Friday, April 7, 2017

Friday Favorites

Joining in for a little Friday Favorites Fun!!


When our girls were born and were in the hospital nursery for almost 3 weeks, the Nursery didn't have any preemie clothes to put them in when one morning the Pediatrician on call decided that it was time for them to start wearing clothes inside their incubators. They had larger size clothes, but nothing for our tee-tiny girls. My sister and a couple other family members were able to find some preemies clothes here and there, but they're hard to come by. Recently I began packing up all the clothes they've outgrown..the preemie size, the Newborn size and most of the 3 month stuff too. Talk about a bittersweet moment!! I contacted the director of the OB department at the hospital and asked if they would accept clothing donations. She said they would gladly accept it, so I bagged up most (I kept a couple of our very favorites for memory's sake) of their preemie clothes and delivered them to the Nursery where other preemies and their families could enjoy them and not have to worry about rushing to town to find something for them to wear. More times than not preemies come unexpectedly and as their parent, you're just not ready for their early arrival let alone their small size. 

I hope our tiny clothes meet the needs of other families! There's a special place in my heart now and forever more for preemies and their families. 


To continue the baby theme, we enjoyed a family get-together last weekend to celebrate my cousin Sarah & her husband's Baby #2 Gender Reveal! Looks like it's more PINK for the Brady family! Big Sister Arabelle will be the best sister! She had a fantastic time a few weeks ago when our girls spent the day with her!


A Not-So Favorite this week, were the Storms that much of the South got on Wednesday. Gotta love that screeching alarm that goes off when warnings are in your hometown. I used to be terrified of storms when I was younger, and in recent years and even months damage has hit closer and closer to home. Even with that, I know that our God will protect and provide for us. We pray for safety and for the His provision over us. I find it hard to fear anything when I'm in prayer. 


I have to admit, our girls sleep very well at night. For the most part they always have. They tend to stir and get a tad fussy somewhere between 2:30 and 3:30am. They won't wake up, they just need some adjusting in their crib or Rock and Play, a paci, and to lay your hand on top of theirs for a while and they'll go back to sleep. One will do this, I'll go through the steps with her and without fail 5 to 10 minutes later the other girl will do this same thing. Then, Amelia usually wakes up around 4:30 and I'll get up for the morning with her. Since Stephen drives for his job, I do this every night during the week. I'd rather sit at my desk all day and be tired than him be driving in the middle of nowhere and get sleepy and something happen to him. 

On Friday nights he's in charge, but Mae Parker without fail will wake up around 5:30 on Saturday mornings; 6am at the latest. By the time we get the girls to bed, clean up around the house and finish anything that needs to be ready for the next morning, it's usually 10:30-11p when I get to bed. Then I start tending to fussy babies around 3a for an hour then up around 4:30. So, I get sleep, and no doubt alot more than other new parents. But after 6 months, it starts to wear at you. My in-laws have asked to keep the girls overnight tonight, and I have to say...I'm finally ready. I'm prettttty dang excited about sleeping tonight. This may end up being my most favorite thing of this week! 

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Or possibly this is my favorite thing this week. Our floor. Finally. If you've been following along here or my Instastories for the last SEVEN WEEKS you've seem the house repairs drama that ensued after we discovered the water supply line to our fridge was leaking down into our crawl space. Seven weeks later and new flooring is finally being laid!! Everything should be completely done and back in place early next week. I can't hardly wait! If ever we've had a lesson thrown at us teaching patience and contentment, this has been it! 

Have a wonderful weekend friends...we're celebrating a family wedding this weekend and the first of the hub's birthday week celebrations! 

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  1. Isn't it crazy how the little ones outgrow clothing? I can distinctly remember looking at 12 and 18 month clothing hand-me-downs when my little guy was a newborn and thinking, "that's absurd, he will never fit into that." And of course, now it's all too small, but still when I look at, say, 4T or 5T things, my first instinct is to think the same. (He's almost two now. *sniffle*) Also, totally separate idea, but your new flooring is beautiful! If we ever build a home, that's exactly the kind of flooring I would want. :)

  2. Happy Friday! Gender reveals are so much fun. Congratulations to your family, cousins are the best. I've been hearing so much about the scary weather in the south. Like you said, keep yourself covered in prayer and His protection will be upon you. Those floors look great. Sorry about all the mishaps with your renovations. If it's one thing I've learned, you never know what's going to be behind (or under something) once you start a project. I'm sure you're going to love it when it's done!
    Beautifully Candid

  3. It's so hard when you don't get solid sleep night after night for months. My little guy has never been a good sleeper and I've definitely struggled with the lack of sleep. I hope you were able to get some sleep this weekend and recharge your batteries! We also just put in new flooring and it makes a world of difference! I love your color!

  4. Your twins are adorable! I just found your blog through Sept. Farm, and wanted to say hello. Enjoy that full night of sleep coming your way! :)

  5. We are going on a trip in May and Connor is staying with my parents. Because of this I will get 7 straight days of peaceful sleep. All all the Mommas said AMEN!

  6. I live right outside of Atlanta and we had terrible storms this week too. Glad everyone is safe and sound!

  7. What a sweet donation! That was so thoughtful of you. Ps. Love the color of the floors. So pretty.


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