Thursday, September 22, 2016


I had every intention of sharing my Thursday Confessions today (because I've got some doozies saved up), but it's the "official" first day of Fall so I thought I would break out the annual Fall decor post! 

PLUS, if you've been following my blogger friend, Sarah, you've seen that today in her Fall Favorites Series she's sharing her Fall decor. Be sure to check out the comments to find links to others' fall home decor ideas!!

I didn't go back and look at last year's post, but I'm going to assume that not too much has changed this year. This is the first year, I've not bought a single new item to add to my collection. WHAAAAT?! To see last year's post, just click here. I think the longer we're in our home, the more our seasonal decorations will find their set places and not be moved around as much...we'll see. 

I took all of these pictures early yesterday morning. Early, as in still dark outside early and my real camera's batteries were it is what it is this year friends. 

Anything that looks specific for Halloween will be removed for a few specific Thanksgiving touches. The "trick or treat" will become "gobble, gobble, gobble"...gotta love the $1 aisle at Target for little goodies like this! The canvas I painted last year and ended up selling several of; it was a last minute decision but turned out fun! 

Inside my antique cabinet, there's the usual breakable seasonal things. I have a feeling these will be in here FOR SURE for the next several years. 

I've kept our table simple this year because lately it's been a catch all for random gifts coming in, thank you card writing, owners manuals and warranty cards to fill out for carseats, strollers, etc. It's just been too cluttered lately to worry about a bigger centerpiece.

More breakables that will never be moved until the girls are what...10?

On top of the same cabinet...I love this little space!

My favorite wreath! I love changing this thing out every season or on a whim to new colors! The box of all colored fabric flowers makes my heart happy when I open it. 

I added a couple of fun pumpkins to our tv stand and will use the jack-o-lantern on top for Halloween candy in a few weeks. 

I got this Halloween table runner years ago at Kohls and just LOVE it. At some point, I'll add some candy corn to the glass pumpkin jar and then remove the table runner after Halloween. But for now, it's cheerfully perfect!

Ok, on to our mantel. I managed to shove the large stroller box that had delivered the night before out of the way for this one picture. 

I don't think this has changed much from last year. Our mantel is the perfect size for fun decorations and for layering.

This metal pumpkin by our entryway table will be moved out side in a couple of weeks. For now, I'm trying to keep my fall-craziness contained to the inside of the house and not parade it to the neighbors just yet. (Hence the HUGE mum I'm hiding on the back porch for the time-being.)

Fall means football, and I'm still in love with these printables I found online a couple of years ago along with the wood power T that I picked up at the Bell Buckle arts and crafts fair last October!

Finally, our orange and (kind of) white burlap rag wreath. Stephen loves when this one comes out every year. It's his favorite piece in my Fall collection. 

That's it friends...thanks so much for stopping by! Hope you're enjoying this first day of fall too! I maaaay have filled my cup with cider this morning before walking out the door...the heart wants what the heart wants! 


  1. Love that Tennessee inspired burlap wreath!! And your mantle looks usual!!! :)

    1. Everybody needs a mantel. Unless they're just a holiday scrooge then they don't deserve one, lol!

  2. So fun! I love your mantle!!
    I think all kids are so different when it comes to touching breakables. My oldest never messed with anything, so I didn't have to move valuables to higher areas, BUT my second child (obviously...a boy) is very curious! Needless to say, we haven't had a fire in our fireplace in five years!

    1. So far, we've never had a fire or even wood in our fireplace after living here almost 2 years. Why start now?! hahahaha

  3. Love all your fall touches!! I can't wait to see next years post with almost 1 year olds in the pictures!! Hard to believe!! :)
    I didn't have an issue with either of mine touching "breakable" stuff!
    As I was leaving the hospital with Ian, a nurse looked at me and said..."Remember he came into your life, not the other way around....go on about your daily life and include him in it!! If you go to Mexican every Thursday..take him with you" and I did just that! Ian is the easiest most go with the flow kid to ever walk this earth! I'm sure of it! HA

    1. This is seriously some of the best advice I've heard. AND, we've heard...ALOT. Thank you for sharing that!

  4. These are my favorite posts from you because you decorate so well for each season! Your girls are going to grow up thinking that people go all out like that all the time! haha!!! I hope to be a mom like that too :)

    1. You and Dustin are going to be amazing parents one day! Your kids will have the best naps with their daddy, ha!

  5. Your Fall decor game is strong!! I need more to decorate with but feel like I've got a pretty good handle on making our home look festive.


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