Wednesday, April 12, 2017

10 on the 10th (but really the 12th)

*An edited note: this post was planned for Monday, but when one twin gets sick, the other gets sick. Tending to sick babies is for the birds, but I sure don't mind all the extra snuggles!**

I've recently came across a new-to-me blogger, Erin at Perfectly Port. I have loved reading her posts and stumbled across a monthly link up she hosts, "10 on the 10th". This month I'm joining her to share 10 things in my bag! (Don't you just love posts like these where you get to be nosey into other people's lives?!) 

Anymore, I just grab my wallet and throw it in a diaper bag and leave my purse behind. But if I'm without babies in tow, I usually have a purse with me. Stephen's mom has been gifting me with a new purse every Christmas since he and I started dating. This past Christmas she gave him this black and tan Michael Kors purse with a matching wallet.  I love the size and shape of this bag! It's a classic that will go with anything for many years to come! 

Ok, so diving in, I pulled out everything in my bag except for my little cosmetic bag that I keep hand lotion, lip gloss, nail clippers, hair ties and eye drops in. So I carry that and all of this...

Two wallets. YES, two. The reason why...I've been to lazy to convert to just one. I received both wallets this past Christmas and LOVE them both. The monogrammed one, is my main wallet. It has all my most used cards, what little cash I carry, checkbook, lip gloss, gift cards, receipts, you name it, I stuff it in there. It's the one I grab to throw in a diaper bag. My phone even fits in this one perfectly. It has a wristlet strap and is perfect to just grab with my keys and go if I'm in a hurry or running a quick errand somewhere. 

The matching MK wallet, is just lovely. I can't bring myself to not have with me. It's basically empty except for random store rewards cards that I don't need on a regular basis. It's dumb...I know. 

My Erin Condren Life Planner, which yes, I picked the flamingo pattern for this year. I just thought it was fun and pretty, so why not?! I've not tried any of the other well-known planners; this is my 4th EC Life Planner..I just love them so much. Hard to teach an old dog new tricks.

Two bibs...because you just always need one (in our case two) within arm's reach at any given moment. 

Mae Parker's hearing test report from last week. I've not quite decided where to put this yet, therefore it's still in my purse. 

My mom randomly gives me nail files through the year. There may be one in my easter basket (Yes, I'm 33 and my mom still makes me an Easter basket...holla!!) or my Halloween bag, or a Christmas stocking stuffer. No matter when, I love them and use them all the time. I keep one in my purse, one at home and one in my desk at work. I CANNOT stand a rough spot in one of my nails or a chipped nail. #petpeevenumber177

Also in my purse is our dinner reservations for Friday night in Nashville for the hubs' birthday! We're both pretty excited, but I think he's at a pee on himself level kind of excited. 

A box that holds my diamond stud earrings. Since we've been living at my parents' house for almost a week while our house repairs are finishing up, instead of packing multiple pairs of earrings, I just tossed my studs in my purse and only wore those. Saves on packing and they go with anything and everything. 

I'm also currently carrying the girls' vaccination cards. They have their next round of shots scheduled for this week, and I threw these in my purse before I forgot them. I'd rather be prepared way in advance than show up having forgotten something. 

My car tags expire this month, so I'm toting along my renewal invoice to remind me to run by the clerk's office and pay for my new sticker. Last year, I didn't remember until April 30 which was a Saturday, which meant I drove around for two days on expired tags and I was terribly afraid I'd be pulled over. My 18 year driving record is spotless on all accounts...I'd like to keep it that way. 

Also in my purse, is a small notebook Stephen's mom brought me back from her recent trip to Israel and Jordan. I've usually got some sort of notebook or pad in my bag to jot things down in/on, and this one is the perfect size and is so pretty! You can't tell in the photo, but it's a fabric covering and has gold threading on it. 

Be sure to stop over at Erin's linkup to see what everyone else is sharing from inside their bags! 


  1. I have a bunch of random crap in my purse too, but I always carry my EC planner! My only complaint? They can make my purse a little heavy. I love the cover of yours!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  2. It's always so fun to see what everyone has in their purse! When Alyx was a baby, oh my gosh my purse was horrible! It's a little bit better now, but not a whole lot! ha!
    I absolutely LOVE your MK puse! It's sooo pretty. I'm in desperate need of a new purse. Before kids I would have a new purse at least every six months. Now I'm using the same one for at least the last 4 years. haha =)
    Have a great day Erica!

  3. LOVE your purse!! And I'm with ya on the EC life planners! LOVE them! We are headed to Nashville next month for the "Georgia on my Mind" concert and I'm with Stephen....pee on myself EXCITED!!

  4. So fun to see what's inside. Seriously what are you supposed to do with all those medical papers? I don't know either! They sit in my desk file forever. I love that your mother-in-law gifts you with a purse each Christmas, I am filing that away for when my kids are grown. I would love that as a gift. Do you have input? Thanks for linking up! It's so nice to meet you :). xoxo ERIN


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