Thursday, September 1, 2016

Tea for Two Baby Shower

My sister, aunts and cousins from both sides of my family have been working pretty hard the past couple of months to plan what turned out to be such a sweet and beautiful baby shower for our girls. They opted for a a cute "Tea for Two" theme and it was perfect! 

I'm not sure which cousin was behind these cute chalkboards (although I'm 90% sure I know), but I loved the messages she chose for them! 

Part of the foot table decorations were these two CUTE diaper cakes my aunt Cheri made and wrapped with swaddle blankets. Loved this idea! 

There were several onesies, gowns, sleepers and bibs hung throughout the room. My sister was behind these two in particular, which she just thinks is HILARIOUS. 

For the sign-in table, they made this huge sign out of pallets. 

On to the best part...the food! I wish we had a better picture of the setup before everyone started eating, but I guess we had a hungry crowd that day! Since it was a Saturday morning, and somewhat of a "tea" theme, they kept with breakfast and brunch type foods. 

There was a biscuit bar with country ham, butters, jellies, etc. Various homemade muffins. Mrs. Faye's famous sausage balls (be still my heart). A to-die-for hashbrown casserole. Donut holes.  Fresh fruit. AND cupcakes. (Because what's a shower without some form of cake, right?!)

I think the food was a HIT with for all ages! 

The table centerpieces were similar but different; all featuring tea pots, tea cups, antique plates, cake stands and fresh flowers. They were beautiful! 

It was SO nice to celebrate our girls with so many family and friends! Many of my friends brought their littles with them to party! 

My sister, aunts, cousins and family friends who helped host our beautiful day! I can't thank these ladies enough for all they did for us!!

Before we started opening gifts, my aunt Cheri had a video on her phone she wanted me to watch. My uncle Jerrie had written a poem and recorded it. It was perfectly him and I couldn't love it more. From the time we found out both babies were girls, his joke has been that their names would be Shirley & Pearlie. (Shirley is my mom, Pearlie was her great-grandma who lived to be 100 years old.) Needless to say, it's become a running joke on my dad's side of the family over the past few months that our girls are referred to as "Shirley & Pearlie." 

 "Take Riley & boy that's a sight,
but you haven't heard anything like little girls fight. 
Coming soon in October, there'll be a knock on your door...
little Mae Parker, but wait there's one more. 
Amelia Gentry will be showing up too. 
Yes you heard me right, there's not just one but two.
Now don't get me wrong, there should be no trouble, 
but boy now your Christmas list instantly doubled. 
You've done heard their names because Erica said it would be. 
But they'll always be Miss Pearlie and Shirley to me."

Friends, I have NO doubt that as long as he's around he will ALWAYS call our girls Shirley & Pearlie. To be honest, I kinda love that they already have nicknames and that they came from my uncle. 

We were blessed with so many wonderful gifts that day and were able to knock almost all the "big" items off our list. It's a bit surreal to see 2 carseat boxes, 2 high chair boxes, 2 rock and play boxes, etc AND know that they're NOT duplicate gifts because we'll in fact actually need two of each of those things. 

Stephen took the thank you speech portion at his family's shower, so it was my turn to wing it this time. The love and support that we feel from everyone is overwhelming and not a day goes by that we're not thankful for each word of encouragement, each sign of support and each prayer said on our behalf. 

About half of my college-friends group and (almost) all of their littles. Just missing 2 little boys to the mamas on each end. 

After the shindig was basically over, my dad and uncle showed up...for the food. (And they had the trucks to transport all of the big boxes back to our house.)

One of my best friends, Kayla, who lives close to two hours away and I don't get to see enough of came with her mom and little boy. I just love catching up with her even if it's just for a little while. My heart misses her something fierce! 

If you remember any of our wedding photos, you'll remember our little flower girl, Anna. Well, Anna has grown quite a bit since then and her personality is the mirror image of her mom, another best friend of mine, Angela. Angela and Kayla live (same as) in the same town now. She's another one I don't get to see enough, but cherish every single moment when we are in the same zip code. 

Little Isaac is (so far) the only boy in Stephen and I's group of friends. Counting our girls, there's 4 little girls and Isaac, with another couple expecting their first baby, but we don't know yet what they're having. The joke is he'll have his pick of the ladies one day! He's the sweetest. 

We had the best morning celebrating with our family and friends. Each day that passes is one day closer to meeting our girls. There are days I can't believe how fast it has flown by, but one thing is sure. There is a village of loved ones just as excited to meet our daughters as we are, and we can't wait to show them off to everyone!


  1. What a special day! I love your uncle's poem, the pallet, and the chalkboards. So sweet! I'm excited for your girls to get here & I don't even get to meet them. Ha!

  2. What a blessing!! I love all of these pictures and got tears in my eyes reading this update. Those girls are well loved already!!

  3. Your uncles poem is awesome. What an amazing shower!!
    You make me miss being pregnant and having babies all for about one second!! HA.
    I can't wait to "meet" the girls.

  4. so so FUN!!! i bet it feeling very REAL that 2 babies are on their way now that your house is filled with 2 of everything!!

  5. So adorable and fun!!!! Cant wait for those baby girls to get here!


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