Tuesday, February 28, 2017

February Life Lately

Today I'm recapping our February, which went by in a blink! With the girls' "birthday"being on the 2nd, it's easy to just look back on an entire calendar month for our month in review and for their month by month recap. 

Here we go! 

The girls were due for their 4 month well visit on the 2nd. Amelia (right) weighed 11 lbs 1 oz and Mae Parker was 12 lbs 2 oz. We definitely get all the oohs and ahhs from the waiting room and office staff when we go for their appointments. There's just something fascinating and special about twins.

 On the 3rd, we celebrated my Dad's birthday along with his retirement! I posted a few days later about this BIG day here. My dad and I both work at the hospital, and every day for almost 7 years he'd stop in my office in the mornings to chat. Almost a month later, I miss seeing him every day. He was a moment of calm and happiness in the middle of a hectic, stressful day. 

My dad did auditing work for the Surgery department. The Surgery staff and HR threw him a nice reception. I wish I would've taken more pics later on to show how full the room was with people dropping by to celebrate, but I was too busy making sure the girls were ok....

I mean of course they were ok...we had several family members who came by and lended a hand in the babysitting duties. 

With the latest iOS update, we gained several new emojis. Have you noticed? Anyway, my 10 year old nephew thought it appropriate to share the clown face emoji with me. NOT funny. #ihateclowns #andflippyfloppymen (ya know, those windsock people things.....ugh.)

We soaked up alot of time at home with our little ladies. We tried to convince them on Sunday afternoon that Staffords take naps on Sundays...they think that's pretty lame and weren't buying it.

Amelia continued to be a ray of sunshine in the wee morning hours even though the poor little thing has been a SICK girl this month. (more on that on Thursday)

We got a jumper for Mae Parker to try. She sways...no jumping yet. Of course it could be that she's still just a tad too small for it. 

I had the best Bunko night with some great friends. We may or may not have called the game early just because we were enjoying talking more than actually playing that night. #cookiecakesmakeeverythingbetter

We enjoyed our Valentine's Day decorations and I shared a little home tour here

We celebrated February's fun holiday with special dresses...

a fancy Sunday lunch at Stephen's grandparents' house...

with our best friends...

followed by a SUNDAY nap... #success

a few little Valentine treats...

special shirts...

a new rosegold cuff for my favorite Lenny & Eva sentiment...

AND flowers delivered at work (then returned to the florist and exchanged for grocery store flowers..read the whole story here).

February '17 will be remembered as "that month that Amelia was sick". I'll share more later this week, but this puny little gal is a tough one!

We started giving Amelia yogurt this month per Dr's orders and well, she loves it!

Mae Parker was the star of the show at church one Sunday while sister stayed home not feeling well. 

When your hands get a little too full with two fussy babies, you call in the reserves and say a prayer thanking God you bought a home two minutes away from your grandparents' house. 

We bought a used baby carrier from a friend on a whim just to try one out. And naturally, we now love it. Mae Parker falls asleep within minutes of being carried around.

And Amelia...well, she's just Amelia. She's just happy. 

Stephen's brother built the girls their first swings and was busting at the seams to come over, hang them up and try them out. We didn't stay out that day but for about 10 minutes, but it was easy to tell that we're going to be spending alot of time outside swinging this Spring and Summer!

One proud uncle!

If you're familiar at all with health care, and I say "it's a Joint Commission year for us." You immediately probably just went, "ooooh nooo!" 

Joint Commission is a governing body over accredited hospitals. Hospitals are typically surveyed every three years. You know the general time frame they'll be there, but the exact dates, you don't know until literally they just show up one morning. The size of the hospital determines the amount of surveyors that come as well as the length of time they're on-site. 

For us, they'll be here for 3 days with probably 4 surveyors. 1 of those 4 people will be solely with our department for 2 entire days of those 3 days. A HUGE part of my job is Joint Commission readiness. We've been through two surveys now that I've been responsible for the books they nit pick with a fine tooth comb and both times they've found ZERO deficiencies. To say that I'm particular about these books and protective of them is an understatement. 

These surveys are huge. They can shut a hospital down on the spot if a threatening enough deficiency is found. It's a pretty serious ordeal. So they're coming this year, we expect them sometime from July - September if we were placing bets. My focus at work these days is primarily Joint Commission prep and nothing else. I'll be able to take a deep breath when they come and go, but until then...it's a pins and needles kind of feeling. 

I snapped these pics of the girls on Sunday morning before church. These were the same dresses they wore on Christmas Day, but we were so rushed I never made their pics that morning, and also two months later they just fit better. 

Love my girls in red plaid! 

We're wrapping up our month with insurance agents, adjusters, service repairmen and contractors for what has quickly turned out to be a major home repair / remodel. SO. Short story, there was a pinhole in the water line to our refrigerator. It's been leaking for quite a while, but we've just found it this weekend. Initial estimate of repairs needed include: flooring replacement in the kitchen and possibly living room and hallway depending on what the insurance company says, possible kitchen cabinet replacements, work under the house in the crawl space, front bathroom vanity replacement, bathroom floor replacement, toilet replacement, and possible laundry room flooring replacement. I mean, I guess my advice is pull out your refrigerator now and then just for fun to see if it's leaking into the floor underneath it?? Had we not been in our crawl space Saturday morning, we would've never known and THEN I can't imagine the amount of damage if it had kept going. I mean, this has probably been going on for months and we've had no clue or no signs except for the slight water leak in the crawl space, and really, how often do you go into your crawl space?! START GOING INTO YOUR CRAWL SPACE!! 

(P.S. We're also having our traditional Mardi Gras dinner party tonight!! Laissez les bons temps rouler!)


  1. Oh my word, your kitchen nightmare is exactly like what happened to a girl in my small group! She said the remodel process has been a nightmare because they had to tear out the floor and everything because of water damage! Hers wasn't a pinhole leak--they woke up one morning to water everywhere. Love seeing these pictures of the girls!! You are so blessed!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  2. They are getting so big and their little personalities are starting to shine!


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