Thursday, April 13, 2017

3 Month Photos....3 months late

I figure now that the girls are 6 months old and I've shared their 6 month update, now's the perfect time to finally share their 3 month photos that one of my besties took for us. Amy dabbles in photography on the side, and she does beautiful work. 

These first two are possibly my very favorite of them so far. I have them enlarged and framed on a wall in front of my desk at work so I can sit and stare at my beautiful babies all day long. 

Ok, so maybe not ALL day, but I do stare at them alot. I mean, c'mon...look at this sweet face!

Amy will soon be taking their 6 month pics sometime next week, but for now I'll just pretend my babies are still little babies. 

The sweetest. 

One thing we all agree on, we're so glad both girls got my big blue eyes. They're such beauties!!

I found these dresses at Old Navy on a whim before their newborn shoot. For their 3 month they fit them so much better obviously. I bought the exact same (except sleeveless) for their next sizes so that they can essentially have their milestone photos taken throughout their first year in the same dress. I think it will be so neat to watch them grow in the same dress throughout their first year!

Love those perfect little bald heads! Both have grown so much hair since then, but ESPECIALLY Amelia. Her hair is growing SO fast now!

This was the last photo of the day for obvious reaasons. HA. Amy took so many great pictures of our girls, but these are my favorite and I just had to share!!

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