Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Stranded: Christmas Movies!

Hey friends, I had every intention of linking up with my friend Sarah today to share our Christmas card (which is also doubling as the girls' birth announcement) BUT we just got our pictures back yesterday. I'll be lucky if our cards make it out by Christmas at this point, but we'll see. I'll be sure to share the finished product on here...whenever I get it back myself. In the meantime, can we just gawk a minute or two at a couple sneaky peeks from our family / newborn session? I mean...all the heart-eyed emojis, smiley faces, big red hearts...and everything in between! 

We had these pics taken about 6 weeks ago; it's crazy to see how much the girls have grown in that time. heart could just burst! 

OK, on to today's linkup

I'm going to assume that several bloggers will have some or all of the same Christmas movie faves. I mean, what's better than a Christmas movie?! 

First up and undoubtedly, I'm taking Christmas Vacation! Like many of my family members, I can quote this movie forwards and backwards. I ace perfect scores on "hard" quizzes about this movie on Facebook. I give baby onesies as gifts that say "Are you serious Clark?" My love...runs deep. 

Back in the day, I went through a phase of watching this movie EVERY SINGLE Saturday. AND, it was recorded off of tv onto tape. I wore that VHS out! (Obviously my social life as a twelve year old was busting at the seams and I will add that it was an edited for tv version. I bet I was 20 or older before I saw the REAL version..language and all.) 

When I read Shay's post this morning, I was sitting nodding my head in agreement. I'm the one watching A Christmas Story on a 24 hour repeat too. Another family favorite that we all equally love and have regular conversations that include quotes from this movie. 

For the past few years, Stephen and I have made a point to sit down and watch White Christmas together one night the week before or week of Christmas. We've made it a fun little holiday at-home date night. We order take out, I bake up a yummy little dessert and we cozy up with all the tree and garland twinkle lights to watch this classic. This is such a beautiful movie...we can't wait to start including our girls for this tradition! 

So, there's those three...and then there's like every Hallmark Christmas movie ever made. Yes, they're essentially the same storyline, but what is it that makes them so addictive and good!! I can't get enough! 

Thanks for stopping by friends! I look forward to getting back to a more regular posting schedule soon. My maternity leave ends in a couple of weeks. (I'm trying HARD to not think about it!) Hopefully we'll be able to get into our old routine soon...with the addition of our girls into that old pre-baby routine. How hard can it be, right!! HA! I've been blessed to have such a long leave from work and have enjoyed (almost) every minute of it. There is a small part of me looking forward to going back to work, seeing friends, having adult interaction during the day, etc. But the bigger part of me is dreading it like the plague - I'm going to miss my cozy pajama filled days with my girls! 

Until then, I'm soaking these sweet moments and days up! Happy Wednesday friends!


  1. What gorgeous family pictures! I am sure everyone will love the card, no matter when they get them! Growing up, we sent out New Years, Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day and Easter cards over time just depending on when my Mama got it all together. It's just fun for your loved ones to receive that sweet piece of mail.

  2. Oh my.. those newborn pictures are seriously so precious!!

  3. I love your pictures!!! You looked so good (and still do!) for just having TWINS! And we love all of the same movies--even the Hallmark ones haha! I love Cookie Cutter Christmas :)


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