Monday, September 12, 2016

Holding On

Some of you may have heard by now, that we had a little scare last week with the girls. I debated on what to share and what not to share, but for memories sake of this pregnancy (seeing as how this is will probably be the last time we do this) I decided to share for us and our girls to look back on. 

Wednesday morning around 2am, I woke up with a bad upset stomach. I didn't think much of it until it was time to get ready for work, and knew I was going to be late. I text my boss to let him know I'd be an hour or so late. Well, that hour turned into 2, turned into 3, then it was see where I'm going. 

By 4pm, the lower left side of my back was killing me and I was feeling constant throbbing down low where Amelia normally lays. These two things started worrying me and we started making phone calls to my doctor. Right before 6pm, she advised it was time for us to come to the hospital and she'd call the OB department to let them know we were on the way.

The general consensus was dehydration which can bring on contractions and if severe enough, can bring on pre-term labor. Turns out my back pains were contractions. AND, it also turns out the feelings I had been having for a couple of weeks prior to this where I just thought Mae Parker was balling up in a certain position then stretch back out...those were contractions too. 

I hadn't been hooked up to the monitors for 5 minutes when the nurse asked me, "Are you feeling that right now?" Feeling what? Mae Parker's just rolling over or something. "No, you're having a pretty strong contraction." Huh? So that's what it feels like. #clueless #highpaintolerance

(Can we just take a minute to acknowledge how Stephen rocked the supportive husband / expectant daddy roll? Because he did! All the high fives and chest bumps to him!!)

Long story short for Wednesday night, I had a couple bags of IV fluids, a shot to relax the uterus, and a couple other meds and was back home feeling like I had been run over by a truck by 10:30p. 

I didn't sleep much that night in between Lord only knows how many trips to pee from ALL the fluid. Thursday, I felt decent just exhausted. Early Friday morning (1am-ish)...the back pain started all over again only worse. I tried everything I could think of  for some relief, gave up and started making phone calls around 8am Friday morning. The hospital's OB director and my doctor both advised I come back in. It was in this moment, that everything hit me. These babies really could come any time now instead of the "6-7 weeks" we've been preaching. We should really pack the hospital bag, unbox the carseats, wash their know everything I keep thinking I have plenty of time to do. 

My aunt came to get me and brought me in (Stephen was a little over an hour away from home at the time and turns out my parents were in the ER with my mom with an arm / neck / nerve was a crazy day for our family.) Friday's short hospital stay was less eventful than Wednesday's. Luckily there were no contractions showing, both girls looked fine, the result was "musculoskelatal" issues. Or...the girls are growing, they have no room, so they're pressing on nerves in your back. She prescribed a muscle relaxer but also gave me another medicine while I was there "to stop the contractions" (even though none were showing on the monitors) Later that night, all the same pain started again...more intense than the last couple of times. I took the muscle relaxer and it did absolutely nothing for me. She and I talked on Saturday morning, and both agreed that the shot and medicine I had Wednesday and Friday in the hospital to relax the uterus was what did the trick. Now, I have a prescription for those but will only use them when I start feeling something coming on. 

Even though I had been up literally ALL Friday night, I felt pretty good Saturday morning. Good enough to actually wash my hair, throw on some makeup and put myself together for the first time since Tuesday afternoon. I was also just NEEDING to get out of the house. Basically, I was forcing myself to feel normal. On Friday, they gave me a Round 1 steroid shot to boost the girls' lung development in case they did come early. I had to go for Round 2 Saturday morning. Me and these L&D rooms are going to be good friends over the coming weeks!

I think I've mentioned this before, but I am a FIRM believer that God puts the right people in your life at the exact moment you need them. The nurse who came in to give me my Saturday shot, also has twins. She and I had the best and longest talk in that room. She had so much professional, yet real-life advice to share with me and tips to try in the coming weeks. I left feeling SO much better about everything I had been worried about previously. 

I had some time to kill before the newest prescription was ready for pickup at the pharmacy so I decided I needed / deserved a little pick-me-up treat. I swung by Sonic and then got a pedicure. I'm not sure I've been so relaxed in months as I was Saturday. It was JUST what I needed...and I didn't feel bad about it AT ALL. 

(Of course the girls and I were wearing our orange Saturday...Battle at Bristol...the biggest college game ever...c'mon! #gbo) Before the game, we ran over to my grandparents house for dinner, because when your grandma calls and says "do you want to come eat?" You go right over. Back at home, during the embarrassing first quarter, we put our rock and plays together because, well, we feel the need to jump-start some of these "little to-do list items" now. 

Saturday night I literally had the best night's sleep I've had in months! Saturday was just a great day. 

Sunday, I was still feeling really good and enjoyed the cutest baby shower that our church hosted for us. (More on that later this week.) We came home Sunday night and put together an activity mat, had cereal for supper and went to bed early. It was a pretty great day as well. 

So...what happens next?

I'm 31 weeks and 3 days. The goal has been set for 35 weeks. If anything happens in the next 4 weeks, she will do all in her power to stop it again. However at 35 weeks, she'll just let it run it's course. That doesn't necessarily mean an induction or c-section at 35 weeks (that will more than likely happen around 37 weeks if needed), it just means come October 8th, if I start having contractions again, we see what happens on it's own, no stopping the process at that point forward. 

We've had a stressful, worrisome, and eventful last few days, but our prayers just keep being answered over and over. Our prayer now is for four more weeks and for the girls to continue to grow and mature in these four weeks. We can't wait to meet them and are getting SO excited, but we also know just a few more weeks would be best for them. Friends, will you join us in that prayer!

Thank you all for the love, support and prayers that have been sent our way in these past few days. Every word and gesture is felt and deeply appreciated. 

Four more weeks. 


  1. Praying for those babies to stay in there and to continue to grow!!!! But also trusting in the Lord's plan! Love you, friend! You are so strong!

  2. Praying for those sweet babies to stay put!! Praying for you too!!! So thankful the dr was able to stop labor!
    But I can't wait to "meet" those sweet girls!!

  3. Oh Erica!!! I can only imagine how scary and stressful the last week has been for Stephen and you!! So thankful the girls have responded to the shots encouraging them to grow inside of you for just a little bit longer:) I am praying for you and your precious babies!!! Thank you for keeping us posted...its been such a precious journey and I am thankful you have shared it with us!

  4. So glad that in the end you had a relaxing weekend and that those girls are still in there growing bigger and stronger!!


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