Tuesday, January 17, 2017


Dear Weekend, 
I was worried you would fly by in a flash but luckily you seemed to linger with us. We thoroughly enjoyed our laziness, extra long Saturday naps, morning pancakes and pretty Sunday dresses. We look forward to your return in just a few more days. 

Dear Office Remodel, 
So last summer, I had you repainted a pretty taupe-ish gray after years and years of a robin's egg blue color. You looked nice, but something was missing. Thankfully with a new art piece, a new lamp, and some new frames...I sort of like spending my days with you now. Don't get me wrong, I'd rather be home with my babies but if I can't, at least my little room in that big hospital feels like "me" again. 

Dear Bath & Body Works Semi-Annual Sale, 
Thank you for introducing me to past fragrances that naturally I now love and can't find anywhere. Cocktail Dress.....straight from the heavens. 

3 Bath & Body Works Cocktail Dress Crystal Peonies Body Cream

Dear Facebook Boutique Stores, 
You people are going to make me go broke with your cute clothes and darling baby girls clothes. Why did this have to become a "thing" AFTER I gave birth to two daughters? Life was cheaper before your businesses. 

Image result for facebook shop  meme

Dear friendly lady at the Ear, Nose and Throat Office, 
Thank you for clarifying some mis-information we received shortly after the girls were born. You were kind and courteous which isn't always found on the other end of the phone first thing on Monday mornings. I bet your an office favorite over there. 

Dear Chalk Paint, 
Thank you for making DIY projects quick and easy! You're my go-to solution for any decorative change my little heart desires. 

Happy Tuesday!


  1. I love your frame transformation! Chalk paint is the best! Do you use the Annie Sloan chalk paint? I know it's super expensive but it's always worked the best for me and I love that you can paint it in your house without the smell. Enjoy your short week!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  2. Can I just say your girls are just way too cute!!! And they are getting so big! I love chalk paint. It's pretty much amazing. That reminds me...I have a project that needs to be painted and maybe it will get done today!

  3. BBW had a scent 2 years ago called Cozy Sweater Weather and lucky for me my Mom bought me so much for Christmas because they didn't make it in 2016. It's the best smell and I'll be out soon.


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