Thursday, September 29, 2016

Thursday Confessions: Nesting, Unfollows & Gnats

I've been saving these up for two here we go!


If I ever made a "Favorites Things List" (in Oprah form of course), I would definitely include a subscription to XM Radio for my lucky audience members. We just have it in our cars, but it's probably the best bill we pay every year. Yes, I just said it was the best bill. ANYWAYS, recently XM debuted the new Garth Brooks Channel. Y'all. I'm OBSESSED with this channel. It's the perfect mix of all Garth's songs and some of the best songs from ALL other genres of music.

I have some major sing-alongs to this channel. 


"Nesting" hasn't hit me yet for our home, but when I find my 33 week pregnant with twins self on all four's on the floor squeezed under my desk DUSTING the bottom of said desk...I think we can all agree it's "nesting", yeah?


For reasons unbeknownst to me, we've had an unreasonable number of gnats in our house the past couple of months. We keep NO fruit or food laying out, we take trash outside, our garbage disposal is clean...we shouldn't have them. Hopefully it's just something to do with the HOT summer we've had and the cooler temps will help get rid of them. They have to be the most annoying thing ever...a close second to Seinfeld, presidential debates and the basset hound next door that decides to howl at 1am for no reason other than to hear himself. 


Call me shallow, but one of my biggest concerns lately hasn't been ANYTHING pregnancy related or about the life changing events that are about to happen to us. Nope, I sit and wonder most days about where we're going to put our Christmas tree this year with a new recliner currently in its place. Of course our babies are on my mind always, but that dang tree's got me stumped. 


Lately, I've unfollowed or blocked several people's posts from my Facebook and Instagram feeds. I'm over the drama and I'm over all the random politically driven shares. I want to see pictures of my friends' everyday life and read uplifting posts...and the occasional meme cracks me up.

But I'm done with complaints and rants. Too much negativity for me. 

Happy Thursday friends...the weekend is in sight and Fall is in the air!!! Have a great day!


  1. Gnats are the worst - but you had 3 close competitors!! Haha, so funny! Dusting the bottom of your desk - wow!! That's nesting!!

  2. So you dislike Seinfeld?? I thought I was the only one. I am not a fun of anyone in the cast. I thought I was alone with my dislike.

    1. Girl! I can't stand it! I get that it's a "show about nothing"...but I just don't think it's funny. At all. Ever.

  3. YES. Gnats are bad for us this year too?! What the heck?! And yea. Seinfeld is the worst. People get all excited about it and it just... annoys me so much. Friends for the win.

    I'm done with the election too. So much evil to choose between and its bringing the evil out in like - EVERYONE.

  4. Also. You should make this a link-up ;)

  5. I love the Clueless video! I have a part of that movie memorized...from like 1996..and it cracks my 16 year old daughter up that I can still remember that. Like I'm elderly or something!!
    Our gnats have been horrible here, too. What's up with that???

    1. Clueless is a great movie...makes me feel extremely old to say I remember it coming out and having to buy certain articles of clothes and accessories that the movie promoted.


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