Thursday, January 12, 2017

Thursday Confessions

It's been a sweet forever since my favorite Thursday Confessions posts. As in, pre-motherhood which would make it at least September 29, if not before then. 

Let's jump in....


I've shared before about a certain gentleman that works in our department that FOR SIX YEARS can't seem to remember my name. I've been called Monica, Jessica, Melissa, the list goes on. And it's not like he calls me by the wrong name, catches himself and corrects it. Nope. He legitimately does not remember my name. He calls me by other women's names with full confidence that that is actually my name.  

So on Monday, my first day back, he walked in my office...."Lorna! You're back."

I just started laughing. (Lorna is my friend who worked in our department but left for another job last Summer. LAST. SUMMER.)


Anyone else obsessed with Instagram story? For real. I'm nuts about it. I don't do Snapchat, but I hear it's kind of similar? What do you snapchatters think? Anyways, I love sharing random photos and snippits of our day that aren't necessarily caption or hashtag worthy. We shared our bathtime routine with twins a couple nights ago...sorry if you saw that and got annoyed by all of my narration but I think it's fun. I love looking in on some of my favorite bloggers, family members, friends and celebrities! I may even get a tad excited when I see certain people have a new "story" to share!


Ok, so Sunday night I started panicking about coming back to work the next day. I sent a text to a few friends who I had just been with the night before. I need a little reassurance. I was worried about everything a new mom could worry about. Would the girls know who I was? Would they still need me or would they feel like they needed Stephen's mom more? Would the girls want to be home or would they enjoy their grandparents home more? Would I still feel like they were mine or would I feel like they were being shared with someone else now? See what I mean? Total nutcase.

 Anyways, I am so grateful for friends who know just what to say at the right moments. I honestly think I had such an easy first day back because they calmed all my doubts and worries. 


I talked yesterday about weight loss and being mindful to keep it off. I eat well at home and hardly ever snack. But at work, I'm a snacker. I'm trying to curb that this year in hopes to help keep my weight down or even continue losing. I've been enjoying the 1915 cold-pressed juices this week in the mornings.

They fill me up and even give me a boost of energy to start my day. I'm a huge fan of I could probably get fat off of just drinks. Juices, sodas, flavored teas, ciders, hot chocolates, slushes, shakes, etc...drinks are my weakness. The 1915 juices are right up my alley  just a better option than a Cherry Coke or Dr. Pepper to start my day. 


Our infamous neighbors are still celebrating Christmas every night with various colors of Christmas lights flooding their house, trees and shrubs. OH! And this year, they've added one of those projector light show things to the mix? Know what I'm talking about? Looks like red and green specks are dancing across the front of their house. They let it run all night, because it's still flickering  all over their house when I leave for work in the mornings. 

Two things: 1. I guess their bedrooms are all on the backside or they just enjoy the nightly light show, and it lulls them to sleep. Me? Heck if the power goes off and the light on the humidifier in our room flickers I'm up. 2. It's January 12.

However, these are the same neighbors that: hang trashbag ghosts in their trees the day before Halloween and leave them in until their light show starts in December. Also same said neighbors that have balloons in their front dining room window....literally EVERY week. Not little balloons...BIG balloon bouquets. 

What can I say? They're celebrators. 

Happy Thursday!


  1. Oh my gosh....#1 would drive me crazy! How hard is it to remember Erica?!
    I can't figure out IG stories and it's driving me crazy!!!!!!!! But I love watch them! :)
    and your neighbors.....holy cow that would drive me nuts! My Christmas decorations were down December 26th...However my neighbors are still up but thank heavens they do not still play their light show all night! HA
    Happy Thursday Friend! Glad you had a great day back to work!

  2. Hey, I hopped on and read your blog today, Jessica. Hope you are having a good first week. Sure is good to have you back, Monica, and to have you answer my calls. You know, Melissa, like when the bathroom ceiling was trying to fall in earlier. Well, it was good talking to you, Angela.

  3. That guy who doesn't know your name: classicccccc. Can you please make a name plate for your desk that faces the door JUST to see if he STILL calls you by the wrong name? Please keep me updated.
    OUr neighbors across the street (front of the house - thankfully our bedrooms in the back) had the red and green projector AND the swirly Christmas Image projector both at the same time on the same side of the house. The image one: totally made me think of Ghostbusters when all the ghosts are flying about. Maybe I can tell them and next year they can put it up for Halloween and leave it, like your neighbors? jk.


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