Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Catch Up...

Today I'm sharing a few photos (to make more storage room on my phone...I've gotta do something about that problem soon!) to catch up on life lately. There was a time when I thought "eh, my blog won't be TOTALLY about pregnancy or our girls" and yet, here we are. It's the phase of life we are in and I'm so thankful for it! However, I know it may not be everyone's cup of tea to read right now, and that's ok..I get it. But if you're following along with us on this journey, thank you for sharing in our joy! We've caught ourselves looking at each often lately and in total disbelief that we'll be parents of TWO girls in less than 5 weeks! MIND. BLOWN. 

 For our showers, I wanted to give a little "thank you" gift to all the ladies that helped host our special days. I was able to hit up Bath & Body Works on two separate occasions and stock on SEVERAL Sweet Pea hand soaps. 

I bagged them up in clear, cellophane bags, tied them off ribbons and a tag I made on Pic Monkey that said, "Thank you for showering our Sweet Peas with love! Stephen, Erica, Amelia & Mae Parker" (Shout out to the handy salesgirl on shopping trip #2 for the free bags and ribbon! She was a sucker for the twin girls thing as soon as I told her what I was doing. Turns out, Bath & Body Works girls are fairly inquisitive when you check out with 20+ bottles of the same thing.) 

We've been gifted with ALOT of diapers. This pic doesn't do justice for all the other packages, boxes and cases we have on hand! We can't imagine how many we're going to be going through, but we have a pretty good stockpile going in Stephen's parents' basement. We're keeping all the newborn sizes in storage here and anything bigger sending to their house for the time being. 

My feet and ankles have begun swelling pretty regularly lately. I shared this on IG last week, but I was able to maneuver my hard drive at work around to be the perfect foot rest for my puffy "cankles". #noshame

My friend Angela gave us a rocking chair several months ago before they moved. I sent it off to be painted and recovered and picked it up last week. It looks SO good in the girls' room...I can't wait to share a big 'ol "finished project" post on our nursery! 

(I'm also a tad sad that I won't be able to lay the seats down in my car and haul stuff around much longer. BUT, the two carseats behind me will be a more than welcomed change!)

Back to the "cankles"....

Compared to several in my family, somehow I turned out with the most normal feet and rather small ankles. My feet and hands are the only body parts to ever be referred to as "dainty" for me. HA. #truestory 

SO...when my feet started swelling last week, let's just say Stephen started doing anything he could think of (ice packs included..and who even knows if that works) to get the swelling to go down and my feet back to normal. I've tried to reassure him that it's totally normal and SHOULDN'T last after the pregnancy. I don't think the ice packs worked, but I'm not going to let him stop fussing over me just yet. I kinda like it! 

We've gone from appointments every 3-4 weeks to every 7-10 days. On Friday we got to see our head-butting (literally) little girls. They are growing perfectly and doing wonderful. I hope to share a bit more about them later this week in a 32 week bumpdate post. These 4 weeks in between "bumpdates" are FLYING!

Stephen's mom ordered these cute smocked dresses for Christmas and the cutest little socks! I just need to find the perfect tiny, little red bow for them!

Speaking of in-laws...my father in law is becoming quite the runner lately. Look at his time at a 5K over the weekend! 

He finished 1st in his age division! Go POPS!!! (He's in the orange shirt below...he had LOTS of time to change clothes after he finished and before they handed out medals.)

If you read my post (here) a few weeks ago about the baby shower my side of the family held for us, you read the story about how my dad's brother, my uncle Jerrie, has nicknamed our girls Shirley & Pearlie, and you read the poem he wrote and recorded for us. 

Not long ago, he was suddenly diagnosed with Pulmonary Fibrosis. The man has hardly ever been sick in his life and has never smoked. If you look up this disease....well, it's frightening and extremely progressive just to be blunt. 

Currently, he is very sick and has been in the hospital for several days now. He's waiting to hear from a transplant program, and in desperate need of a double lung transplant soon. My aunt, Cheri has barely left his side and our family and their friends stream in and out visiting all day long. We all faith in The Great Physician. This is definitely a "baby steps" process for Jerrie, but any improvement is welcomed. If you feel led, I beg you pray for him and the road ahead of him. 

He's a wonderful God-fearing man. He's a hard-worker and loves his family fiercely...it's difficult for everyone to see how this has brought him down, but we're praying constantly for his healing! 

Thanks for stopping by today, have a wonderful Tuesday!


  1. I can't get over how cute those Christmas dresses and little socks are!! Adorable!
    Praying for your uncle! :)

  2. LOVE the sneak peek of the rocker for the nursery!! I can't wait to see the final reveal!! Time is flying friend!! Your baby girls are going to be here before you know it!!

  3. So much to love in one post!! So, not the swelling, but my feet totally grew a size during/after pregnancy and did not return to their normal size until about 4 years after my youngest was born. SO WEIRD!! Praying for your Uncle Jerrie!!!

  4. Prayers for Jerrie. Sometimes it's just so much and all you can do is pray and give it all to Christ as He has the more healthy abilities none of us could ever imagine

  5. So many prayers for your Uncle. Those dresses are adorable and that chair rocks! (Pun intended)


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