Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Meet My Loves...

I'm a day late to Andrea's Show & Tell Tuesday linkup...but these days 1 day late isn't that bad around here. We're quickly finding out that life with twins is BUSY. The girls are good babies, but we're out of that newborn phase, which means they're awake more, they're more playful, they need attention more...our hands are just a bit more full now. And, it's the best feeling ever!


Stephen and I met many years ago through a church youth group. Neither of us were members at this particular church, but both attended separate smaller churches with our families and then visited with our friends at a particular larger church and became involved in their youth program and then eventually their college ministry. We were never close or even really friends, we just knew each other. And to be honest, Stephen was a bit "rough around the edges" back then. 

SEVERAL years passed and we ran into each other at a t-ball field where I was watching my oldest nephew play and he was watching his cousin play. We started talking and catching up and one thing led to another, led to another. 

We were married on September 28, 2013 which was literally the most beautiful day ever. We are TOTAL opposites in so many ways but somehow balance each other well. 

He can be impatient, hot-headed, and procrastinate like nobody else I've ever seen. BUT, he loves me so well and unconditionally. He's an avid movie fan, history buff and soccer fan. We are obsessed with the Olympics every two years whether it's winter or summer, we love good food and downtime at  home. We are probably the most boring couple you've ever met, but we like it that way. We love to spend time with our families and friends, but we also love to stay in just as much!

He's the biggest thorn in my side and the one who makes me laugh the hardest. I can't imagine our day to day without him. 


Amelia is the spunkiest little thing you've ever seen. The nurses during her two + week stay in the hospital called her "fiesty"'s still an accurate description. She makes us laugh and smile all the time. She has a high pitch jabber that will ring your ears and a dimple that will make you melt. She'll nuzzle right up on your chest and bury her head into your's her happy place. She wakes up ready for whatever comes her way with a smile on her face! She's a morning person like her mama! She's active, observant and independent. 

Mae Parker 

Mae Parker is the sweetest. She is so much like her daddy in looks and personality that it's becoming scary. She loves being around people and being held or talked to. She fights sleep HARD, unless it's bath night and she's out like a light. She needs almost constant attention, the moments that she is calm on her own we take full advantage of to get a few odd jobs and chores in around the house. She likes to sleep in late like her daddy and is a slow goer in the mornings. She has the best belly laugh, and often jabbers to herself for a loooong time. She loves to cuddle and is preferential to certain positions with certain people. 

These are the loves of my life and the pieces of my heart. I adore our little family!! 


  1. Loved getting to read more about your "Loves!"
    So neat how you and Stephen ended up together!
    And your baby girls- seriously they are perfection. SO PRECIOUS!!

  2. The girls are getting so so big. I feel like you just announced their arrival.


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