Thursday, March 16, 2017

Currently: March Edition

It’s mid-month, so I’m sharing some current things on my mind!!

Pondering…the “what if’s” of our home repair. What if we had found the leak sooner? What if our insurance company says, “hey, enough’s enough, you’re on your own”. What if the flooring we pick out takes weeks to order and come in? What if the cabinet they took out, don’t go back in to fit? SO many what if’s floating around.

Dreaming…of a good, long nap in a soft comfy bed and maybe watching a Hallmark movie or 2. I really think if I ever have any “me time” again…this is what I want to do!

Cooking…Nothing! Despite our best efforts to save a few essentials to carry on a somewhat normal home life in the midst of our near gutted kitchen, the movers packed up what little we left behind and left it in stacked in boxes in our living room. We’d be having dinner at bedtime by the time I searched through the boxes trying to find each thing I needed. #noma’am

Enjoying…my mother in law’s vacation pictures. Every year she, her mom, her aunt, uncle and sometimes a couple cousins go on a BIG trip to some far off destination. Currently they are around Israel and site-seeing to many of the “Holy Land” tour stops. We all use an app, Viber, to text and picture message throughout the day when she’s gone on her “big trips”. They are 7 or 8 hours ahead of us, so their adventures are ending when our days are beginning. We get our daily photos from her every morning while she’s gone. It’s unreal some of the places they are getting to see and experience!

Packing…what feels like our entire house, ha. With Stephen’s mom gone, we’ve had to make alternate arrangements for the girls for two weeks. We’re blessed with such good family and friends who’ve volunteered to take care of the girls, some of them even using a vacation day to keep them! BUT, have you ever packed for TWO babies…every day…for two weeks!? WHEW! I’ve got it all down to a pretty good organized system, because, well, have you met me?! Ha Regardless, it’s still a lot more work on our weekday mornings than we’re used to. Not to mention going all over the county (and surrounding counties) to drop off and pick up when we’re so spoiled to drive 1o minutes down the road. Such is our sob story life right now…half the house is gutted, two 5 month old babies, a different schedule every day for 2 weeks…our plates are full. BUT our cups are overflowing with blessings.

Changing…pediatricians. It’s not necessarily that we’ve had a bad experience, we’ve just found a different provider that’s a better fit for our family. If we’re trusting the health and well-being of our daughters to someone, it’s important to us to feel like it’s a good fit and that they REALLY matter to the doctor.

 Planning…still thinking ahead to the girls’ first birthday party. We have a location in mind, we’re just waiting to see if timeframe and price wise it works out. If so, it’ll be great!

Giving…Random Acts of Kindness! For Stephen’s aunt Kim’s 46th birthday coming up on Sunday, instead of gifts, she’s asked friends and family to complete Random Acts of Kindness in hopes that 46 good deeds will be done for her birthday. How cool is that?! We’ve been mulling around a few ideas and I’ve already checked one item off the list..we’re hoping to sneak in a couple more by Sunday. Happy Birthday Kim! We love you!

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  1. Is it crazy to swoon over twins? I secretly pray that if we get to have anymore that we'll get twins lol. My husband thinks I'm nuts but I can't help it! I can't wait to see how the birthday comes out. I'm planning my daughter's 4th birthday in April. It goes by fast.


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