Friday, April 14, 2017

Good Friday Favorites!

Happy FRIDAY!!! This has been such a long week, so we're welcoming this holiday weekend with wide open arms!! 


First and foremost, today is the hubs birthday! We've been told that the first year of being parents is the most stressful of your marriage. Six plus months into this gig, I believe it. We've fussed and fought and nit picked more than we ever have, but at the end of the day we can't help but smile and laugh about these blessings we've been given. It's hard work, but every day we're choosing each other. Parenting will get some easier as the girls grow, the demands won't be as great. Full nights of sleep will resume one day too. We're blessed to be given this life of ours and I'm so thankful that God chose Stephen to be ours! 


Our house repairs are completely DONE!! We moved back in Monday night and have been unpacking boxes here and there ever since. This ordeal was nearing the 8 week mark, but it was old 2 weeks into it. We're SO glad it's behind us! 


Friends who stop by your office to bring Easter treats for your girls...they are the best! It makes my heart to happy to know our babies are so loved!

Speaking of Easter, a couple of my blogger friends, Johannah and Heather, are hosting an Easter Basket Blog Hop! Be sure to link up before the 19th sharing your Easter Basket goodies! I'll be sharing the girls' first Easter Baskets next week!!


Amidst the stacks of unpacked boxes, once the house was complete this week I just HAD to put out a few Easter decorations for the girls first year. Even though, yes, Easter is Sunday and yes, they won't know the difference this year. I had to.

And just for real life's sake...this is how Easter meets home do what you can with what you have!


Man, has it been a happy mail week! I LOVE LOVE all the Save the Dates, Wedding invitations and Birthday party invitations that have been rolling in!!


Stephen has mentioned a few times lately that I should cut my hair shorter again. I've wanted too as well, I've just not had the time. So today, I'm leaving work early to go get a new 'do! He doesn't know I'm doing this, so it'll be a fun surprise when I meet him this afternoon to head to Nashville for our Birthday Date! 

This is what I'm thinking, but with the color I already have. I just couldn't pull the trigger on such a huge color change, but it's beautiful!

Hey, a blog post with no pics of the twins! It CAN happen!! Thanks for all the kind words and prayers this week. The girls are slowly getting better, but the doctors have been upfront in saying it'll take AT LEAST 2-3 weeks for them to get over this. RSV is ZERO fun for babies and their Mommas and Daddies! I have to look at the positives though! 1. They could be so much worse than they are. 2. If this had happened a couple months ago, they wouldn't have been strong enough to fight it on their own and would've been on a vent in a NICU in Nashville. They warned us of this from the get go with preemies. 3. Our home repairs are done so that we've been able to take care of them in our home and not back and forth between our parents' houses. So, there's always a silver lining! 

I hope you have a wonderful Easter weekend and take a few moments giving thanks for our RISEN SAVIOR. Happy Good Friday Friends!

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  1. Oh my goodness I can't wait to see your hair! Love that look.


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