Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Amelia & Mae Parker's Nursery

I had every intention of sharing this post BEFORE the girls birth, but well you know what happened. So since we didn't get our finished project pictures made before the girls, we've got some pretty cute ones now...WITH the girls in them. To be even more specific these were taken on their first morning home together, Thursday, October 20th. 

I had no real "inspiration" for the room. I just knew I didn't want a theme or a certain color combination...instead I wanted a mix and match look that was bright and cheerful (whether we had had a boy or girl) and I think we've achieved that! We just LOVE how this room has turned out!

Come on in and take a look around Amelia & Mae Parker's room!

Our house isn't huge, but it's plenty big for us..for now. As the girls grow, we may have to add on or move; we'll cross that bridge when we get there. For now, it's perfect for our little family. That being said, I knew we would have to stay extremely organized with the girls clothes and "stuff". If anyone is interested I can share a post about their closet and dresser organization. Organization is a direct path straight to my heart so I enjoyed our little closet remodel more than I probably should have. It may not be anyone else's cup of tea, but if so, I'd be happy to share! 

The questions we get the most about their room...

Are they going to share a crib? No. 
Are they going to share a room as they grow? Maybe, we'll see.
When will you start letting them sleep in their room? Probably within the next month or two. We're slowly letting them take some naps in their with the assistance of their video monitors and their Owlet monitors. (In fact as I'm typing this, they are both napping in a crib and I have the monitor in front of the laptop screen watching them as I type.)

Because our house is older, it definitely was not built with furniture / window centering in mind. It stinks big time, but it is what it is and I think we've done the best we could given the layout. 

Originally I wanted the Ikea Hemmes dresser. When it came time to furniture shop, neither the Memphis nor the Atlanta stores had it in stock. Ok, so we'll order it online. Only yeah, shipping for that sucker was nearly $500!! No, thanks. I started looking online at different options and came across this nearly identical dresser on Amazon! The knobs are different and the top two drawers are two drawers made to look like 4 across while the Ikea one is 4 small separate drawers. 

While I was on Amazon, I looked up the crib I had my eye on. Sure enough, they had it and it was quite a bit less than several stores that carried it. So...yes, our Nursery furniture came from Amazon!

I picked up this vintage alphabet poster at the Nashville Flea Market back in February...right before I found out I was pregnant. I knew if we ever got pregnant and regardless if it was a boy or girl, this print would be perfect for my mix and match nursery ideas. 

We picked up the tote at Target to use as a hamper. I really didn't think we'd use it that much, but I was waaaay off on that one. I never imagined the increase in laundry like we have now. We keep our diaper bags (we alternate between two different ones) behind the door. A diaper genie is a MUST for all those poopy diapers...and there are many let me tell ya. There little monogrammed backpacks were a gift, but came from a local store, Select Designs. These will make the perfect little church bags for them to carry themselves one day. For now, we've used them a couple of times when we've gone somewhere that has required outfit changes. I'll pack each girls clothes, bibs, burp cloths in their bags and it's made it super easy to keep track of everything that way. 

I wanted to do a gallery wall on the wall between their cribs. I watched for different print offers on daily deal sites like Jane and Groopdealz until I found the perfect ones for our girls! The frames and letters all came from Home Goods, the mirror from Hobby Lobby and the shelf from Target. The turquoise lamp and ruffled lamp shade on the dresser both came from Walmart. 

Stephen's mom is a very crafty Lollie to our girls! We made a trip to pick out fabric for their crib skirts and curtains and she was gracious enough to make it all for us! I LOVE that these are custom to our girls' room! I wanted a large, multi-colored, floral print and couldn't love the design I picked out more! 

I'll be honest and say I wasn't sure how much I would love the curtains from the fabric I picked out because it was such a bold color statement and unlike anything else I had bought for the room. They turned out great and brought everything together!!

My friend Angela gave us a rocking chair and foot rest that she had. It was a cherry finish with cream color solid upholstery when we got it. My cousin's husband painted it white for us and recovered it with fabric that I found at Walmart of all places. It had the blue, coral and gold that matched everything in the room perfectly!

We received this basket as shower gift and use / display most of the handmade blankets we've received. 

The cube storage unit / bookcase is from Target. I had a few extra turquoise bins leftover from our closet project but no where to use them. I came across this and knew it would be the perfect solution for their room to store toys and books!

I'm fully aware that as the girls grow it will probably never look this cute and "decorated" ever again. But for now, it's pretty darn cute if you ask me. 

The last addition to their room was their names above their cribs. Turns out I was extremely picky about this little detail. I ended up ordering the names as unfinished and painting them myself. I think by the time I ordered, they came in, I painted them and Stephen hung them, it ended up being just a couple of weeks before the girls were born. 

And now for some cute pics of our darling girls. Because why not. I can't believe how much they have changed in the 6 weeks since these were taken. I also can't believe how much we have changed ourselves in those six weeks. Parenting is not for the faint of heart but worth every second!

I love this one of Stephen "doing Amelia's nails"...tiny, tiny hands. 

I have to laugh about "how far we've come" as parents since this first day home. Gone are the hats. Gone are the layers of clothes. Gone are the swaddles. Needless to say, we've relaxed a bit since then. 

Something that hasn't changed...they both still just lay and stare out the window by Amelia's crib. They love to look outside...at the neighbor's driveway. Looks like we've got some nosey little girls on our hands. 

I've listed links to sources we used for our nursery design. Most are direct links to the specific item.

Crib Skirts & Curtains - Short Sheets 
Wooden Name Cut-Outs - Etsy Shop, AnneLayneToo
Book Case - Target
Dresser - Amazon
Cribs - Amazon
Prints on Gallery Wall - Jane and Groopdealz
Frames on Gallery Wall & Throw Rugs - Home Goods
Alphabet print - Nashville Flea Market
Rocker & Glider fabric - Walmart

Per usual, a big thanks to my best friend / resident photographer, Amy for coming by on the girls first day home together!

Thanks for stopping by and taking a peek into our new favorite space! We can't wait to make years and years worth of memories in this room together! 


  1. An Absolutely PERFECT room for your precious girls Erica!! I just love everything!! 💗

  2. I love the colors, the splashes of bright yellow. The prints on the wall are some of my favorite.

  3. You did a great job on their nursery! It's precious! I love that picture of them gazing out the window! Wouldn't you just love to know what their thinking? They are absolutely beautiful!


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