Thursday, March 30, 2017

Thursday Confessions

Dropping in a for a few Thursday Confessions!!


So now I understand those warnings that I’ve always thought are the dumbest thing ever. The “this plastic bag is not intended to be a toy.” “Do not leave plastic bag unattended with children, can cause suffocation.”…blah, blah, blah.

I was changing MP’s diaper RIGHT beside Amelia who had grabbed the stack of Pampers bags I had piled in her crib, because hello Pampers Rewards Points!! So she did this….

My first reaction was WHAT IN THE WORLD CHILD!? Second reaction was, “I’ve gotta take a picture of this!” (#priorities) Third reaction was, “Ugh…I’ve gotta take those away from her and she’s NOT going to like it.”



I will admit, I got a little carried away with Dr. Peppers there for a few weeks (or a couple of months). As in….every single day. I knoooooow. It was bad. I’ve cut back…I get one…maaaybe two a week. I’m doing better, but gosh I love those things.


I’ve been debating on whether or not I want to take the girls to get their pictures made with an Easter Bunny. I’m leaning towards no, because quite frankly, I think those costumes are terrifying. Does that make me a bad mom? What if in 17 / 18 years we’re going through photos for their Senior Night reception for church and the girls are like, “Mom…we have pictures with Santa…where’s any pictures of us with the Easter Bunny?” What am I supposed to say? Yeeeeaaaah, sorry ‘bout that the Easter Bunny kinda creeps me out so I skipped taking you every year, you never knew the difference.



Stephen and I are faithful Scandal viewers, but we typically watch it a few days after a new episode aired. I won’t spoil last week’s episode in case you haven’t seen it yet…BUT OH MY WORRRRRRRD! At Bunko Monday night a couple of my friends started talking about it and I shut them up quick, HA!  They were insistent we watch it immediately so I snapped and texted them through the episode once we did watch it the next night.

(Which by the way, I’m on Snapchat now. I have NO clue what I’m doing and not even sure I’m doing it right?! Add me and we’ll snapchat together! Unless I decide to get rid of it which has already crossed my mind multiple times. I think my name on there is staffordtwinmom BECAUSE ericaflattstafford was already taken?? REALLY?)


Stephen and I have a date night planned in Nashville in a couple of weeks to celebrate his birthday! We’re both excited but I don’t think he can wait much longer! We’re going to a new (to Nashville) restaurant, Jeff Ruby’s. He and his family had been to one in Louisville years ago and he’s not stopped talking about it since. Yes, it’s expensive, naturally because it’s a Stafford men favorite. Personally, places like that are not my cup of tea because I just don’t like spending that kind of money on ONE meal, but this is something I know he will enjoy SOO much.

I’m trying to just put it out of mind and enjoy the experience for him. I’ve been saving a little here and there for this particular date / birthday gift and he’s THRILLED. The last couple of years, he’s not really wanted anything gift wise for his birthday, just money, so this year, I thought we’d do this as his gift because I knew he would love it better than any item I could buy in a  store for him. I hope it’s everything he’s hyped it up to be for all of these years, otherwise, we’re dropping a lot of money on a piece of beef when we could increase our formula stockpile!

Ahh Thursday Confessions, you’re always my favorite! Come back tomorrow for our March edition of Life Lately!!

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  1. I used to be a faithful Scandal watcher but after Olivia's abortion I just had to turn it off. Way too political for me--I still watch Grey's and I feel like it's not as political. Can't wait to hear about how you like (or don't like) that new restaurant! It'll be a fun experience!!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts


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