all the loose change and thought "Oh! I'll put it in those piggy banks the girls got at the shower!" Then caught myself with my second thought, "But needs to be even amounts!" I guess is the start of all things "even", ha. 

Were you as addicted to the Olympics as we were? I looked over one night (ahem...during the women's Gymnastics finals) and found Stephen hiding behind a pillow watching either Simone Biles or Aly Raisman (I can't remember which one) compete in their floor routine. He was so nervous for them it was hilarious. #wetaketheolympicsseriously

I took a screen shot of my phone on my birthday, but it's turned out SO blurry. I literally had left my office for maybe 5 minutes. In that 5 minutes my brother in law and one of Stephen's friends managed to blow up my text inbox with 49 messages. It was definitely one of those "what in the world?!!?" moments. 

A few weeks ago I ordered Amelia & Mae Parker's coming home outfits from one of my favorite IG / Etsy shops to follow...skcreationss on IG! They delivered on my birthday and were the perfect "gift" to receive. It was the first time seeing their monogram on anything and I couldn't love them more!

Later that night, we had dinner out with my family and then all came back to our house for cake. What's a birthday without cake and my nephews!?!

Another IG repost. Stephen stopped by a local store one day last week to buy a maternity support band for me. We guessed on the size and boy were we waaaaay off. We have laughed SO MUCH about this goofup since it happened. It measured exactly SIX FEET LONG! Stephen was too embarrassed to take it back for exchange fearing they lady already thought he was married to apparently a beached whale. I took it back and explained what we did and they gladly replaced it with a much smaller size!

I passed the much dreaded glucose test on Friday with flying colors. Here's my thoughts on it: 
1. It's really not as bad as anyone tells you. LISTEN TO ME on this one. 
2. You only have 5 minutes to drink the whole bottle. I didn't know this.
3. It tasted like Hawaiian Punch, maaaybe a tad sweeter, but that's the closest comparison I can make to it. 
4. According to the office lab people, it's the (if needed) 3 hour repeat test that has a tendency to make mama's feel bad. In the private FB group I'm in for Fall 2016 Moms of Multiples (or whatevs the name is) many girls were complaining lately about the 1 hour test and how awful they felt after, how sick they got, they had to have someone drive them home, etc. I'd be lying if I said this didn't stir up some anxiety in me, but after the first sip I knew I was going to be fine, and I was. So if this drink / test has made you sick in the past, my apologies for going through that but fortunately I can't relate on that one. 

It's not every night, but it's close. This is what my bedtime routine has looked like lately which makes me feel like I'm a 75 year old. 1 Prenatal Vitamin, 1 Metformin (for previous issues that are actually non-issues now they're just not taking me off the dang thing), 2 Tylenol (#imissibuprofren) and 1 Pepcid (#praisejesus)

Speaking of Friday's usual I got to see our girls again. (Stephen couldn't make it to this particular's been the only one he's missed. The waiting room wait just wasn't the same.) 

I've shared before how Amelia WILL NOT give them a good look at her face. Well, I'm happy to report she's a consistent little brat. Regardless of the poking and prodding and turning that the ultrasound tech did....she didn't budge. Amelia is PERFECTLY happy head down facing my spine. So happy, that we got ZERO pictures of her this time. 

Now, Mae Parker on the other hand. 

As usual. 

Was her normal rockstar self. 

She gave us a great profile shot....

(Does her head look gigantic or is it just me?? Stephen has a big head. Literally not figuratively. Well, sometimes that too.)

Then she turned right at us as to say, "Hi's my face since sister won't show hers."

We have another pic of MP from the profile angle that shows her smiling really big. It was the sweetest thing that the tech I both saw happen at same time. Unfortunately, the picture printed pretty dark, so it's hard to see it on there. 

We go back again in two weeks for our next check up! It's been the most incredible journey watching and feeling these girls grow! We're so thankful each day!

That's a little of our Life (August) Lately! Hope you have a wonderful weekend with your favorite people!


  1. Oh my goodness at all the baby love!! You got tons of stuff.
    The TN outfits are cute but of course my kids were covered in red and black! #godawgs.
    Funny story- after I had Ella I told the dr I had to go home on Friday bc she had a super cute GA outfit to wear Saturday for the game. And I didn't have it with me at the hospital! HA
    Glad you past your glucose test. That test was awful for me!!!
    I love their different personalities already!!

  2. I didn't think the glucose drink was all that bad. I was told to ask for it be chilled, sometimes it's not, and that makes it better.

  3. Your grandmother is adorable! I can't wait to see a picture of her rocking those precious girls of yours. Oh, so sweet!
    Those little black shoes from Old Navy are so cute! I am going to have to stop in next time I'm near one and see if they have them in Jentry's size.
    If your kids are anything like mine, when it comes to piggy bank, they don't care how much money it actually totals, they just want the most coins. Like they'd rather have 20 pennies than 1 quarter. I'm trying to teach my four year old that the different coins mean a different amount of money, but that's confusing, too. He never wants a dime because that's the smallest (size). Ugh!
    I hope you have a restful weekend!

  4. I loved that you said "it's the most Incredible journey to see your girls grow"...AMEN. What a gift it is!!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend friend!!


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