Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Life Lately - December Edition

Can you believe it's the last week of 2016?! Where did these past 12 months go?? 

I'm going to try my best to cram in a Christmas recap post, recap of the girls' first two months post (since they'll be three months old next week), and a 2016 year in review post all this week. I know...I aim high. 

Today, I'm checking in for a quick Life Lately post to remember some of our favorite December moments. 

We started the month with Bunko at our friend Ashley's new home. I just love getting together with these girls once a month. There's no price you can place on great friendships and girls' nights!

December 2nd, brought our much anticipated 2 month mark. The doctors had advised us not to take the girls out in public until 2 months old. And buddy...we were ready to get out of the house! Our first Sunday to church as a family of 4....didn't quite go as planned. We were all four dressed and ready to walk out the door when my car wouldn't start. Not only that, we had parked my car the night before right behind Stephen's car. We were literally stuck at home. All dressed up and nowhere to go. I was so upset and disappointed that morning...the girls didn't seem to mind though. 

We've made trips to my grandparents house a few times during my maternity leave. 1. Because they're usually always home. 2. Because it's two extra sets of helping hands. 3. Because there's usually lunch involved. 4. Because they live 2 minutes from our house. AND 5. Because they're two of my favorite people on earth. 

My grandma and I were in the kitchen eating lunch and I heard my grandpa talking in the living room. When I snuck a peek he was making sure the girls were covered up since it was so cold that day. Bless his sweet heart. 

Both girls have started smiling this month. Real smiling...not gas or dreams smiling. They are the sweetest smiles I've ever seen. 

Occasionally we'll get the random giggle. I think my heart will burst when they start laughing. 

Tummy time is pretty much a big fat failure around here. MP LOOOOOVES to be on her stomach. (Disclaimer: We DO NOT let her sleep on her stomach, but man oh man would she love to!) 

A little girl in a big bed. No they don't sleep in our bed, but one early Saturday morning after a looooong night, this is where she finally fell asleep so we left her there. Sometimes you do what you gotta do.

Proof that not all photo ops are worth it. 

After our first failed attempt, we made it successfully to church the rest of the month! 

The Saturday before Christmas weekend, I made a special breakfast for us. Sausage crescent casserole, hashbrown casserole, eggs and fresh fruit. We ate on this for a few days and it was just as good as the first time. Isn't breakfast food the best?!

I set our table with some added festiveness. I can't wait for our girls to get big enough to help make this special December breakfast!

I had to take care of some paperwork releasing me back to work in a couple of weeks, so I left the girls in our conference room while I ran around the hospital picking up and dropping off papers. 

We attempted to make ornaments with the girls feet and hand prints with salt dough I made up. The dough was great, the cooperation of a 2 month old...not so much. On our third attempt (and let me just add that each attempt really included about a dozen tries), we were successful with footprints. They just did NOT want their hands in that stuff. 

And lastly, I'm happy to report that both girls are now (for the most part) handling bath time like champs. They went from screaming bloody murder during the bath and after the bath during dry off, lotion, and putting pj's on to screaming just a little during dry off. Hey, if your ears were ringing like ours were, you'll take the little bit of screaming now ANY day! 

That's a little bit of our life lately. Be sure to check back through the week as we wrap up 2016! 

Have a great Tuesday night!

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