Thursday, September 15, 2016


It's been a while since  a good Thursday confession session, so here's a few things happening lately worth sharing (or venting about). 


It's no secret I am a HUGE Eric Church fan. Have been for many, many years. Seen him in concert so many times, I can't even keep count anymore. From tiny standing room only venues nearly 10 years ago to huge arenas now...he's my man, k? He's heading out on tour again next year, and I have NO SHAME in admitting we paid the $20 fan club membership fee to get pre-sale tickets last week. FOR A SHOW IN MAY. This may very well be our first time leaving our babies overnight, but we're already looking more forward to it than we probably should be. It's more than 8 months away? Is this normal behavior?

Image result for eric church meme


I'm not quite sure how my hormones have managed to get me through these past couple of days without ripping someone's head off with my bare hands. #peopleareidiots #peoplearelucky


Remember how I've been complaining since June about how I was losing my co-worker and would be doing the work of 2 people until a replacement was hired? Well, the heavens have opened and our new hire starts on Monday. I potentially have just 3 weeks with her should the girls come at 35 weeks to teach her everything I know to survive for 3+ months. (I also hope we're instant friends...because I NEED a female co-worker to talk and rant to around here!)


Big Brother comes to an end next week. I'm not ready for this. I mean, really...what is there to look forward to now three nights out of the week?!


I started Christmas shopping this week in hopes that not EVERYBODY on our list will get a gift card from us this year. I figure everyone will understand my lack of interest in shopping and lack of time to shop in the coming months. If you're expecting an actual gift from us, you might need to adjust those expectations juuuust a tad this year. 

Happy Thursday Friends!


  1. I confess, I only half read your confessions because I am cracking UP at the images and videos you attach. Hilarious!!!

  2. I hope you & your new co-worker are instant pals! It makes work much more bearable!!
    I'm dreading BB ending, too! I wish the fall season was going to be on TV & not through a subscription! :(


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