Friday, March 31, 2017

Life Lately: March edition

Our little second house on the right hasn't really felt like "home" lately. We've made the best of our situation this month, but man am I looking forward to next week when HOPEFULLY the new floor gets installed, our stuff and furniture gets moved back in and life goes back to normal. CANNOT wait!! 
If anything else, it's taught me one thing...we are not remodel type of people. We need a move in ready home...the end. 

The first weekend of the month, we actually stayed at my parents house the entire weekend because the fans in our house drying out the water damage was just enough to make a sane person go over the edge. Toward mid-month, we spent the night at my sister and brother in law's one night because the smell was so strong. Our nephews were on cloud 9 and I'm pretty sure they'd have us move in permanently tomorrow if they had their way. 

Amelia and Mae Parker celebrated St. Patrick's Day in pretty dresses and learning how not to fall on top of each other...

her face just cracks me up!

On top of our torn apart home, Stephen's mom was gone for almost two weeks on a big trip. This year she went to Israel and Jordan - the pictures she sent us every day were beautiful!

 With Lolli gone, it meant the girls went on "adventures" every day to other friends' and families' houses. I SO loved getting pictures and videos every day from everyone of the fun they were having with our girls! 

They were so good everywhere they went, but my favorite date was a Monday I took off work to stay home with them myself. 

We had the best day playing, visiting my grandparents (whose house is the BEST place to matter how old you are...if you need a good nap, go to Ma and Pa's house!),  

We finished our day going to the park (which I shared a video on my IG story but forgot to save it for my blog...womp, womp), then came home to swing outside. It was the first day of Spring and by far my favorite day this month! 

Both girls have moved up to larger size clothes. Some things that I've been waiting oh so very patiently for them to wear, they're finally able to! Like these simple be super sweet dresses from Old Navy that we received at a baby shower. I saw them in store myself and ALMOST bought them but talked myself out of it because we had a shower that weekend and sure enough...someone got them for us! 

And Old Navy shoes size 3-6 months fit them perfectly! They wore these ALL day on that Sunday. So sweet!! 

Thanks to our dear friends Joseph and Kristen, the hubs and I were able to enjoy a date night. We kept it extremely low-key with a local BBQ joint, groceries and a couple of errands. Before our banana pudding was brought to the table, I overheard the cashier ask a couple people if they had cash or check and if they had read the sign on the door. I watched a few more minutes before deciding, yep, their card machine isn't working. Stephen left me there to make a run to the nearest ATM seeing as how I used the last check two days prior to pay the water bill and never replaced the empty book with a new one. 

But date night wasn't finished yet, because yes in a small town, you run into your nephews at Books a Million!

Amelia started getting congested again last weekend, so Mae Parker was once again the attention hog at church on Sunday. 

Stephen's mom brought him back a yamaka from Israel. He came in the girls room, picked MP up and headed out the door before I realized what he had done. I will admit I was rocking a sick baby and dying laughing at the same time. 

Luckily, this round of congestion and crud didn't last as long as before and in just a few days Miss Bright Eyes was feeling SO much better! 

With Stephen's mom back in action this week, Camp Lolli resumed on Monday and we all couldn't be happier! We just love our weekday routines...routines make life easier. Routines with twins is critical, essential, a must...all those words! I love getting pictures from her throughout the day too! She works with them SO much!! 

Whereas, we bring them home, and in 5 seconds flat this happens. 

Such is life. 

Wouldn't trade it for the world! 


  1. They are precious and getting so big!! Sweet Girls!
    Oh I know you can't wait to get your house back to normal!!

  2. Oh friend!! I know you are SO ready for your house to be put back together!!! Just think how good it will feel to have everything all new and fresh and clean!! :) I seriously can't get enough of your girls!!! They are SO precious and I am totally jealous you get to dress TWO girls up every day!! I still walk by all the baby girl stuff when I am Walmart and just die from the cuteness!!! Hope you have a great weekend with your girls and your hubby!!

  3. hahahahaah dying at that picture of Stephen in the yarmulke!!!! That is something Dustin would do! And we really need to do a meet up! We don't live that far and I need to hold a baby haha! Happy Friday, friend!


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