Thursday, July 28, 2016

Bumpdate - Week 24

How Far Along?
24 weeks and 5 days

Amelia Gentry & Mae Parker

Due Date?
November 12 will always be the technical 40 week due date, but we’re still planning on a mid-October delivery.

Weight Gain?
Still none for me. The girls are gaining which is the important thing to remember; but my doctor did say this week it’s time that I start gaining some weight too. She wants me to increase my protein intake and try to  drink at least one protein drink a day. So…I’m guzzling these down in the mornings now. They’re not THE best, but they’re not awful either.

Stretch Marks?
Still nope.

Maternity Clothes?
Since my last bumpdate post at 19w, I will sadly admit, that my normal pants are getting tight. I CAN still wear them, but boy does it feel good to take them off as soon as I get home! ha Maternity tops are just more comfortable and airy right now with the heat and humidity we have around here. Leggings are the best thing ever for pregnancy..the end.

Belly Button In or Out?
Still in but it’s stretching out sideways. It’s weird. What’s even more weird…one of my gall bladder surgery scars is inside my belly button, and it’s all popping out and disfigured looking. It’s attractive.

Best Part of the Week?
We had a LONG appointment on Monday afternoon – so long that literally only one lady in the office was left behind to check us out and had to unlock the door to let us out of the building. BUT, it was a good appointment and both girls have grown so much in the past 4 weeks. I have a feeling from here on out we’re just going to be amazed at the rate of growth.

Per usual, Mae Parker was a rockstar and let the ultrasound tech get a cute little profile pic for us.

Amelia was due for a 2nd anatomy scan because she didn’t fully cooperate the first time. Well, I’m happy to report our girl is consistent and still wants nothing to do with her ultrasounds. The lady spent a good 30 minutes trying and trying to get a good view of her, to make her turn, to trick her…nothing worked. She just kept flipping, turning and balling up with her legs at her head any time it looked like we might get a good shot of her face. They did get to see all 4 chambers of her heart which was something they didn’t get a good look at last time. They’ll try again in 3 weeks for another good shot of her face – they don’t think anything is wrong, but they do have to see her and she’s just not having it.

Worst Part of the Week?
Over the weekend, I had horrible pains down low where Amelia is at. Late Saturday, I started worrying that something might be wrong, but I could still feel them both move and didn’t have any other issues. I pretty much laid in bed all day Saturday and some on Sunday afternoon. Eventually it passed, but it was bad – it hurt to move at all. Our doctor said Monday more than likely she was just either doing some major repositioning or was laying just right on the pelvic area bones. She examined me and said all was well – that was a huge relief.

Miss Anything?
Honestly, not really. The more time that passes, the more and more thankful I’m becoming.

YES! I started feeling them move at 21 weeks. Everyone asks me if I can tell which one is which and the answer to that is yes. They are both separated just enough that Amelia’s kicks and jabs are down low and MP’s are higher toward my ribcage. I’m sure the bigger they get, it may get a little more difficult to distinguish but for now, I can tell which one is trying to get my attention. They are most active in the morning hours after I get to work and sometimes late at night when I’m in bed winding down.

I’m stressed at work, but trying my very hardest to stay calm for the girls’ health. My workload has been doubled since my co-worker left a couple weeks ago for another job. I’m keeping to myself more than usual to try and avoid any additional stress from certain people. (know what I mean?)

But once I get home, I’m good and feel like I can take a deep breath and just be. Needless to say, I count down the hours to 3:30 every day.

Currently Reading?
Nothing baby-related. I have a basket on our fireplace filled with magazines that I get in the mail and never read. My goal in the next couple of weeks is to go through them all, tear out any recipes or project ideas I want to keep and get that pile to the recycling center. (Can we say first “nesting” project?)

Still nothing much. Out of the blue one night recently Stephen said he’d love a good seafood dinner. The kind you get on a beach vacation. I agreed. It sounded fabulous…so that’s been on my mind.

Am I Showing Yet?
Yes, definitely yes. Sometimes it seems more obvious than others, but the bump is growing.

My hot hands and feet are still a nuisance, but have become manageable. I’ve noticed my legs cramping more throughout the day and night, but no swelling. My nose is still constantly stuffy, which I will never understand, but apparently is pretty common with pregnancy.

What am I Looking Forward To?
Our first shower is next weekend. I’m excited to celebrate these girls with Stephen’s family and family friends! (and eat cake…I love cake.) Hopefully this weekend, we can finish a few small closet organization projects so we can have a ready room to put away some of the gifts we’ll be soon receiving.

Other Recent Happenings Worth Remembering…

Definitely not naming names, but at this week’s appointment, we saw some friends of ours coming out as we were in the waiting room. They had their packs of paperwork and new patient goodie bag. It’s hard to know whether to acknowledge someone in that situation or not, because obviously their news is not public info yet, but it’s also very clear that they’ve just had their first appointment and are indeed pregnant. We said hi and before we could say anything else, she was whipping out their ultrasound pic and I was jumping out of my seat to hug her! Their story is similar to ours in that they lost their first baby shortly after we did last summer and have been trying since. My heart is forever turned to families who have lost babies and who struggle to conceive. As wonderful as it was to see our babies growing and hear that they were doing just fine, I think I will always remember this appointment for the joy we shared with our friends in those short few minutes in the waiting room. God works in His own time..I’m convinced of that more and more each day. 

We go back to the doctor in 3 weeks for the ever-popular sugary drink appointment. Then, we'll go 3 weeks after that. AND THEN, every week until they get here. How did we get here so quick?!!

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

What's Up Wednesday - July edition

Geeze, I can’t believe it’s the last week of the month already and time for another one of my favorite monthly linkups!!

What we’re eating this week…
Monday we got home much later than normal following a LONG OB appointment and HELLOOOO it was Bachelorette night..dinner was a really super quick chicken pasta salad I whipped up. Boil whatever small noodles you have on hand, grill and chop a couple chicken breasts, chop a tomato, thaw some corn, mix together some mayo and random ranch-like seasonings…BAM. Dinner and so good!

Tuesday I had Stephen throw ingredients into the crock pot that afternoon for our dinner. Thank you Andrea for this lovely post last week!!

Later this week, I’m thinking we need a night out to eat. Maybe with friends, maybe just us..we’ll see.

What I’m reminiscing about…
Can we just go back to a taaaad cooler weather, please? I love Summer, but when it's too hot and humid to be outside it's a bit extreme.

What I’m loving…
I’m getting hints here and there from various people about our upcoming baby showers! I just love all the excitement everyone has for girls’ arrival!

What we’ve been up to…
We’re trying our hardest to finish small projects in the nursery this week and next so that the room can be ready before our first shower next weekend. I feel like I need a place ready for things. #firsttimemomprobs

What I’m dreading…
Not much of anything right now. Life is swell!!

What I’m working on…
At work, I’m making lists and notes all day every day of things I will have to train my fill-in for. It’s going to be hard for me to just let go and let someone else take over while I’m gone, but I have a feeling it’s going to be awfully hard to come back in January too!

What I’m excited about…
August! August has always been such a fun month filled with birthdays and various events. This year will be even sweeter with baby showers galore!

What I’m watching…
We’re hooked…HOOKED on Big Brother this year! I will admit, 3 nights a week is not enough. I sincerely think we would watch it 7 nights a week if it came on that often.


And of course, there’s JoJo and her men. I’m pretty surprised she sent Luke home last week and that Robbie is still there. I never have liked Robbie, but when I read Shaffer’s recap last week comparing him to a Ken doll, I was done. He needs to go.

robby on hometown date with jojo

What I’m listening to…
Work is stressful right now, so I’ve been alternating my Pandora channels between The Piano Guys channel and the Ben Rector channel. I need easy right now.

What I’m wearing…
I’ll talk more about it in tomorrow Bumpdate post, but yall…leggings and pregnancy are a flippin’ match made in heaven.

What we’re doing this weekend…
Like I mentioned earlier, hopefully working on finishing some Nursery projects.

What I’m doing next month…
Let’s see there’s my birthday, 3 baby showers, the hospital’s annual HUGE Golf Tournament, probably (and I stress the probably) starting training for my fill-in, several other birthdays, VBS, and maybe a nap here and there!


What else is new…
If you’ve not linked up with us yet, be sure to join myself, Leigh & Justine next Wednesday for our Pinspiration Wednesday linkup! Everyone’s calendars start filling up in August (or maybe it’s just me) and a lot of families are getting back into the school routines…who has time for dinner prep, cooking and baking?! This is why some genius somewhere long ago created the blessed Crock Pot!

Linkup with us Wednesday and share your favorite Crock Pot recipes!! 

Thanks for stopping by! Be sure to check in here for everyone's else's What's Up Wednesday posts today!

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Thursday Confessions


I LOVE our hometown. It's small, but not THAT small anymore. We have a great mayor and city government officials right now. They are doing SO MUCH to promote community, small business and family and I just love it! This year our town celebrated the 4th of July holiday weekend with "Red White and Boom!" which included everything from a car show, to different concerts in the park, a mega water slide downtown, the 2nd largest fireworks display in TN, local vendors and crafters selling at the Fire Cracker Flea Market, Little Patriots' Parade, and on and on! Here's a little recap video that was just released. Proud to call this place our home! Watch it and fall in love with our little dot on the map!!


I've been covered up at work this week, so lunch has taken place at my desk in between phone calls, emails, meetings, etc. Tuesday's lunch consisted of Easter M&M's and grapes. #theheartwantswhattheheartwants


Stephen has decided to to begin online classes to work towards finishing his degree. It's one step at a time, and this week was digging out last year's tax docs to work on student loan apps. I am SUPER proud of him for wanting to do this and his determination. Back in in his young and dumb days when the future was no more than weekend plans, finishing college was not at the top of his priority list. Now as a husband, homeowner and with two daughters on the way, his tune has changed quite a bit and he's ready to finish what he started all those years ago. 


I'm pretty sure Zulily is secretly stalking me or has our house bugged. I've not ordered from that site in years, and I randomly clicked on one of their emails last week and ALL of the previews in the email were maternity clothes, and nursing essentials. How do they know this stuff?! I don't know, but it sucked me in and the next thing I knew I was ordering a dress for one of my showers. Now, I can't stop looking every day. #youwinzulily


I made my Strawberry Cake (recipe here) to take to our neighbors as a thank you for cutting up some of our fallen trees last week. It smelled so good while I was mixing it up, that I went ahead and made another one for us to keep at home. That night Stephen and I had a piece of cake after dinner. The girls kicked and squirmed all night. I like to think they did this in appreciation for the yummy dessert we all enjoyed! (Or maybe they were on a sugar high....whatever.)

Happy Thursday Friends!! Check in with Leigh to see more confessions!

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Recipe Club: BBQ Chicken and Veggies Foil Pack Dinner

Today, I'm linking up with Johannah & Heather for their monthly recipe linkup series! 

Summer may not be my favorite season, BUT there are certain things that I L.O.V.E. about this time of year. One being the fresh garden produce! We don't have a garden ourselves (and probably never will), but several family members do and keep us stocked on fresh goodies during the Summer months. 

For the afternoons that you get home from work, and really don't FEEL like cooking, but also don't want to spend the money to eat out, this recipe is just for you! 

What you'll need to make this all-in-one foil pack dinner: 
(This made 4 packets, but just add more of everything to make the amount of meals you need.)

2 medium size yellow squash
2 medium size zucchini
1 large onion
2 tomatoes
Salt, Pepper, EVOO
Your favorite BBQ sauce
2-3 chicken breasts (the ones I had on hand were HUGE, so I cut 2 in half to make 4 packets)

What to do:

Preheat oven to 400.
Chop and/or slice all your veggies.
Tear off large squares of aluminum foil.
Place chicken breast on foil, sprinkle with salt and pepper, brush on BBQ size. Repeat for other side. 

Top each chicken breast evenly with chopped veggies, drizzle with EVOO, sprinkle salt and pepper or favorite dry seasoning mix. (I use Krazy Jane's Seasonings Mixed Up Salt)

Displaying IMG_8312.jpg

Fold all ends of the foil together to avoid any openings,and pop in the oven. 

Bake for 30-40 minutes until chicken is cooked thoroughly. 

Dinner is served and even better, there is NO cleanup! 

You can absolutely make this recipe to your family's liking by throwing in your favorite veggies, which may not be squash or zucchini. You could also do this on the grill, but a better grill expert than yours truly would have to weigh in on grill time, because I have no clue. Stephen is the griller in our house! 

Thanks so much for stopping by! Be sure to check in with today's linkup for more great recipes to try in your kitchen!!

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

The Right to Complain

Normally, I keep things rather light-hearted around here, but today is a bit more serious and spoken from my heart. I hope you take the time to read and consider. 

When Stephen and I reached the point of noticing that it was taking a while for us to get pregnant and then finding out there were underlying fertility problems, my outlook and attitude towards others who shared their pregnancy and motherhood stories on social media changed.

The same posts that I used to laugh at I was suddenly rolling my eyes at and becoming frustrated by. Didn’t these “friends” realize how lucky and blessed they were? They’re complaining about not getting a full night’s sleep because of their perfectly healthy baby being wide awake all night. I would give ANYTHING to have a healthy baby keep me up at night. They’re complaining about clothes not fitting because they’re body is changing with their growing pregnancy. I would give ANYTHING to not fit into my clothes if it meant the baby inside me was growing and maturing.

The truth is….everybody has the right to complain. The even harder truth is….most people don’t realize that they’re complaints might be someone else’s daily prayer.

This all became even more harder for me after we finally became pregnant and then lost our first baby. I swore I would never be that mom that posted or talked about complaints or hardships. Our “journey” had given me the reason to be all the more thankful than I would’ve been when we did finally become pregnant and had a baby.

And I like to think that I am more thankful now. I refrain from posting anything negative about this pregnancy, and I pretty much only complain to Stephen about any discomforts I’ve had along the way. I am thankful that for the last 23+ weeks, this has been a relatively easy experience and truly there’s not been much to complain about. However, I think it’s the mindset you create for yourself. I set out saying, this is a blessing and answered prayer, I’m choosing to be thankful over miserable..whatever discomfort or inconvenience that comes up, it’s a sign that things are going well, the babies are growing and it’s only temporary.


I am in a private Facebook group for “moms of multiples fall 2016” (or something like that). EVERY. DAY. ALL. DAY. I read posts about how so many of them are already miserable and their daily complaints and worries. I’ll read some of the posts to Stephen every night and while I do feel bad that these women aren’t fully enjoying this special time, I can’t help but to say a prayer of thanksgiving that I’m not enduring some of the struggles they are dealing with. It’s been fascinating to meet women who are at the same point in their pregnancy as I am, but yet to see our bodies are handling this experience totally differently. I’m by NO means saying these women aren’t grateful, but it makes me wonder how much the “mind over matter” mindset that I insisted on has made the difference.

Yes, there are days I do NOT want to get out of bed. There are days this Summer that I have been miserably hot. There are afternoons when I get home from work, and do not want to move a muscle the rest of the afternoon and night. The heartburn…..heaven help, but it is just downright the spawn of satan sometimes. I haven’t slept through the night in oh….15 weeks or something.


But you know what, it’s all temporary. And honestly, in the grand scheme of things, I don’t feel like my complaints are anything too eventful. Mind over matter. My truth is, there are friends that are still struggling to become pregnant. There are friends who are grieving the loss of their infant child. While I might be miserable with heartburn for the weekend, my heart could be breaking over losing our babies. I can deal with the heartburn.

One of my friends that I’ve grown close to the in past several months because of shared experiences through our losses, shared with me over the weekend that a lady told her about her son moving away to college, and KNOWING that my friend and her husband’s daughter died a few weeks after a premature birth, she then proceeded to tell my friend, “You  know, there’s more than one way to lose a child.” I won’t elaborate much, because this is her story to tell, and hopefully she’ll write about it on her blog at some point. BUT…it’s people like this that prove my point…some people just don’t realize how their complaints are others desires. While this lady could talk to her son every day on the phone or drive a couple hours to visit him or him come home on the weekends, my friend will never hold her little girl again. And you might disagree and that’s ok, but in my opinion this lady did not “lose” her child and to compare her empty nest syndrome to my friend who had to bury her tiny baby…it’s just NO comparison.


All of that being said, everyone has the right to complain, and everyone certainly has the right to post whatever they want to on social media. Pregnancy is hard. Motherhood is hard. We all handle it differently, but maybe it’s time we handle it a bit better with a more thankful heart. Your kids might be the wildest yahoos you’ve ever seen, but they’re here and they’re yours. Love on them…be thankful for them. Express that thankfulness openly as easy as it is to express the frustrations. Remember that your words might just be hurtful to someone else who’s only wishing to have the opportunity to be in your shoes.

We lost our first baby a year ago last week. The day went by seemingly normal as most days do. Even though I’m carrying two healthy little girls right now, there will always be an emptiness left in my heart that our first child filled. The child that made us parents and changed our lives forever. I am thankful for our babies every day, and am not taking one single kick, jolt and punch for granted. My heart yearned to feel these movements for so long, and that time has finally come. Every day is a blessing. Every day is a reason to be thankful.

If you lost sleep last night because your little one woke you up crying, or hungry, or for having a bad dream….today’s the day to be thankful for the opportunity you had to comfort and love your child last night…not the time to complain about having to get up in the middle of the night and not being able to go back to sleep. Today’s the day to pray for the women who are crying themselves to sleep because they don’t have the little one in the next room like you do.

We’re all in this together. I’ve seen first-hand the power of prayer on multiple occasions. We all need each other’s prayers now more than ever. God’s plan for you will knock your socks off, if you just give Him the time He needs. (also being said from first-hand experience) Be thankful for God’s blessings in your life…the big ones and the small ones. Our world doesn’t need any more complaints…it needs thankful hearts…and many of them!

Friday, July 15, 2016

Friday Favorites

It’s not been the best week around here, just to be totally honest. I’ve not felt well. Work has me pulling my hair out. I feel so unprepared in SO many areas of life right now. BUT, I’m thankful for it all. I’m thankful for two girls that are growing inside me and causing all this discomfort. I’m thankful for a good job that is providing part of our family’s income, the amount of time it will allow me to be off in a few months, and the pretty great insurance it’s providing to all of the medical bills we’ve had the past year and half. I’m thankful that even though I don’t feel prepared, there are friends and family members who are encouraging and supportive of us every day.


Tuesday night, my grandmother made dinner for us. A few weeks ago I bought her a box of peaches from the Peach Truck and she said she’d pay me back. Well, I’m not about to let my 85 year old grandma pay me back for a $39 box of peaches. I made a deal with her and told her if she cooked dinner (chicken and dumplings, mashed potatoes, cornbread and a peach cobbler) we’d call it even. She kept her end of the bargain and we had the best night gathered around their kitchen table. (My parents joined us too.)

After dinner we watched some of the All-Star game. My grandpa is a HUGE…HUUUUUUGE Braves fan. He can tell you anything about any player and any game. I just love listening to him talk baseball.

Stephen lost a button on a pair of pants, and asked my grandmother to show him how to sew a button back on. Because: 1. I don’t sew. I can do a lot of things, sewing isn’t one of them. 2. He needs to learn a skill that I have nothing to do with. Just so basically one day I can say, “your dad will have to fix it, I don’t know how to.”


When we chose to buy our house, part of our reasoning was the neighborhood. It’s an older neighborhood in house ages and neighbor ages. Everybody owns, no one rents. Everybody takes care of their properties. Even though it’s just right off a major highway, it’s quiet and peaceful. Earlier this week, we made plans for tomorrow to cut all the trees that had fallen during last week’s storms and haul them off. Well, when I came home Monday night from Bunco, two different neighbors had cut the trees up for us and one had even hauled the massive one away  that was mostly in the creek. (Who knows, maybe we didn’t get to it quick enough for them, and they wanted to get rid of the eyesores themselves.) Either way, there’s going to be some “thank you” baking done this weekend for these two families. 

Work Hallway Conversations.

My office door opens right up to a MAJOR staff hallway in the hospital and the most used time clock in the hospital. Needless to say, I hear some great stories from people passing. I’ve laughed, I’ve cried, I’ve rolled my eyes, I’ve dropped my jaw in awe of stupidity; and some I wish I’d rather never heard. I keep telling everyone I’m going to write a book one day on these hallway conversations. By far the sweetest hallway conversation I heard this week, was a certain department director on his cell phone, obviously talking to his little girl. He was asking her, “Did momma take you to get your nails done?” “What color are they?” “Are they pretty?” “Do you love them?” “I’m so glad you love them!” Ugh. It was the sweetest thing to hear his genuine love and concern for his little girl right in the middle of his busy day…he was making time to talk to her. PUDDLE. OF. MUSH. 

Summer TV.

Stephen and I are hooked on Big Brother! It’s the one show we can agree on right now, and we’re taking full advantage of our couch dates now before the babies get here.

My observations about the show…

Frank is a mastermind player. Somehow, I missed the original season he was on, but my word. He PLAYS this game. 

I still want to stretch out Nicole's nostrils. 

We L.O.V.E. James. The end. 



Today is a bittersweet day. 6 and half years ago, I started my job and was trained by a girl who had previously held my job. She had quit a few years before my arrival to stay at home with her kids. Then, they begged her to come back as a temp until they found someone when the lady in between us quit suddenly. It was understood that she was just there for a few months while they hired and trained a new person. Fast forward 6 and half years and she's still here. Until today. 

Today is Lorna's last day. She became one of my best friends very quickly. She has been there for me through various boyfriend dramas, meeting Stephen, even being there the moment he proposed, our wedding, our struggles with infertility and pregnancy loss, and now she's planning a baby shower for our girls. We laugh EVERY single day. We vent to each other EVERY single day about work problems and stupid things our husbands have done. I know her kids' schedules better than she does sometimes. I've dreaded this day since she told me a little over a month ago. I will miss her and our everyday friendship, but I know this new job opportunity will be a great change for her and her family. And, I know we'll still see each's just the way that I've known my Mondays - Fridays for the last six plus years is about to be incredibly different. (Thanks LL for leaving when pregnancy hormones are at an all time high. I'm sure it'll be an ugly cry kind of day...all day.)

Happy Weekending Friends! If you need me, I'll be curled up in a corner, rocking myself back and forth through the tears trying to pep talk myself into going to work on Monday. 

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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Life Lately

I’m dropping in today for a little Life Lately post (Which is nothing more than an iPhone photo dump because I get that pesky “your storage is almost full” message every few weeks.)

So last week, it rained and stormed every single day. Our back yard backs up to a large creek, and one side of our property runs down a ditch line that feeds into the creek. I’ve mentioned this creek a few times on here. It’s a love hate relationship. Anyways. We had a really bad storm early Thursday morning that did significant damage around our neighborhood. With all the ground saturation from the week and then the strong wings, trees were uprooted all over the place. Our house and the house to the right of us were probably the hardest hit with multiple fallen trees. Fortunately though, all the trees fell just right to avoid any structural damage to anyone. It  could have been SO much worse than it was. 

If that wasn’t enough, Friday afternoon, it happened again. Needless to say, the weekend was spent listening to chainsaws all over the neighborhood and neighbors cleaning up their yards. One tree from our neighbor behind us, is actually about 3-4 trees twisted together and for the most part landed IN the creek, and then some in our yard. It’s a huge mess with no definite game plan yet on how we’re all going to get it all out. 

I was able to sneak in a couple of painting projects a few weeks ago. I had a wedding shower and baby shower to attend on the same day at the same time, so I opted to just send a gift to the wedding shower. There’s a soft spot in my heart for September weddings. #septemberbride

My cousin Blake and his girlfriend, Dana, are expecting their little girl to arrive next month. Their shower date had been in the works and plans in place for several weeks, and it just so ended up falling during my uncle Bill (Blake’s grandpa’s death). Their baby shower was scheduled for 2pm and our family was supposed to gather at the funeral home just an hour later prior to public  visitation starting. It had been a very difficult week for our family, so celebrating their sweet baby girl was a bit of joy we all looked forward to and needed that day. 

Right as Dana began opening gifts, Blake walked right in, walked right up to her, dropped to his knee, pulled out a ring and said the SWEETEST word to her before asking her to marry him. There was not a dry eye in the room. For all of the tears of sadness that had been shed that week, these were all tears of joy. Blake and Dana are the most precious couple together and we are all so happy to watch their new little family start their journey together. 

Unless you’re new around here, you know that Thursday nights are “family nights”. I had to snap two pics from a recent Thursday night to remember moments with our nephews. Stephen thought he might have a nail in his tire, so he had my brother in law rolling the car up and down the driveway while he looked for it. Riley felt the need to direct his dad in the front while Colin helped Stephen look for the nail in the back. (P.S. perks of working for Redbox, there’s always a trunk load of movies available to watch.)

That same night, Colin had been complaining about a loose tooth. When it comes to pulling teeth, we’re all a bunch of wusses. Loose teeth are just gross. There I said it. We started telling him, he needed to call Ma (Ma is our grandmother, Colin’s great grandma). Ma is the master tooth puller. She’s quick, efficient and painless. She might be 85, but she can still pull a kid’s tooth like it was her job. He hesitated back and forth for a long time and then finally he came to my sister and asked “Can I have your phone so I can call Ma?” Bless his heart. We found him on the front porch talking to her and making plans to come over. Less than 30 minutes later, they had made it to Ma’s, the tooth was gone, and toothfairy plans were in the making. 

I don’t know what it is about weekends lately. Maybe it’s just recovering from the crazy week at work, or the horribly hot and humid weather…or all of the above combining with carrying twins…but the last few Saturdays I have been absolutely useless. I have no shame in admitting the girls and I have spent many hours the past couple of Saturdays just resting in bed and watching “Four Weddings” marathons. 

A couple of days before the 4th, my mom’s side of the family got together at my aunt’s house for one of our famous dinners together. Everybody brings food…and I mean we BRING the food. After dinner, the little kids headed outside to play and before we knew it a water gun fight had broken out and my aunt kept refilling a bucket of water for their “safe zone refill station”. HA. I love watching these kiddos grow up together like their moms and I did. 

Once it was declared to dark for water guns, they all came inside to play games and somehow the request was made to watch mine and Stephen’s wedding video. So there’s that. We’re so random, but I love it. 

Speaking of the kiddos, our nephews are enjoying some fun at Holiday World this week (with my sis and BIL of course). I just love getting pictures of these two! I know they’ll have the best time, but gosh, I miss them so much when they’re gone!

Here’s to Life Lately…and now more storage space on my phone!