Friday, August 19, 2016

Work Baby Shower

As promised, today, I'm sharing a few photos from the baby shower last Friday at my work. For those of you who don't know, I work at a local, regional hospital in the Facilities / Safety Department. I work with about 30 guys and have established several good friendships with many other employees throughout the hospital in my 6 and half years there. It's a frustrating and stressful position with significantly more work than anyone realizes, but it's also a rewarding job to know we're keeping our building running 24/7 to the highest standards for our patients and visitors. Patients are able to heal because of the jobs our guys do behind the scenes. 

My friend Amy agreed to take all my shower photos, because she loves me. It's a tremendous help to know I'm having photos taken at these events but yet, not missing out myself by having to take the photos. That being said, the various expressions in this first shot is by far one of my favorites for the day. I'm not sure what we were all looking at, but whatever it was drew our best responses. 

Some of the guys I deal with day in and day out. 

I've talked about her on here before, buy my co-worker turned best friend Lorna, put this shindig together for me, then left me for another job opportunity. I'm not quite sure if I was more excited about the shower that day or getting to spend the afternoon with her! 

We had several guys out on Friday afternoon...had they all been there, we sure wouldn't have taken food home! ha

If you saw yesterday's pictures..I swear Stephen owns more than this one shirt. 

My cousin, Elizabeth is the hospital's Accounts Payable Manager. There's only a couple of years separating us in age, needless to say we grew up more like sisters than cousins at times. She wrote down gifts as I opened them and left witty little notes with each one. We had the best time while I opened our gifts. 

Insert the "OOOHHH...that's CUUUUUTE."

More sweet friends!

I'm not going to's been HARD since she's been gone, but we still text or email every day. I miss her so much. After the shower was over, the room was cleaned up and gifts packed in our car, we sat in my office for about an hour catching up. 

My mom, aunt Linda and her daughter Elizabeth. 

I'm not sure what Mindy was sharing with us, but she has been one of my twin-mom go-to's since we found out we were having two. She has a boy-girl set and has been such a good source of info, tips and encouragement the past few months. 

For as hard as it can be here day to day, I genuinely love working at the hospital and with these people. I'm thankful for the friendships I have made here and for the support and encouragement these men and women and give me every day. I'm so excited to show our girls off to my work "family"!


  1. It really looks like you work with some great people who love you!!! Love reading about all of your showers! And maybe that orange shirt is just Stephen just really loves that orange shirt so much that he wears it as soon as you get done washing it haha!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  2. So fun to have your co-workers throw you such a lovely baby shower!! When you spend more time at work than you do at home-the people you work with truly do become a second family!

  3. So fun!!! Looks like you got lots of great gifts. :)


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