Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Pinspiration Wednesday - Crockpot Recipes Linkup!!

Friends, can you even believe we're nearing the final months of 2016?! What in the world? August is typically a crazy busy month for us, so when Justine and Leigh suggested Crock Pot meals for busy back to school schedules this month, I was ALL about it! I love using our crock pot and try to find different recipes to use it for, unlike my mom who strictly ONLY uses her crock pot to make a pot roast. Come on, Shirley, it's 2016....time to broaden your slow cooker horizons!! ha

I'm starting to think ahead for the coming months after the girls are here and the visitors stop dropping by so frequently. I think some pre-planned freezer meals straight to the crock pot would be the perfect meals for us! This site had some great ideas and healthy options. I'm on the lookout for more 'crockpot freezer meals'!

When I make Taco soup, it's a very, very close imitation to Paula Deen's recipe. It's been the best one I've found so far. This one is very similar! I love being able to just dump things in and letting that little black contraption do its magic!

If you're reading my blog, chances aaaarrreee you also read Shay's blog. And if you read Shay's blog, chaaaaances are you read Andrea's blog. My next few shares are straight from these ladies! 

Shay posted this recipe recently and I made it literally the next night. We changed it up from tacos to topping it over tortilla chips for nachos. Y'all. These are SO good! This would be a super easy meal to double and throw together if you have company coming over! We love it!!

Andrea had this recipe gem featured last year during her monthly recipe club series. When I first made it, Stephen wasn't sure if he was a Stronganoff fan or not. Well, I'm happy to say, he's a BIG fan of Stroganoff now! In fact, this was our dinner last night. It's easy, filling, and the leftovers are great too! He eats this stuff up!

 I've had this recipe for a Crockpot Lasagna saved from Andrea's blog for quite some time and always forget about it. Anytime we get the lasagna itch, I cave and stick to my Pioneer Woman's hard to be beat!! AND, we normally have to have friends or family over because it makes such a large pan. 

This might be a great option for just the two of us though...if I can only remember to actually make it!

Last but not least, how about something sweet from your slow cooker?! And let's just go ahead and admit that we're all starting to long for all things Fall and pumpkin related now that it's officially August. I can't commit until July is totally gone..but every August I start getting the urge to pull out my Fall decor and light some pumpkin spice candles! (Don't worry...I typically wait until AT LEAST Labor Day weekend if not the following weekend.) A girl has to have her limits.

I love spice cake and I love any kind of pumpkin dessert! Needless to say, this dessert sounded AMAZING to me, and I cannot wait to try it!! (IF i can wait.)

Thanks so much for stopping by this month! Make sure to stop by everyone else's linkups today to see what crockpot ideas they're sharing. What would we do without these little lifesavers?!!!

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  1. Love this link up! Thank you for hosting!!
    I really want to try the freezer meals!! :) I shared the same one!! HA
    and shared the same taco soup!! We love taco soup around here!!

    Have a great day!!

  2. The lasagna is a must make. I love making a dish of it but with the 3 of us, it's just too much so this would be the perfect solution.

  3. Ha, how funny for several posts to have freezer meal ideas!! You will love having these ready when the babies arrive!! I love your sweet dessert idea, and you crack me up with Shay and Andrea's recipes - because come on, what blogger doesn't read their blogs?? Another fun month of linkups!!

  4. That lasagna looks so good. I need to try that out sometime.

  5. Pumpkin cake going to have to try. All look so good. Thanks for having this fun link up. :)

  6. OOOhhh...I am VERY intrigued by that pumpkin cake recipe!! Looks SO yummy! I have never made a dessert in the crock pot before...this might be my motivation to give it a try!


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