Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Show & Tell: Favorite Photos

Today, I'm joining Andrea to share some of my favorite pictures! (and NO way was this going to be limited to 5...or 10 photos, I just can't!) I'm a picture kind of gal. Back in my teenage years I was known among my friends as our group photographer. No matter, what we did, where we went, I always had my camera and and an extra roll of film. Yes, FILM. There is NO TELLING HOW MUCH money I spent during those years on film and processing. I have albums upon albums filled with memories that I cherish SO much!! 

Then, one day I converted to the digital world, and life became easier...and cheaper on the photography front. 

I think about fun times with friends and family long before marriage and motherhood were involved. I think about Summers, small town traditions, lake days, bonfire nights, sun burns, beachy hair, no schedules. I think about the late nights, the dinners out, the blinds dates, the laughs and OH the laughs! 

I've always been incredibly close to my nephews and cherish the years that I paid for the three of us to have photos made together by a dear friend of mine. 

My grandparents had to be included in this post of favorite pictures. Two photos of my grandpa came to mind instantly. The sweet photo of him with my youngest nephew Colin when he was about 1 and in the last few years, when we were able to arrange for him to meet legendary Atlanta Braves player, David Justice. I mean...just look at that smile! That day was one of my all time favorites! 

Speaking of family...I'm pretty sure I've mentioned on here before how close I am with the cousins on my mom's side of the family. We grew up spending many, many Summer days together at our grandparents and with the exception of 1, we all still live within 30 minutes of each other and see each other often. I can't imagine my life without these girls and Jared...our lone boy cousin until Sammy surprised us all those years later! 

We're family, but they were my first best friends. The memories we've made and the laughter that fills our homes..it's priceless! I can't say enough how much I love them. 

Naturally some wedding photos had to be included! Who can forget this fun shot bidding adieu to my "always a bridesmaid never a bride" years! Yep, that's all 14 dresses I wore before my own walk down the aisle! 

For as long as I'm living, no matter where I may be living, this photo will ALWAYS be a on a wall in my home. Myself, my mom and grandma's hands...the wisdom, influence and love passed down from these two are their biggest gifts to me. 

I love these pics of Stephen and I. From our engagement session, our wedding, our first house, and pregnancy announcement. Such HUGE moments in our life!

I think about our first baby that left us all too soon. The love and support we received from our friends and family was overwhelming. It was our most trying time and saddest part of life so far. We may never have met that baby here in our earthly world, but oh how I cannot wait to scoop that little one up in my arms in heaven one day!! 

Our biggest lesson in faithfulness was revealed when we went from two to a family of four!

 The brief moment I first saw our precious girls is forever etched in my mind and heart. I wouldn't be able to see them for a couple hours later after these photos were taken. Those few seconds I had with them were the moment I knew unconditional love and overwhelming joy and pride!
 I can't think about our girls, without thinking about my uncle Jerrie. He was my dad's only brother, the baby of the family. He and I always had a special bond...he was so excited for us and our upcoming arrival. He and my Dad stopped by our baby shower toward the end of it and my friend Amy snapped a pic of them. Not very long after this, he entered the hospital with Pulmonary Fibrosis. 

He would never the hospital. When the girls were born, we would send him pics every day and my aunt said he looked forward to getting them and looking at them and watching the videos we sent. He passed away a week after the girls were born and were still in the hospital. I think about him at our baby shower, and I think about the photos we sent him of our tee-tiny preemie girls. I've been working on a post about this for several months and hopefully soon, I'll finish it up. It's been a hard one to write. 

I love this picture of our girls with our nephews. It's been the biggest pleasure to watch their interactions and love develop. These four are going to be the best of friends. 

These two photos from the girls' three month session, are among my absolute favorite so far of them. They're just so beautiful. I have these two pics framed and enlarged in my office on a wall in front of my desk so I can gawk at them all day. My heart just explodes!

 But by far, my most favorite picture ever...

Life just doesn't get any better!! 


  1. WHat beautiful photos, and what a story they tell. That last one is amazing.

  2. Your last picture is beautiful! So much love in all of these pictures!


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