Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Christmas Home Tour

Today I'm linking up with a few of my favorite bloggers for their Christmas Home Tour series this week! You'll find links to each one at the bottom of this post. Be sure to go check out everyone who is linking up this week to see their beautiful Christmas homes!!

This year, I was prepared to not be as festive as past years simply because I knew I'd have two new babies at home right before the holidays revved up and they would require most of my attention. I skipped all the little details this year and just stuck with our main pieces. 

For the most post part, everything that we did set up / decorate is basically the same as last year. That being said, to see last year's Christmas Home Tour with ALL the bells and whistles pre-baby days, just click here

We kept the outside almost the same as last year with one little change (that I've not photographed yet because it's been nasty the past couple of days). I used the same green wreaths with lime and red mesh on the front windows. 

I ended up hanging old faithful on the front door again this year. It's just too pretty. On the backside of our front door, I've hung this beautiful burlap wreath my cousin Brooke made for us this year. It almost went on the front door, but then we'd never see it. So...inside it goes!

Our entryway table is also still the same...

but we've added two new names to our little family tree! 

Coming on in to the kitchen...

I debated back and forth for several weeks on whether or not to put up my I Love Lucy tree in the kitchen. In fact when we went to go pick up everything at our storage unit, I still wasn't sure. Then, I saw all the pretty pinks and reds sparkling through the clear storage tote and I was a goner. It's just fun tree that makes me happy while I'm cooking!

Totally using last year's picture for this one because I've not been able to hit good daylight hours to take this pic the past week. By the time I remember it's night time or early morning. Anyways, it's the same again this year. Still my favorite Pinterest find ever! 

Just imagine a sink full of bottles and a Baby Brezza next to the sink and have what it looks like this year. 

Last year, I shared our snowman painting that Stephen's Aunt Jan made us. I was planning on taking the print to her to let her add the girls but she surprised me at one of our showers and had made us a brand new print with our little family of four!

I ditched the fancy coffee table centerpiece this year for something new! The Night Before Christmas and the cutest cookie plate for Santa that I found at Hallmark this year. 

I can't wait to see what kind of traditions we start with our girls and these two pieces!

Last year, I wasn't able to find this but lo and behold it showed up sometime mid-Spring so I packed it with my Christmas stuff to be sure I used it this year. This was taken several years ago I just LOVE the expressions on both of our nephews' faces. Priceless. 

Tree time...

I'll admit, I'm seeing other people's trees this year and thinking that maybe I'm getting tired of the green and red I've been doing for several years now. Maybe one day I'll change it up, but for now, we're sticking with what we have. 

p.s. any clutter you see in these pics just disregard...other things take precedence over making sure the magazine basket is straightened up. Know what I'm sayin'! 

The girls have received a few different "My First Christmas" ornaments this year. They are all so special and I cherish each one so much!!

My sister gave me this sweet ornament back in February to honor our first baby who should've been born that month. As much as my heart is overwhelmed with love for our girls, it doesn't replace the hurt and sadness of losing our first baby. Not a day passes that I don't think about our sweet angel. I love that this ornament will be with us each Christmas. 

Our first family ornament!

I can't tell you about ALL the emotions that ran through me the day I hung FOUR stockings up on our mantel. It's still surreal to think about what all has happened in this past year. 

One final shot...let's be honest and share real life...the girls were hanging out on their activity mat when I snapped these pics. 

And what's a post from a twin mom without a little snapshot? 

They are my favorite decorations of this tour! 

Thanks for stopping by! Please take a few moments to visit the bloggers I'm linking up with to see everyone else's beautiful holiday homes! Happy Wednesday friends!!


  1. Your home looks soooo good! I love the I love Lucy tree! So cute!!!

  2. I'm glad you pulled out the I Love Lucy tree too! And your living room tree is so beautiful...I wish I could decorate a tree like that! I'm so glad you linked up with us!

  3. Your decorations look awesome! I need you to show me your fancy Christmas tree ways! Thanks so much for linking up with Sarah and I! XO

  4. Your decorations are beautiful! So are your precious girls! I LOVE your I Love Lucy tree!!!

  5. Your house is gorgeous & I love your Christmas decor! Especially your kitchen wreath & cute little family tree :) Did you make it? Congratulations on your sweet baby girls!


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