Thursday, August 4, 2016

Thursday Confessions

Today I'm linking up with Leigh for another round of Thursday confessions! of my favorite posts of each week! 

Lately, I've been having crazy and I mean CAHH-RAAZY dreams all night. I'll wake up and be so confused and think for sure I'll remember to tell Stephen the next morning about it, but then 5 minutes later I'm back to sleep and don't remember a lick about them. 

These are "confessions" right? So it's perfectly suitable to mention one great thing and one annoying thing about the mister, right? One night a few weeks ago, I asked him to put some towels away on the shelves in our laundry room where we keep them. He was quick to complain about the shelves being a mess and I (who was particularly hormonal that week) was all "THEN FIX IT / RE-DO IT YOURSELF!" Much to my surprise he did. And I will confess his way has turned out to be better than how I had it. Guess who's in charge of folding and putting away towels now? 

And now for the annoying part. He's not felt his best since Saturday. I think it's a stomach bug/virus. Nothing serious by any means. But does your husband get "man sick"? Mine does. Yay me. I deserve wife of the year for getting up Sunday morning at 4am to COOK jello. I know he doesn't feel his best...BUT c', you'll survive. 

A good portion of my job is purchasing for the hospital. It's a daily occurrence from 9-10:30 to see up to 4 different delivery guys. The past few weeks we've had a new FedEx guy...and let me just say...he has one of the best attitudes that grace our doors every day. It's hot, he's running around...he could be miserable like the UPS guy, but he's not. He always has a smile on his face and an upbeat comment to share. I've particularly begun to look forward to his Monday visits. He comes busting through the door and saying, "IT'S FINALLY MONDAY! I'VE BEEN WAITING ALL WEEKEND FOR THIS!!!" I can HONESTLY say, I've NEVER met anyone with that outlook towards a Monday, myself included. But his cheer wears off on all of us every day...even if just a for a little while. 

I think I mentioned sometime back about pregnancy hormones making me feel all sassy and free to more openly speak my mind. Well, that's still going strong. Earlier this week at one of the weekly meetings I have to attend for work, the guy sitting beside me was driving me nuts. He was talking non-stop, we weren't progressing with the purpose of the meeting, I had things to do, he kept interrupting everyone and finally I broke and right there in front of everyone said, "Did you hit the Red Bull this morning?! You're like a rat on acid." (Which let me just throw in there is SOOOOO unlike me.) Everyone froze. Then everyone laughed. (thank you Lord)  I apologized to him later in the day, but he also admitted he was all over the place that morning. So yeah...there's that. 

Happy Thursday!


  1. Some friends and I were just talking last night about how when your husband is sick it's on a whole other level of "sick" and now that you've called it "man sick" we will forever refer to it as such.

  2. Oh my goodness - you are the confessions QUEEN!!! Hahaha, I LOVE reading these!! Hilarious. Man sick, a whole nother level of terrible!! I hate it. And your FedEx guy sounds awesome - love that he can enjoy his job so much!!

  3. Husband "man sick" is the worst! Makes me absolutely crazy!!!

    And I just busted out laughing about you saying "did you hit the red bull this morning?" Hahahaha!!!! I loved that!

  4. So funny!! Love the "Man Sick" and the Red Bull story!! Friend, you are carrying around two extra human beings, you have the right to speak your mind on any subject! ;)
    Hope you're enjoying your weekend!


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