Thursday, April 6, 2017

April Goals

April has become a full month for us in the last couple of weeks! I can’t say that I’m sad about that though…I’ll explain in a bit!

1.       Easter Baskets – I have a few things for the girls first Easter baskets’ already purchased, but there’s just a few more things I’d like to get to complete this little project! I can’t wait to share them with you during Johannah and Heather’s Easter Basket Blog Hop!

2.       Between weddings, birthdays, birthday parties, out of town date nights, Bunko and so much more…April is a month filling up with ALL the fun stuff! We’re so excited and can’t wait to enjoy everything with our friends and families!!

3.       My best friend Amy and I are trying to figure out a good time to snap the girls’ 6 months photos this month. Which reminds me…I never shared their 3 month pics that she took back in January!! I need to do that, because they are super sweet!!

4.       Get Out – Between our home bound orders with preemies for the first two months of their lives, then the flu season and winter months, I have felt like we’ve been COUPED UP in our house for faaarrrrr too long! It’s time to get out, enjoy the warmer weather, enjoy going out with friends and family, head to the parks and stroll around our neighborhood in the afternoons. It seems like forever ago since October 2…life just kinda stopped from that day on. I’m happy to have a full calendar and Spring weather that will get us out of the house!

5.       Every year I manage to purge my closet and drawers a couple times a year…it’s time. I got rid of all my maternity clothes; now it’s time to get rid of all the other items I’ve not worn in a while! I just love a good closet purge, don’t you?!

6.       SUPPOSEDLY, our new floor gets laid today and other repairs made tomorrow and then we’ll be ready to move our furniture and all the rest of our belongings back into our home. We’re approaching 7 weeks…maybe 8…I lost count….since our water leak damage first started in a whirlwind. At any rate, it’ll be finished very soon now. (I hope.) I can’t wait to get everything put back where it belongs, pictures put back up on the walls, our bathroom put back together, oh and new floors…I’m ready to have floors again!

I’m the nerd that really enjoys making goals for each month as long as they’re doable, which I make sure mine always are. What about you? What are your goals for April? 


  1. I also love a good closet purge! I've been consistently going through my clothes for the last couple of months and I am literally down to only things I wear consistently. I don't have very many clothes anymore… But everything I have I love anywhere! It's a great feeling to simplify! Can't wait to see those three month pictures and the six-month pictures of your girls… They are literally getting cuter by the minute… Which I don't know how that is even possible!! 😊

  2. I haven't thought of Easter gifts yet and need to really get my act together. I have an idea of Connor but nothing for the Mister. Maybe I should work on that ASAP.


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