Tuesday, January 3, 2017

3 Months Old

The girls were THREE months old on the 2nd! Today I'm sharing a bit about the past month in the life of Amelia and Mae Parker.

Since the girls were born 6 weeks early, they are considered to be a month behind their actual age. While they are 3 months old, developmentally they're on a 2 month level. Which doesn't mean anything is wrong with them, it isn't. They were just preemies and are still catching up. 

They still don't have the best neck and head control yet, but it's getting stronger. They're not reaching and grabbing for things yet, but I'm sure that will be their next "milestone". If it's not that, it'll probably be rolling from front to back or visa versa. This month has brought on smiles and cooing which from what I've read typically starts in the 2 month period. 

This month, they enjoyed their first Christmas with alot of traveling, family and friends!

They welcomed our Mensch on a Bench, Ira into our home to celebrate 5 out of 8 nights of Hanukkah. If you don't follow me on Facebook. here's the quick story. Back in college, my friend Angela thought it would be hilarious to secretly sign me up on an online Jewish dating website. I started getting emails from guys I had never met and finally she fessed up to what she had done. For over ten years, it's been a running joke between us. A package showed up on our doorstep on the 23rd addressed to the girls. When I opened the box, I knew exactly who it was from! The girls thought it was just as hilarious as I did. 

Month 3 also brought some cute "twin" outfits...


Amelia was named our "fiesty" twin from the nurses at the hospital during her 17 day stay after birth. This is still an accurate description of her personality. She is our jabbering baby. She loves to talk with her Mommy throughout the day but especially after she takes a bottle. Girlfriend has a full belly and is ready to party. She has the sweetest smile and dimple, but doesn't easily give those smiles away. You have to work for them. 

At a sick visit to the doctor's office in early December, she weighed 7 lbs 12 oz. They don't go back to the doctor until February, but I'm going to assume she's about a pound heavier now. 

She eats 7 times a day about 4 hours apart. 4 ounces during the day, about 5 at bedtime and a little 2 oz snack around 3:30am that lulls her quickly back to sleep and holds her until she wakes up in the morning. She fits perfectly into Newborn size clothes, and can pull off a few 0-3 month pieces. 

She is a very animated little lady and lets you know loud and clear how she feels about a certain situation. She loves bathtime but hates the drying off, lotioning up after bathtime...with a passion. 

She's very independent and can fall asleep on her own if you're patient enough to let her. Sometimes it may take a few minutes, other times it may take over an hour. 

She's not shown much interest in anything yet...books, her activity mat, toys...nothing. She's perked up a little a couple times when Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood has been on TV, but that's been it. 

She is SO strong and can win ANY staring contest with anyone at any time. I tell her she's staring through our souls, that's how intense she gets. I call her Rosey Posey and Stephen calls her Nugget. 

(*disclaimer: no, we do not leave them in their bumbo seats on tables or countertops - this was just the first time seeing if they could sit in the seats at all)

Sweet Amelia, you are a ray of sunshine every day. Even during the middle of the night, your sweet smile makes it hard not to smile back and talk with you. So far, you seem picky. You like one kind of pacifier, you can be sound asleep for hours and as soon as your soothing movement setting on your chair times out, you get squirmy. We can turn it back on and you're silent and still within minutes. You respond better to instrumental only music rather than singing. You are observant but also seem like you could care less half the time. We're going to have so much fun watching you grow!

Mae Parker

True to form to a "Baby B" in multiples, Mae Parker is our needier twin. Baby B's are often bigger in size than Baby A, but lazier in the womb. SO, once they're born, they're needier whereas the Baby A's had to fight a little harder and therefore handle life better. 

She has the cutest and brightest smile. She's the easy one to make smile and she freely gives them away to whoever talks to her. 

At the December well visit appointment she was 8 lbs and 7 oz. We think she's nearing 10 lbs now, if not there. We won't know for sure until next month. 

She eats 6 times a day. 4 oz during the day and a little over 5 oz at bedtime. She either sleeps through the night or wakes up, can stand a quiet diaper change, a few minutes of rocking and she's quickly back to bed. She can still wear a few Newborn items (mostly just pants), but is otherwise wearing 0-3 months or 3 month clothes. 

She also loves bathtime and often handles the after bathtime routine better than her sister. She LOVES to be held or just to be close to you. She cannot go to sleep on her own like Amelia, she needs to be held and rocked. 

She is SO observant and loves to look at pictures on walls. She seems to like Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (Minnie Mouse especially), PJ Masks and Little People. She's also more observant to books and toys than Amelia. 

 I call her Buttercup, Stephen calls her Sweetheart. She's somewhat of a Daddy's girl and we think she shares some of his personality characteristics already. 

(again, she doesn't sit in her bumbo on tall surfaces)

Miss Mae, you certainly are the one testing our patience these days. There's a million things to do but holding you or picking you up comes first. Your smile is so precious and infectious. You are usually my first one up in the mornings and I love the time we spend together just me and you in our dark, quiet house. You are attached to our hips, and I'm soaking up every second of it. You are our cuddler and tender-hearted one. You are a precious little soul Mae Parker! 

This is my last week at home with the girls. I go back to work on Monday after being off for 14 weeks. I am beyond grateful for my job for allowing such a long leave and I'm grateful for the time I've accrued in the last six plus years to be off this long with full pay and to go back with ample time in my bank. 

These past 14 weeks have been the most trying of my life but yet the absolute most joyous time of my life. These girls were the two missing pieces to our puzzle. We are complete. 

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  1. Oh my goodness!!! I SERIOUSLY cannot even handle how precious your two little baby girls are!!! They are SO stinkin' cute and I REALLY want to snuggle both of them RIGHT NOW. You are an amazing momma Erica and I am just so happy for you!!! I will be thinking of you next week as you head back to work and get used to your new "normal!"


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