Thursday, February 16, 2017


Letting Go...

of our household bill paying. I've always taken care of all our bills. Every single one. Just recently Stephen said he wanted to take over for a while to give me a break. Which don't get me wrong...voluntary household help is my LOVE language, but it's been a bit hard to just let this "responsibility" go. I'm getting better and God love him, he's been super patient with me these past few weeks and my thousand times asking "Did you pay the electric bill yet?" "Did the car insurance auto draft ok this month?" 


LOTS of baby food recipes, tips and ideas. The girls will be ready for baby food sooner rather than later and I think we're going to attempt to make most of their baby food ourselves. We may change our story a week into it, but for now, we want to give it a whirl. 


to think about the girls first birthday. Yes, I know that they're not even 5 months old yet, but time flies and I'm a planner. 


Instagram posts from my favorite local boutique store. She has the cutest clothes but only gets 2 of each size, when they're gone they're gone. Basically if you see something you love, you need to message or call ASAP to hold it until you can get there to pickup later that day or next day. I mean I really think my closet is now 75ish% from her store. 


a couple of new recipes in the coming days. We were in a recipe rut for a while and  are still adjusting to our new schedules and routines now that I'm back at work full time. I need dinners to be quick to throw together with little clean up so I can spend as much time with our little darlings as possible. If these turn out good, I'll be sharing them in a monthly recipe link up a couple of my blogger friends host!

Happy Thursday friends! 


  1. I am in charge of paying all the bills...and I think when Aaron starts his new job, I might hand over the responsibility to him. I am just kind of "over it." HA! But I do know what you mean on it being a little hard to let it go!! We made baby food for all 3 of our girls...then I got super lazy with James and Marshall. HA! It's really easy- just takes a little time to prep and get it made- but you can make it in big batches- so that's really helpful! Let me know if you have any questions!! Have a great day friend!

    1. Don't you worry..I'm sure I'll be getting in touch for some of your best do's and don't's!

  2. I used to do our bills until I started grad school and then Dustin took over because I could not handle one more thing! Now I don't even think about them--best decision I've ever made haha! Love that you're already thinking 1st birthday--that will be so fun to plan!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  3. Love these type post! I gave up the bills to Ben a LONG TIME ago! He is much better in that department than me!!
    I can't wait to here what new recipes you are trying!!

  4. I hope the day comes around here soon where I don't think about the bill pay schedule, HA.

  5. Be sure to share your recipes with us! I'm in need of some new ideas badly.


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