Wednesday, January 11, 2017

2017 Goals

For the last few years I've managed to sit down, come up with, and list several goals for myself for the New Year. 

This year, I've been struggling to come up with anything beyond being the best mom I can be to our baby girls. This mindset may never change, but for this phase of life I'm in now, our girls are literally all I think about. My heart aches for them to forever be happy and healthy and for us to be able to provide what they need. 

That being said, there are a few other areas I'd like to improve on this year. 


Most people list health / losing weight every year. I never do. However, this year, I'm hoping to continue with recent weight loss success. Somehow I've lost about 30 pounds since the girls were born. I know! What in the world? (It's worth noting I lost weight the first 22 weeks of pregnancy and only gained back exactly what I lost from week 23 to when the girls were born at 34 weeks.) So however it's happened, I'd like to be mindful enough to keep it off. Clothes are fitting better and some in smaller sizes and overall I just feel better. 


I recently began a new devotional for the year and am enjoying it. It's through a Facebook group and we're going along with the Thrive Bible reading plan. Last year I used a couple different books up until the Fall when the girls came and then I just stopped all together. Now that I'm back to work and we'll all be on a fairly set daily schedule, it's a good time to make time for this again!


We're quickly finding out that babies trump marriage. It's been the greatest experience to share this joy with each other, but we know we're going to have to make time for just us and our marriage. We have an overnight date planned for May but hopefully we'll be able to sneak in a date night once a month or so and maybe another overnight date later in the Summer. 


Just a couple of weeks before the girls decided to make their surprise early debut, I received a promotion at work. It was the greatest blessing at the absolute best time and truly was an answered prayer! I am beyond thankful for this opportunity and I hope to fall into and own this role in the coming months and prove my abilities to my superiors and co-workers. 


I hope to better friendships this year too. I've felt somewhat disconnected from friends lately because #pregnancybrain and #twinmom (HA). I'm ready to connect with our friends again, rely on them for advice and encouragement, and laugh with them until it hurts. A girl needs her BFF's!

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My best for last, I am so excited to spend the entire year of 2017 as a MOM! Yet another answered prayer for myself and so many of our friends and family. As hard as it is to watch them get bigger and grow out of that tiny squishy baby phase,  I am so excited to watch Amelia and Mae Parker grow and learn every day. As a working mom, I hope to be as present to them as I can be. To have fun with them and make our home a peaceful, happy and fun place for them! 

Happy New Year, friends! I hope we all keep up with our 2017 Goal-planning!! Excited to be linking up with Shay and Erika for their new series! 


  1. Way to go on the weight loss! And the new job promotion! That's such great news! 2017 is going to be a great year for you :)
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  2. The weight loss is awesome!! I'm hoping to lose some weight and I didn't have twins! HA Can't wait to watch those sweet girls grow this year! Best of luck on the new promotion at work!!

  3. I have twin girls too!! It gets easier- promise! Our girls just turned four and the Lord blessed us with another little girls who is almost two! Great New Years Resolutions!

  4. I love your goals and you are so smart to already see how parenthood effects your relationship with your husband, good for you! I can't wait to see the growth you experience in 2017.

  5. Your baby girls are precious! My dear friend from college had twin girls and they are so cute to watch interact with one so cute! Congrats on your new promotion. We are always working on dating each other in our marriage, kids definitely add a new dimension but you are right, it is so fun to parent together!!! Happy 2017!


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