About Us

Second House on the Right....it's the story of us. It's home.
I'm Erica and you'll be reading alot about my husband Stephen around here. We were married on September 28th, 2013 on literally the most beautiful day ever!
Life is fairly simple but we sure do enjoy it together!

We purchased our first home in May of 2014 and moved in the following month. Since then, we've taken on all the responsibilities of being real grown-ups!! We LOVE it here!

I have an office job at a local large hospital where I am the lone female in a department full of men. It's never boring. I LOVE to be in the kitchen whether it's cooking or baking or hosting friends and family....it's my favorite room in the house! I also love decorating...whether it's seasonal or for a party, shower, wedding, whatever....I'm your girl!
Stephen works for Redbox...yes, Redbox...and yes, we watch ALOT of movies. His schedule is somewhat more flexible than mine so he's a great help to do errands during the week or jobs around the house. He's also a Crossfit fanatic. Not going to lie, I get sick of hearing the word "Crossfit" sometimes, but it's a passion of his and I support that 100%.

We love spending times with our families, church family and friends which we have MANY. We are richly blessed.

We're excited to see what's in store for us in the coming years!!

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