Friday, February 3, 2017

4 Months

Our girls have been with us for FOUR months! There are days it seems like it all just happened yesterday, but most days it seems like forever ago. Stephen and I were talking the other night about how it’s hard to remember our life before them. (and yes, I realize that it was just four months ago) It just seems like they’ve been a part of us forever. Here’s an update on our little ladies!


Amelia weighs 11 lbs 1 oz and is 22 inches long. Over the past couple of weeks she has been very congested / snotty / snorty / etc. We’ve been doing everything we can for her, but it’s hard to watch a baby struggle. She’s not been as happy as normal, but she still smiles all the time. *update since I wrote this before posting: She was given an antibiotic at her 4 month checkup just because it wasn't going away. She's been taking it for 3 days and is SIGNIFICANTLY better already. We LOVE to see her happy little self back to normal!*

This girl.

Man oh man, has she found her voice this month! She jabbers ALL the time and it’s the cutest thing you’ve ever seen. She loves to talk! She is so content in whatever situation she’s in. She’s a pro napper and has been sleeping through the night during this 4th month. She wakes up with a smile on her face, happy to see you. She’s the first to wake up in the morning, and I’m able to feed her a bottle, change her diaper and spend some time with her until it’s time for me to move her into the bathroom with me while I get ready for work.

She’s still eating about 4 ounces at a time, with a bigger bottle at bedtime when she’s feeling well. With this congestion mess and mucous, she does well to get 4 down.

Now that we’ve swapped our bath night routines to be bottle first then bath, she LOVES everything about bathtime…even the drying off. No more blood curdling screaming going on around here. #praisethelord

She seems to be a bit more interested in tv now than last month. Some mornings I can turn on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse while I get ready and she stays glued to it until I’m done. Other mornings, she’s just content to “talk” to me while I get ready.

We’ve somehow found Frozen on tv twice this month, and both times she has watched it intently, kicking her legs with a smile plastered across her face both times.

Miss Amelia,
You are just so precious. We find ourselves saying that about you….almost on a daily basis. You have so much to say and have no trouble speaking up. We love that you are an easy and content baby. You are petite and perfect. We’re so honored to get to love you every day!

Mae Parker

Mae Parker weighs 12 lbs 2 oz and is 22 inches long. This girl is turning out to be SO much like her Daddy it’s scary. (but in a good way) Stephen and MP can be each other’s best friends and in a split second the other’s worst enemy. They challenge each other and it’s heartwarming to watch their relationship grow everyday.

Mae is still very much the more dependent twin. More often than not, she needs to be held or at least have you nearby. She gives the sweetest little smiles and I tell her all the time she smiles with her eyes first.

This month, she has found her voice and has started cooing and jabbering herself. She doesn’t hold a candle to Amelia in the jabbering department, but I have a feeling she’ll catch right up. She has also started rolling over (whaaaaaaat??) from front to back this month. I give full credit to my mother in law for all of Mae’s progress this month while I’ve been back at work. She goes above and beyond every day loving them, caring for them and “teaching” them new things.

Mae is still eating 4 ounce bottles, but the day is coming VERY SOON where she’ll be up to 5 ounces. As in, any day now. At bedtime she’s been taking as much as a 6 ounce bottle and like her sister, has been consistently sleeping through the night this month. She wakes up quietly but has to warm up to you. She’s not quite the morning person her sister is. Which makes her first morning smiles all the more sweeter when you get them from her!

She’s loving our new bath time routine and is READY to go to bed for the night after her bottle and bath. If she’s in the right mood, she can lay and amuse herself for a loooong time.

She still loves watching shows on tv, books, etc. and is slowly starting to grasp items.

Sweet Mae Parker,
You challenge us every day and we love the journey we’re on with you. You are the most observant little girl we’ve ever seen and we love that you need us (even when it’s an inconvenience sometimes). The day is coming too soon when you won’t need us, so for now, we’ll hold you, and rock you, and carry you around like a sack of potatoes. You are sweet and perfect and forever ours.

Can we just sit for a minute and cry at how far these girls have come and how much they’ve grown in 4 months. We talk a lot about their stay in the hospital after they were born. There were days it felt like they would never come home with us. Days we just did not believe the doctors and nurses who reassured us they were doing well and were “on track”. To look back on that time now, seems like forever ago and seems so silly to have worried as much as we did. We have friends who haven’t been as fortunate as us to bring their healthy babies home or to watch their babies grow and develop. Perspective is the beautiful giver of thankfulness. We love these girls more than anything else we could ever imagine. We are THANKFUL for the gift of them….every day. 

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