Thursday, August 18, 2016

Our Girls' First Baby Shower

Stephen's mom and other family members hosted our first baby shower a couple of weekends ago. It was a beautifully, HOT Saturday afternoon celebrating our little ladies. 

They decided a while back to go with a pink and gold theme. I honestly didn't care what they did decoration wise, whatever they would've chosen would've been gratefully accepted! 

Our nephews had been asking for some time if they could come to the girls' "parties" and of course we told them yes. They are both pretty excited about these babies and we love having them involved. 

Many, many friends and family members from the Stafford side came to visit and wish us well on our upcoming arrivals! 

Of course, we had to take the standard posed shower photo with grandmas, great-grandmas and aunt to-be! ( I might throw in this one turned out waaaaay better than our attempt three years ago at the wedding shower in this same location.) 

We removed the centerpiece for these photos....

What Stephen and my friend Molly didn't realize was, it wasn't attached to the vase so they scrambled to put to back together when the flowers started falling apart. Those two...caught red handed. 

More of Stephen's family who helped host our special day! 

Riley and Colin asked if they could have their picture taken with us can we say no to that!

Once we had a good crowd gathered, it was time to EAT! I just love this pic of these sweet girls. 

Meanwhile...the boys occupied themselves with their tablets. 

There was a kids' table set up, which I loved!

And I love this smile too!

We were blessed with so many wonderful, useful gifts for our girls. I will be honest and say, the days leading up to the shower, I was worried I would feel overwhelmed with "stuff" and not know what to do with it all, but so far, everything we have received has been able to be organized and put away just where I want it all. (for now) 

After we finished opening gifts, we snapped a few pics with some of our favorites who joined us that day....

Note to self...having pictures made 6 and half months pregnant with twins in a recliner is NOT the most flattering for a girl. 

My mom with two of my life-long best friends / her adopted "daughters". I don't know what I would do with out these girls and ALL the memories we share together.

Two of my aunts also came. I have very special relationships with these two and and my 4 aunts on my dad's side. They have all served as the best role models for me throughout my entire life. They're all wonderful Christian women, wives, mothers, some grandmothers, and lead or have led successful professional career lives. I'm just surrounded by the absolute best! 

Stephen and his mom...who tentatively will be called "Lolli" by our girls....wait for it.....

Lolli & Pop...that's the names they've chosen. It fits their personalities perfectly!

We had the best day celebrating with our Stafford "side". Stephen, myself, Amelia & Mae Parker are blessed and loved far beyond what we realize! 

Tomorrow, I'm sharing a recap from our baby shower at my work last week. Come back by to see men awkwardly attending a girly party. 


  1. Looks like you have a great group of family and friends. Love the colors and theme of the baby shower.

  2. Baby showers are so special because you see how many people already love your babies before they're even here! It looks like you had a great day. I think your sweet girls are going to have Riley & Colin wrapped around their little fingers! :)

  3. Oh wait a fun day!! I am so glad all of the items you received are useful and you were able to organize them!! I am loving Stephen's parents names - TOO fun!!!

  4. Love. Love. Those girls have no idea how much they are already loved. It shows in every picture.
    And Stephens parents names:). Love it!!
    Have a great weekend.


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