Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Easter Basket Blog Hop

I'm thrilled to joining a couple of my blogger friends Johannah and Heather for their Easter Basket Blog Hop to show off our girls' first Easter baskets!!

Many of you know, I'm not a huge fan of Easter as far as the typical colors and decorations go. But, I did (and still do) enjoy the baskets / bags full of treats that my mom would put together for us. Yes, she still makes us all bags of goodies..and our husbands...and our kids. Because she's great like that.

I knew that I wanted to do the same for my girls every year like my mom has done for us. I started getting things together for Amelia and Mae Parker's Easter baskets over a month ago. This was the first holiday so far that I felt really prepared which is crazy given our living situations during the past 7 weeks. 

Both girls essentially got the same things, with just a couple different variations. In their first Easter baskets they got: 

Puffs (because apparently we'll be needing those soon)
Swim suits
Flip flops
A Summer Hat
Teething toy 
A soft book (the ones that make the crinkly sound...they LOVE those!)
A Minnie Mouse teething toy THAT also is the crinkly material...winner winner!!

My mom always included things she knew we'd love but also things that we would use. I'm sure the girls will go through a phase where they're like, "Mom...flip flops? Really?" But one day..they'll appreciate the useful items! 

Amelia could've cared less about her basket Sunday morning and refused to sit up beside it which she is fully capable of doing. Ugh..this one. 

MP on the other hand was all about pulling stuff out of her basket and not letting go of her little flip flops. And sitting beside her basket I might add because she was our cooperative one Sunday morning, haha. 

The little bunnies and all the Easter books around them or behind them were gifts from different family members. We're so excited to start our new traditions with our girls as each holiday comes up! 

More than that, we're excited to share God's love and the story of Jesus to them as they grow. Easter baskets are fun and adorable, but Jesus' resurrection is the GOOD NEWS! 


  1. Seriously SO cute! I love all the stuff for their baskets, and the bathing suits are adorable!!!

  2. Love these pictures! They look really cute in their dresses, too! I remember my mom used to get us toothbrushes and floss in our baskets every year haha--very practical after eating all of that candy!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  3. Ahh so cute!!!! Your picks are wonderful!! xox



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