Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Why You Should Randomly Pull Your Refrigerator Out

Many of you follow along with me on Instagram and have probably noticed I’m slightly obsessed some days with IG story. Some people I just scroll right past, but others I’m all “WHOO HOO A NEW STORY!” It’s close to an addiction of which I’m voluntarily admitting.

Life around here lately has been full of the unexpected that I thought I'd drop in today to share a bit of what's going on on the home-front. 

Weekend before last Stephen had gone down to our crawl space to get something for me. (Our crawl space is quite large and we keep just a few storage totes down there.) He noticed some small puddles of water toward the middle of our house. The next day, my parents were over to visit the girls and he and I both went down there to see if we could do some further investigating while the girls were being looked after upstairs.

We found the water was coming right down THROUGH the flooring. Ugh. Later that night, my cousin’s husband came and looked around and found the source of the leak within just a minute or two. There was a small hole in the water supply line to refrigerator. Instead of it leaking out and having water in our kitchen, which would’ve been the fast way to realize we had a problem, it leaked down through the flooring for who knows how long. He prepared us that the repairs that would soon be following would be somewhat extensive. An insurance claim was filed that night. (And I’ll be shameless enough to admit that insurance coverage never entered my mind for this.)

The next day, an insurance adjuster came.

The next day the repair / construction company came to take their measurements. Later in the afternoon, two ladies came and packed up our house. Ok, they didn’t pack it all up, but it sure felt like they did. In a matter of two hours, everything in our living room and kitchen was same as gone. Perfectly packed and secured into what seemed like a million boxes. They would end up hauling them off to their storage units until the work is completed.

The next day (we’re at Wednesday at this point), we were told that only the “infected area” of flooring would be ripped up that day and possibly fans and a large dehumidifier brought in. When I came home, ALL of the flooring had be ripped up. ALL. GONE. I wasn’t quite prepared for the state of affairs our house would be in when I came home that afternoon. We were told to leave the fans on 24/7…but we quickly said, nope, we’re turning them off to sleep..we have 2 babies to deal with. Sleep…of any amount…is a hot commodity around here. *Did I mention that said fans are L.O.U.D.??? Gracious are they loud!

On Friday they came back to take a “reading” of the dryness. Whatever level or rating they give water damage flooring to be considered dry and move on to the next step is 15. Our kitchen was 100 and front bathroom 60 something. Needless to say, we’d get to enjoy the fans all weekend. I’m not going to lie, those first two nights were hard. I felt like I couldn’t LIVE in my own home. It felt empty and cramped at the same time and was incredibly NOISEY. I couldn’t take it and knew I couldn’t sleep there, so I packed the girls up and we ended up spending the weekend a mere 5 minutes away from home at my parents’ house. SO many times throughout the weekend, I felt like maybe we were imposing and maybe we should go home, but my mom and dad have both said since then that they loved having us there and missed us. 

We packed up and headed back home on Sunday afternoon and have been there ever since. Stephen and I are both over it all already. We’re ready for the fans to GO. When they checked the dryness level on Tuesday, the kitchen was down to 40 something and the bathroom was down too. We hate those stupid fans, but we know there’s NOTHING we can do about it and hopefully soon they’ll be gone one afternoon when we get home.

So what’s next…our insurance adjuster is waiting for a lab sample from our flooring to come back. This will help them determine what our overall remodel budget will be. Then, we’ll be sent to pick out new flooring. Every day it’s a different story regarding our cabinets. One day, yes they’ll have to come out. The next day, no the cabinets are fine and will stay put, furniture will be moved out, new flooring will be installed. The washer and dryer will be moved out of the laundry room and that flooring will be put down. The vanity and toilet will come out, new bathroom floor laid, and then reinstall everything. Finally, the moving / packing ladies will come back to clean and unpack.

(Yes, that's a toilet in our bathtub...the bathroom vanity and toilet have been removed in the photo before this one.)

It’ such a hassle living there around these fans right now and living around the cramped bedrooms where everything that wasn’t packed up has been stuffed into. We’re literally stepping over piles of stuff to get to what we need. The fans are so loud, you can’t hear the person 5 feet from you unless they’re shouting. It’s not fun, but there are positives and I try to remind myself of such daily.

Even though it’s a chaotic mess, we still have a roof over our head to keep us dry, 4 walls to keep us warm, a soft fluffy bed to collapse into a night, and two perfectly healthy girls. While this all happened out of the blue with zero warning, we’re still thankful for our overflowing cup. (p.s. AND THEN, I walked out of the house Thursday morning to discover I had a flat tire...Murphy’s Law.)

**Update since I first wrote this post: more problems found. Shocker, right? So we have 2 subfloorings. The top layer has to come out, kitchen  cabinets removed, sink removed, stove taken out, blah blah blah. We've been told we're the company's priority #1 customer at this point. They're doing a good job, but it's just a long process regardless of who's doing it. With two babies and a house torn apart, it's gotten old really quick. BUT, once it's done, everything will be back to normal! We will never love normal as much as we will the day we come home and all the work is finished!**

The moral of the story: just randomly pull your fridge out and make sure there are no leaks. It can save your floors....and cabinets....and sink...and bathroom...We need a vacation. 

I feel ya girl.


  1. Bless y'all's hearts! That must be rough. Praying for y'all. But on the bright side you get new flooring. That's exciting!! (looking for the positive here) :)

  2. Oh my gosh!! Something so simple turned into a huge hassle. I hope this is the last of this.


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